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For the first time

the First time in the first class, the first love, the first kiss, the first working day, the first word of a synula, its first steps... I with pride put the first blood donation in this number of important and remarkable events of my life.

When to me the idea to take a blood test for the first time came? I do not know. Perhaps in the far childhood when, being a little girl, found in a mother`s casket a tiny badge in the form of a blood droplet. Then mother told that else she the student together with the group came to station of blood transfusion and became the donor.

Or 12 years ago when the second cousin after operation needed transfusion of related blood. A call with a request to take a blood test for Zhenya it was turned to all relatives, but blood by results of analyses was taken from only three. Among donors there was also my father.

Or perhaps when lay on preservation 3 years ago. It turned out so that in my chamber the mother-in-law with the daughter-in-law lay. The daughter-in-law, as I and, kept the pregnancy, and was coming the mother-in-law operation on removal of bodies of women`s reproductive system. After operation the nurse came to the daughter-in-law with information on a condition of the mother-in-law, and at the same time warned that that will not hand out the sick-list until it does not provide the certificate that 10 people at station of blood transfusion took the blood test: the mother-in-law had to make blood transfusion, and the bank of blood needs to be filled up. The daughter-in-law began to ring round all the relatives, acquaintances and friends with a request to take a blood test, and I thought that affairs in this field of medicine are bad, time medics blackmail force people to become donors.

Is not present

, the conscious idea about donorship, most likely, arose 2 years ago, in resuscitation chamber after the emergency Cesarean section. Fortunately, blood transfusion then was not required to either me, or the sonny. But here to my neigbour in reanimation at 5 in the morning came neonatolog for the signature that that agrees to blood transfusion of her daughter (allegedly at the girl internal bleeding began, it is urgently necessary to do transfusion). The doctor did not begin to hide that though donor blood and maintains 6 - monthly quarantine and, intended for newborns, 2 times are checked, all the same she is not absolutely safe, and with her many diseases, including different types of hepatitis and even HIV can be transmitted. The neigbour, the physician, offered the blood. But the doctor refused to it it since she and so during operation lost a lot of blood. The neigbour long argued with her, but, understanding that it is impossible to hesitate, unwillingly agreed, the signature put. Neonatolog left, and at young mummy the hysterics began. In the afternoon behind it the nurse came from children`s reanimation (it was necessary to begin to nurse the daughter), and that let out that transfusion was done in the afternoon, i.e. almost how the doctor came for the signature. It turns out, physicians transfused blood, were convinced that there are no complications, and then brought paper for the signature. And if blood did not approach, and the girl died, then would write off everything for difficult delivery and would hold back transfusion? I then was just terrified as far as everything was thought over that then mummy to doctors had no claims if the girl died.

A month ago on a supermarket door with children`s goods I read to

the announcement that for the child donors with the IV blood type are urgently necessary. Time the administration of shop allowed to place this advertisement on a door, so blood really was necessary. I have the III blood type so I could not help this child and with donorship decided not to hurry.

Recently I read

that pregnant women to whom Cesarean section unambiguously is necessary on late terms can take the blood test in maternity hospital in which they plan to give birth. In case of emergency situation to the woman or her child will pour in this, a kindred blood, but not others, and the possibility of complications after transfusion will be minimum. However, blood is accepted not in any maternity hospital but only in where there is opportunity blood to take away, investigate and keep before operational childbirth. Unfortunately, in our city in maternity hospitals there is no such opportunity, and me at the second pregnancy, most likely, Cesarean section since first labor came to the end with this operation is necessary. And suddenly, if I take a blood test at station of blood transfusion, and then I or my child will need transfusion, exactly my donor blood will get? Of course, it is improbable. Though...

the Advertising on the TV urging to become the donor only strengthened my decision to take a blood test. But at first I needed to be restored after operational childbirth, and later it turned out that during feeding by a breast a blood test cannot be taken. Then for a possibility of passing of medical examination for the admission to work I needed to do vaccination against dysentery and hepatitis. And after them had to pass not less than a month to become the donor. Considering that the hepatitis inoculation becomes in 3 calling with a difference in 1 month and half a year, my visit of the center of blood transfusion was removed further away. And then the son there is nobody was to leave... In a word, there was a mass of the reasons not to take a blood test. The known wisdom says:“ If the person wants something, he will find one thousand ways that to make it. If is not present - one thousand excuses that not to do it“.

during one of evening talk with the husband I gave a hint that I generally would like to take a blood test. The spouse suggested to make it together. We decided that at first I learn about what procedure of registration and blood donation at our station of blood transfusion, and then we will take already together a blood test.

