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Hi, Andrey!

of Missile defense pregnancy especially will not extend because it went without any problems: any nausea, pains, diseases etc. Though according to analyses I overestimated a certain hormone 17 - IT is progesterone, and I was forced to make the test of urine - to collect it within a day, to mix and then to hand over. It is more it is remembered than nothing remarkable. Appetite was good, a dream too, and studies love were continued even in day of estimated childbirth. Went to the decree exactly at the beginning of the 9th month. Every day walked for 4 hours to Tsaritsyno. PDR if to count from 16. 11. 08, dropped out on 22. 08. 09, but in spite of the fact that I knew exact day of 1 day of the last monthly, fertilization happened later since 22. 08. 09 I did not give rise. For me it was frustration, of course... There was a strong wish to give rise somewhat quicker already. I all pregnancy dreamed that I will give rise not later than the 38th week, however, it was necessary for the Lord differently.

When I did not give rise to

in time, in ZhK were disturbed and wrote out to me “dress“ in the 3rd maternity hospital, Kiyevskaya metro station... To my frustration there was no limit, it seemed to me that this awful place, is so far from the house... But...

Collected by

a trunk weighing 10 kg, probably. And took everything on a minimum, only means of hygiene, for the child 1 thing even. And courageously went itself in 40 weeks and 2 days to maternity hospital № 3. Hardly left the house, previously it was washed up to a scratch, well and, certainly, carried out intimate procedures. I was “genius“ and managed to forget rubber slippers! Well, who forgets rubber slippers?! At all forums, in any book and the story about childbirth write that it is necessary to take with itself “the rubber washing slippers“!!

Having left on “Kiev“, I was caught in the rain, and therefore quickly rushed in Shopping Center Evropeysky slippers to look for. It is simple to go in the rain it was silly. The husband told me:“ The rain will not be, do not take a steam bath, go with light baggage“. But under the law of meanness the rain, naturally, went. I thought that in “European“ there are cheap shops, well, at least a couple some lokhovy where there could be slippers. Two hours of wanderings led to 700 ruble slippers in “Adidas“. The toad pressed me. Having despaired and having been tired to be unsteady with a trunk, I when the rain ended, went outside. On a meeting there was a little man “sell flowers“... Here it has that I and learned where it is possible to buy cheap slippers. Quickly found the market which, by the way, was in a minute from the subway, bought unpretentious lilac slippers (on the dacha I will take away then) for 100 rub. Found the 474th minibus and reached directly to maternity hospital! On the way to this gloomy institution tears welled up. Outside this building resembled some prison, impressed the last floor which brick was as though in a rust.

Came at first into a reception, I was sent to an accident ward. There fast wrote down all my data, looked at me on a chair and sent to pathology to the 5th floor. Came to pathology, I was defined in № chamber; 503. Came, greeted... Was shocked: the TV set worked, and the people watched “the House - 2“! It really shook me. The chamber is spacious, 4 beds, there are sockets, the TV and on each chamber a separate toilet, a separate shower. Cleaning 2 times a day: dusted, washed the floors. I “was lucky“ with “cohabitants“ - it were 2 mummies, the first was called Natasha as called the second, I learned for the fourth day. It appears, Masha. Both of them slept constantly and if did not sleep, then just were silent. For me, the person sociable and sociable, this whole test - to get to maternity hospital moreover and to such “sociable“ young women! As a result, I was unsteady along a corridor. Sat down to talkers on a small bench in the evening in a corridor to receive some communication, got acquainted with all, it became simpler... Hour have a talk as it is necessary, about children and childbirth. At 9 o`clock in our chamber occupied one more girl, Tamara, a surname, unfortunately, forgot. With it we made friends, it turned out that she from Krasnodar Krai, from Tikhoretsk, moved to Moscow to the Internet - to darling, at us it appeared much in common, and we with it together went to the dining room, stirred constantly and navorachivat circles along a corridor. To her happiness and my regret it was written out before me, on Thursday. And again I appeared with my “silent“ neigbours. But the situation was quickly corrected, Tamara and Masha were moved, and on the same day to us 2 girls - Lena and Yulya lodged.

