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Unexpected “ozhidannost“ of

of Nasten in our family the third child. It became for us an unexpected ozhidannost. I was busy with education of the senior daughters Sasha and Veronika, about pregnancy learned when there was already the 16th week. We wanted the third, but that it will be so soon (To Veronika there was slightly more than a year), did not expect. The fear lodged in me that I will not cope with two kids moreover Sasha is the schoolgirl. The husband calmed, told that he will help. And it was valid so. It did the most part of housework.

campaigns in consultation with infinite testing Began

. In consultation accepted as native. Pregnancy proceeded well. The husband very much wanted that again there was a daughter. His pleasure was immense when on ultrasonography showed us our daughter. I already as skilled mummy carried out all appointments of the doctor and even calmed future mothers who were afraid of difficult childbirth and were intimidated by stories about maternity hospitals. To give birth I went to the favourite maternity hospital. In it my senior daughters, there each corner were born a was sign, all secret places where it was possible to communicate with the husband or relatives freely were known.

... I returned from the house to maternity hospital after day off (us not all were released), the tummy behaved quietly, but any feeling did not abandon me. The intuition did not bring. At 5 in the morning I not just went to give birth, and ran. Waters flowed like water, I passed the beginning of fights. When doctors examined me, just admired my endurance. A time already was to give birth, and there is no pain.

Nastenka was born

in 6 h 27 minutes. Its state pulled on 9 points. It was such ridiculous: looked at me somehow appraisingly. I told it that every other day I will be beautiful mother again, and doctors began to smile.

Nastya gained the weight as if on yeast. We were written out with a big weight, than at the birth. Houses waited for us only every other day, but decided to write out us a bit earlier. The husband quickly found the car and came tearing along for us, even managed to buy flowers. Daughters were delighted with Nastena. My labor everyday life as mother began. Mothers in “cube“ as our father told. Now Nastena is 9 months old. I am in time everywhere, the husband helps, of course. And when all of us go out for a walk, neighbors rejoice for our family, it at us such big and amicable.