The other day I went on affairs, the station of blood transfusion appeared on my way (in Chita where I live, it is on Balyabin St., 5). Came to learn that how much, the passport was with itself. Having handed over clothes in clothes and having received disposable boot covers, I rose in registry on 2 - y the floor. The turn per se was not, but before me the young girl in a striped jacket filled in the questionnaire of the donor. When I told that I want to become a donor, in registry issued me just the same questionnaire and asked the passport. Questions of the questionnaire were simple, however some of them me nonplused. For example. Whether “You in the last 4 hours ate food?“ It was necessary to look for hours (hours in registry stood, my wrist broke therefore the mobile phone came to the rescue), to remember, in how many I had breakfast, and then to calculate, passed more or less than 4 hours. It is less! Hurrah! Differently I would be sent home. Still the question of date of the last monthly forced me to strain memory several. Then the registratorsha gave me 2 pieces of paper under which I had to put today`s number and the signature. Signing the first, I declared that I am not the carrier of the specified diseases which were listed, and in case of deception agreed to bear whether criminal, whether administrative responsibility - I definitely do not remember. Signing the second piece of paper, I declared that I become the donor voluntarily and I agree to receive SMS with a request to be on station for blood donation if it is required. I put one more signature in a card which on me was got as on the donor. While all papers were made out, managed to read the announcement on a wall that those who have a constant city registration or temporary, but not less than for 6 months can only become donors. Strange, it is human rights violation.


It is obvious, my biographical particulars suited a registratorsha therefore that sent me to an office of primary blood test. The mobile phone should be switched off, and I sent to the husband who stayed at home with synuly, SMS that I take a blood test. Again before me there was a girl in a striped jacket. The turn had to wait not for long. The laboratorian took from me blood from a finger and at once began to do analyses, mixing blood drops with various reactants. During the work she asked about what blood type at me. I answered, in turn asked it with what blood type come to station most often. It turned out that with O and I. “Oh, yes I have a rare blood type!“ - I thought. However not such and rare: IV meets even less often (it confirmed also the announcement on a door of shop).


With results of analyses (noticed that I have rather high level of hemoglobin - 156) I was sent to the doctor. Plainly I did not manage to read its specialization on the plate, remembered only that “a trance... the ravine“ as the girl going usually before me left an office and went to an exit:“ rejected“. It is no wonder that after that my pulse during measurement was above norm. The doctor - the man tried to calm me and at the same time asked numerous questions of mine health. Latently took my pressure, body temperature, checked veins on hands and a stomach for absence of rash. Asked also about my weight: it turned out that from those who weigh less than 50 kg blood is not taken since in such thin body of blood and so it is not enough. The doctor several times warned that it is better for me not to deceive him. And I also did not gather. What in it can be benefit? After interrogation - survey the doctor sent me to buffet where I had to drink sweet tea with crackers, and then rise on 3 - y the floor actually for blood sampling.

Sugar in tea I do not put

4 years, since that moment as I went on the “Kremlin diet“ forbidding to accept carbohydrates in food. On a diet I held on only till the evening, but I do not drink tea with sugar still therefore I was not delighted to the sweet tea offered in buffet of station of blood transfusion: drank it as medicine.

On 3 - the m the floor me expected the next table of registration where my data double-checked on the computer and again registered. Then invited to the room where suggested to remove footwear together with boot covers and gave others, rag white, and a white dressing gown. Hands and a face did not suggest to wash up since in the building water was disconnected though it would be necessary to make it.