Fed with

in maternity hospital just super, but on slaughter. I eat houses, perhaps, much less. All food fresh, but useful. Kashi, the first, second, everything without salt. And I managed to gain there kilogram, and even two. Though it can be from the fact that problems with a chair began. And they at all for some reason arose, probably, a situation unusual... Generally, weighed 71 - 72 kg! In general for pregnancy I gained 10 kg approximately. Near our chamber there were two more - closer to the end of corridor 502 and 501 for patients with the increased patrimonial activity. Especially 502 - from there in day of 1 - 2 person iron left to give birth. Our chamber was as damned - at us nobody was taken away. In 502 and 501 cheerful little girls lay, we communicated with them up to childbirth... Ania, Tanya, Lena one more Lena - the comic book at which waters departed and it called it “the erosion leaks“... Entertainments especially were not, only infinite talk on childbirth and children and eatery, KTG and rounds of doctors... Doctors all on a positive, Egorova Tatyana Vladimirovna, Ibragimov Arsen (the manager. office), Alexander Nikolaevich... About all good responses. About KTG separate history, I did it on the computer, and the result “a healthy fruit“ was always given... And so several times issued me the conclusion “violation of a fruit“ - I slightly did not die from a heart attack. Sobbing, ran to the doctor who advised to calm down and not to trust a computer duristika, just the baby did not move especially during research. We joked with doctors constantly that we want that with us something was made, delivered to a laminaria, punctured a bubble, stuck something. Was much that at whom term was beyond 40 weeks.

one girl even on monthly had 43 weeks, and on ultrasonography - 39! For the sixth day I already got used to be in maternity hospital and registered there finally, all laughed in the dining room that I will sit 45 - 46 - 47 weeks. That I will give rise surely within the next year. That I bear an elephant calf, etc. Took me exactly in day of execution of 41 weeks. I fell asleep in the night from a presentiment, but since already decently perekhazhivat, did not attach it significance... In 1. 30 woke up from unclear feeling. Began to be unsteady along a corridor, pulled a stomach bottom, the feeling was that there is a wish “pi - pi“ and “and - and“ at once, but in a toilet, certainly, nothing occurred. And so I with wild pains which each 5 minutes me visited was unsteady along a corridor and suffered to 4 - x mornings, thinking that it is not fights at me, and something unclear. At 4 o`clock I went to nurses who slept. Reported to them that I am hurt by a bottom of a stomach and bloody allocations. They told that I inserted to myself a candle with a belladonna, and added that “no allocations should be, there has to be scarlet blood“.

Certainly, the candle from fights did not help me, and I was forced to go further along a corridor, writhing from pain. By the way, all these techniques about which I read (to stand “cancer“, to poshatatsya in different directions, to rock, leaning on a window sill elbows), had zero efficiency. Promayalas I till 6 in the morning. In six I was seen by these a grief - nurses, asked whether felt better me and desired to call the doctor on duty.

He (Alexander Nikolaevich by nickname Elektrovenik for the fact that cut circles along a corridor) me examined

. It was sick, told that “disclosure of 2 cm to go to a rodblok early, I about you will tell everything to the new doctor on duty“. Then nurses stuck to me some anesthetic, but it did not work. As well as candles. At 9 o`clock the doctor on duty came, looked at me, told that “disclosure of 3 cm, you give birth gradually“.

- 3 centimeters? What does it mean? It, how many?

- What difference?!

- Well, though the nobility how many still to suffer...

- to Suffer 10 hours from the moment of the beginning of regular patrimonial activity!

I I, hapless, went. I began to be trained, made an enema... Oh, an enema during fights - inexpressible feelings... Gave a uniform... To and fro, generally, by 12 - 13 o`clock lowered me in a rodblok. Little girls on the floor were struck with my state, it was unusual to see me double up and with expression “disabled veteran“ on a face, so - that all days of all entertained and made jokes, and here bang...

