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Pregnancy - it is fine

I Want to tell you the story about happy pregnancy. We with the husband always together carefully planned the life. To appearance of the kid we wanted to have everything: the apartment repaired according to all standards, the car, work perspective. And here, when all this appeared, time to think, at last, and of the little successor or the successor came. I, itself do not know why, always wanted to give rise in the winter. Therefore in advance in common calculated estimated date of conception. And here the miracle came true: the morning test showed two strips. Hurrah! the Husband brought me in the same day to a maternity welfare unit and there on an equal basis with me worried. When I left from reception with joyful news, the spouse picked up me on hands, his eyes were full of happiness and hope. In the evening when I came home after work, I did not learn the apartment: everywhere balls - hearts, flowers and candles, and on a table - a festive dinner. The husband just shone with happiness and could not constrain tears of joy. So our nine months of happiness began.

We from the very beginning of began to call

Kiryush`s tummy (decided that if there is a boy, then Kirill, and if the girl, then Kira). All pregnancy it preserved me and ours ôsmall arbuzikô, growing in a tummy we wash the kid. We went on vacation instead of one habitual time whole two. Every day went together for a walk, and on days off left in boarding houses and rest houses. The spouse in a literal sense in anything me, is more faithful to us, did not refuse. And still to happiness of the husband there was no limit when he learned that it will have a son. Perhaps, thanks to these efforts my pregnancy took place easily and quickly. I felt necessary, and it was fine. Not for nothing say how pregnancy will begin, so it also will take place. Thanks to my beloved husband for these nine months of pleasure!

I long-awaited and already Gave birth almost in time to such beloved sonny Kirill. The kid was completely healthy (9 of 10 points on a scale Apgar). To give birth to the child is such happiness, and to give birth to the healthy kid - twice perfectly!! So it is necessary to treat pregnancy seriously not only to future mother, but also future father. I am very grateful to the spouse for his attitude towards me and future kid!