Then I came into the hall of blood sampling. There were 6 big chairs in 2 rows before which the TV settled down. I was asked to sit down in a chair in which blood undertakes from the right hand. I obediently agreed though I know now that in vain: it was necessary to insist on blood donation from the left hand. While I was trained for blood sampling, noticed that from donors I remained one: the sitting next woman already took a blood test and left. The nurse who coped for me was very lovely woman, we even chatted with her a little. It is a little because all procedure of blood sampling lasted not longer than 10 minutes.

Several words actually about blood donation. The hand is put on a special support, process the region of an elbow bend different solutions. The hand above an elbow bend is hardly drawn a rubber plait, suggest “to work as a cam“, enter a needle (unpleasantly and it is even a little sick), on which end the transparent hose conducting to the tank which is filled with blood into a vein. Then it is necessary seldom, but with a force to squeeze fingers in a fist. The medical staff constantly is interested in health: whether the head is turned whether loom before eyes of a midge, whether feels sick. At me in about 5 minutes in finger-tips goosebumps began to run, the nurse weakened a plait, goosebumps immediately were gone. After blood sampling to the place of a prick to me the hard bandage which limited the movement of a hand a little was applied - that is why I regretted that blood was taken from the right hand. The nurse warned that till next day not to take a hot bath, the right hand not to lift weight, sharp movements not to do, not to run (it illustrated this ban with a story about how one woman after blood sampling decided to steal a march and fell directly under wheels of cars). It is necessary to drink much (warm sweet tea) and if the head begins to spin, to lay down with the raised legs that blood flowed to the head quicker.

When I already left the hall, I was met requirements by one woman and two men who, as well as I, decided to take a blood test today.

After I took off a dressing gown with boot covers and put on the boots, the campaign to the accountant was coming me. In an office of accounts department work was humming: 3 women filled transparent packages with t-shirts, toy hearts, books and still something - probably, prepared gifts to participants of some action like “Take a blood test - present life“. One of women put aside hearts and under a list issued me the certificate that I took a blood test and to me additional day of rest which voluntarily I can use in any day is put or attach it to the holiday. Then the accountant returned me one of pieces of paper which I had to give it on which, it appears, to me monetary compensation for a lunch is put. Money in cash desk was not therefore I was told to come for money next month, and to know about delivery of money by phone better in advance. I do not know how many money this compensation makes, it is not sure that I will arrive behind it specially, but it is pleasant that it in general is.

Everything, it is possible to breathe sigh of relief. In clothes received the jacket, turned on phone and went to an exit. Now I can come back here not earlier, than in 2 months since women can take a blood test not more often than 5 times a year. “To become the honourable donor, it is necessary to take a blood test of 40 times. Means, earlier, than in 8 years, an honourable donor to me not to be“, - somehow with disappointment it was thought to me.

I departed From station of blood transfusion already more than in a quarter as the girl passing by cheerfully told me: “You in boot covers go!“ I looked at legs: my boots continued to be dressed in brightly - blue boot covers. It is a pity that nobody reported to me about them earlier, and the fact that blue - color of this season, did not warm soul. In broad daylight I removed boot covers and hurried to throw out in the next ballot box.

I arrived home without adventures: the head was not turned, nothing hurt, did not lose balance. At a threshold of the apartment the dissatisfied husband met:“ At first it was necessary to make a lunch, and then to be engaged socially - useful business!“ It was very much offended not by the fact that took a blood test without it, and that he had to think, than to feed the son and what to eat for lunch most. And what here to think? The two-year-old son very quietly would eat for lunch soluble children`s porridge or mashed potatoes, vegetable or fruit, in a stock the whole box. And what for work to peel the potatoes cooked by me and to fry it with onions?! I wanted to tell details of “heroic exploit“, and here it...

the Bandage I removed

from a hand only in the evening: it was somehow scared it to do earlier. The nurse warned what is bright - an orange spot from aseptic solution on the place of a prick will be washed away in several days. So it also happened.

Why I told about all this? To boast: “Look at me - the heroine“? To brag:“ And I could“? No, no, no! I also do not urge to rush all is universal to take a blood test though it would be worth making it, procedure of blood donation takes not enough time (I have exactly 1 hour), is almost painless (the prick of a needle is not considered) and does not do harm to a healthy organism. Just there is a wish to share the pleasure from the incident with all and to dream that exactly my blood will save life to other person.