Rodblok - is enough

- the pleasant place. Separate huge chamber with a heap of any interesting pieces. Vessel, separate sink, bed, woman in labor chair, plastic windows, purely. To me it is simply unreal it was lucky... I thank God to this day. I was entrusted the midwife - to Mitina Natasha! It just miracle, what person! In spite of the fact that I had no arrangement that I gave birth free of charge, it, as a matter of fact, came on the first sound and in general spent a lot of time with me. It was very attentive, polite, it is even tender... Addressed me only “the hare, Sabinochka“. Watched my state and to the maximum tried to alleviate my suffering. Learned how it is necessary to breathe, explained everything thoroughly, showed itself how to prodyshat fight. Generally, Mitina Natasha is an obstetrician from God!

was Behaved by me quietly, listened to all instructions, did not shout though it was not less painful to me, than to other shouting schizophrenics who the shouting only prevented to concentrate. Really it is impossible to constrain itself and to include self-checking?! There some giving birth in the neighbourhood shouted so as if they are split with a file into parts. And the known fact that to shout - to harm the kid, itself, to spend forces in emptiness. I quite vaguely remember all details. All childbirth it seemed to me that I want in a toilet, I asked when I was brought whether it is possible to descend to the normal toilet instead of a duck, but alas and ah - it is impossible. All the time it seemed to me that I want pi - pi and and - and, I ran to a duck, and nothing, of course. I asked about 2 o`clock in the afternoon the come doctor whether they can with me something make, I about 2 nights in this terrible state stay. The doctor looked at me, put sideways and punctured a bubble, feelings any. Just warm water flowed out. I cannot tell that I from it became somehow stronger to be thrashed, on me, so force of fights was identical, as well as in 2 nights, but Natasha already here became closer to me to three to explain how to make an effort. It is a pity, but not every time accurately was possible to follow. And it was sometimes necessary to inhale air and to exhale, then to take a deep breath and, without exhaling 3 times, to do the pushing-out movement as if in a toilet violently itself to force to descend. I very much tried to follow instructions though it and is difficult. It is especially heavy “to prodyshat“ fight. I noticed that when it is necessary “to prodyshat“, an attempt very strong and when it is necessary to be extinguished, on the contrary, weak. I asked Natasha that “there“ occurs, she speaks - “touch“. Probably, it sounds terribly... But I touched the child`s head.“ The head“ - it is strongly told... The part which began to creep out... I cannot tell how many times I made an effort, what is the time passed. There was time, watched where there is the child`s head. Occasionally doctors came, too looked, there did something... As a result, at the first moment I was told to get on a chair where give birth. From nowhere, the whole group of persons was mobilized, and here after couple of attempts made to me an epiziotomiya and took out my son at once. I cannot judge doctors for it, I had no forces any more, and to me was all the same already at that moment, especially my son was born the giant - 57 cm and weighing 4080 gr.!! Real athlete, parameters 2 monthly, at least. Unexpectedly some impressions gushed over me... And I burst out crying when to me put this pink handsome man on a stomach.

Feeling of full simplification, weakness and at the same time happiness. At once began to ring round all torturers which to me every day “perekhazhivaniye“ sucked blood, irritating the question “well there, well when?“. To give rise to an afterbirth - in general nonsense. In general, after the kid everything is born, becomes indifferent around.

At the time of delivery me did not do to

any anesthetics. All process was the most natural and without any preparations. Sewed up almost I acquire, it is possible to tell... Made some ukolchik, but it, in my opinion, did not work in any way... In my opinion, the difficult moments are fights, to lie on a back with the KTG sensor, waist pain.

Very offensively left with “gratitude“. Crisis, there is no money now... Talked to the husband:“ It is necessary to thank the midwife“. To an extract the husband told me that there is no money, each kopek on the account, and he will not “thank“. What my surprise when on the way home when we already drove up to the house almost, he told me that he “thanked“ was... Only it gave money to a theta which swaddled! Well, though would ask me!

Here so left. It is very bad that the person who deserved an award remained without a thing, and the aunt who swaddled my kid received unfairly money!

in general, childbirth in the 3rd maternity hospital has for me exclusively positive character. Chambers all - as if under the contract you give birth, the relation of personnel too, doctors good, once again I will repeat: just the best midwife Natasha Mitina. Unless the aunt - the cook there opposite... For 1 dinner of 100 times repeated that each 1 glass of kefir.

of the Girl, give birth, give birth and once again give birth! This magic action also do not lose it from - for some fears. Perhaps, I is excessively detailed and in places terribly described process, in practice, everything was not so difficult!