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5+ in day of

How many vegetables and fruit are sufficient in a diet of the modern person? Fans of gifts of a garden and kitchen garden are ready to crackle fruit and green salads constantly, without needing in any recommendations. And for those who do not consider vegetables and fruit as a basis of the diet or it is not accustomed to them since the childhood, experts developed the simple and memorable formula. 5 portions of vegetables and fruit in day - a minimum, necessary for health.

Normal nutritionists tell


about consumption 9 - ti portions of vegetables and fruit in day, is 5 the most necessary minimum in the absence of which the risk of development of diabetes sharply increases, is warm - vascular, cancer and various chronic diseases. Already in 28 - ti the developed countries from the middle 90 - x years of the recommendation of nutritionists and WHO were transformed to government programs under the slogan “5+ in day“. The program purpose - access to fresh green production for all segments of the population, and also education and promotion of the regular use of vegetables and fruit in enough.

Most of modern nutritionists agree in opinion on what is a healthy diet. It is the various and balanced set of products including a minimum saturated and a trance (hydrogenated) fats, salt and the added sugars. Obligatory components of a healthy diet are vegetables and fruit in a large number, not refined starch-containing products (grain bread, pasta from whole flour, not peeled (brown) rice, other grain crops, potatoes), nuts, fish, a bird, moderate amount of fast meat, and also low-fat milk and dairy products.

So, each person is more senior than 5 years to remain healthy, has to eat in day of at least 5 portions of different vegetables and fruit. The fruit and vegetables used in any kind are considered: fresh, prepared, tinned, dry and in the form of 100 - percentage juice. The use of vegetables and fruit from different color groups (white, it is yellow - orange, green, red and violet) in a crude and ready look during the day is considered ideal. In such combination the organism receives an optimum set of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, difficult vegetable connections and vegetable cellulose.

in One portion for each person the volume of fruit and vegetables which can be located in its handful is considered. The handful of the five-year-old child is much less than handful of the adult man, and their portions, naturally, differ according to the size and body weight. One portion of the adult is averaged, for example: 2 tangerines, a half of big grapefruit, several champignons, 1 banana, several berries of strawberry, 2 - 3 inflorescences of broccoli, drinking bowl of vegetable salad, average carrots, piece of a water-melon, a little chernoslivin, a glass 100 - percentage juice, 3 tablespoons with top of grains of tinned corn or peas... Five portions for the average adult in a weight equivalent make about 400 g of vegetables and fruit a day that corresponds to the WHO recommendation.

Each separate type of green production, juice, dried fruits and bean (beans, lentil, chick-pea, etc.) it is possible to include only as one portion a day how many you ate them. It means that 5 apples, the half a kilo of raisin or liter of different juice a day are set off only as one portion everyone. Important part of the concept is a variety because it provides receipt in an organism of optimum quantity and a combination of useful substances from vegetables and fruit.


In number 5 - ti portions in day set off vegetables and fruit from compound ready dishes (soups, desserts, salads, ragout, sauces etc.) . However it is worth meaning that difficult dishes (especially sauces, desserts and salad gas stations) often “sin“ with the high content of “bad“ fats, sugar and salt. Preparing houses, pay on it special attention. Remember that it is better where it is possible, to replace butter, animal fat and margarine vegetable, and the norm of salt on the adult in day makes 6 grams. Buying ready dishes or semi-finished products, surely check structure on packing of a product.


Crude against prepared


Contrary to a popular belief, not always crude vegetables and fruit it is more useful undergone thermal treatment. For example, the content of antioxidants in the crushed boiled, baked or stewed carrots exceeds their contents in a crude vegetable three times. The scientists from University of Arkansas conducting these researches assume that increase of level of antioxidants is caused by the difficult vegetable connection which is released from cages a phenoface. The trebled allocation of a phenoface becomes possible thanks to a fabric softening as a result of heating. Now scientists try to find out whether it is so good how “fresh“, these antioxidants are acquired by an organism and are capable to battle against free radicals

Is important not just “to push“ in itself as much as possible vegetables and fruit every day “for implementation of the plan“, and is them with pleasure, enjoying taste and aroma. Do not neglect acquaintance to new recipes and even kitchens, new to you, - this information is available to all, thanks to the Internet, the press and an opportunity to travel all over the world now. Whenever possible prepare and use vegetables in a peel (potatoes, a parsnip, carrots, tomatoes), it contains the increased amount of antioxidants. Show an ingenuity, preparing habitual dishes from a “standard“ inexpensive set of vegetables and fruit of shop. Besides pleasure from creativity, it will acquaint your children with qualitative and various food, broadening their horizons and strengthening health.

Safely experiment on a kitchen garden with vegetables, new to you, the benefit their seeds are available in broad access now. No multivitamins and food additives will replace advantage and pleasure from the fresh, well made and beautifully served vegetables and fruit on our table.

of 5 easy and fast ways to add more fruit and vegetables to a day diet:

Breakfast. place the Bored or overripe fruit in the blender and make tasty fruit cocktail (smoothie). Add fresh fruit and berries to grain flakes or muesli.

Lunch. Add more vegetables on sandwich or to a sandwich.

“to Have a bite“

. Cut large sticks stem a celery and carrots, divide a cauliflower and broccoli into inflorescences. Serve crude vegetables with salsa, to the guakamola or natural yogurt to which spices are added.

Lunch / dinner. vegetables cut the Available houses on average pieces, boil in strong broth with spices and crush in the blender. Serve cream soup with a spoon of sour cream or cream and toasts from grain bread.

Dessert. Make the frozen fruit lollipops, the gulf of 100% juice in special plastic forms and having placed them in the freezer for the night.