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Our rest in Yevpatoria

Is summer we with a family (I, the husband and the daughter of 4,5 years) carried out in Yevpatoria. There were I in this nice city long ago - 18 years ago we with mother had a rest in this sanatorium. Now I arrived there again. Coincidence is simple that permits at work give to the husband in this sanatorium. For these years the sanatorium was renamed. Now it began to carry the name “Oren - the Crimea“. Went for 2 weeks from August 20 to September 3. The sanatorium is located on st. of Frunze. Since the permit from the organization, we paid only part. Spent 30000 rub for three: there flight cost there - back, food, accommodation entered. I.e. on 14000 rub on each adult and 2000 rub of all for the child (the plane till 6 years free of charge).


by plane There and back. Three hours - and on the place. At the airport met the bus and brought to the place. We got room on the 4th floor, the balcony came to the pool, the square, cafe and the dining room. Weather was successful wonderfully well, only the last two days became cold and there were rains at the nights. In the afternoon all dried, but sand on the beach was damp, a breeze cool, and there was no wish to bathe.

was carried out on the beach All the time. Walked also on the city. Went from Gorky Embankment, from the area of three fountains by engines on a sightseeing tour, passed memorable places, learned city history. Saw Dzhum`s mosque - Dzhami (1564 - 1592) . It was constructed by the famous Turkish architect Sinan. It is the only multidome mosque in Europe, a monument of world value. Sinan`s constructions it is listed at number 77. In it there took place crownings of all Crimean khans. In the yard of the mosque there are tombs of the Turkish generals who died during the period russko - the Turkish wars of the XVIII-XIX century of century. Completely restored mosque works and now (Revolyutsii St., 36), came also into church, it behind the mosque. Were on a sightseeing tour by “Tram of desires“ later. In it except seats there are also little tables, and at desire during a trip it is possible to have a bite.

the Excursion “Tram of desires“ tickets for it are on sale on st. of Frunze near Budmo cafe. 20 gr. - adult and 10 gr. children`s if the child does not take the certain place. The tram - a single-track railway is, one may say, pride of Yevpatoria. It is more in the Crimea and in general, probably, there are no such trams anywhere! And there are four routes including “fantastic“, but quite real, “The tram of desires“! This excursion route is accompanied by the guide, and it is possible to recognize the most interesting data from 2500 by his stories - summer history of Kerkinitida - Gezleva - Yevpatoria.

Near sanatorium located the drinking pump room with mineral water. You gather waters how many you want (free of charge) in the container.

the Beach of sanatorium is located

not really close - minutes 15 - 20 on foot. The child was tired to go. An entrance on the territory of the beach according to sanatorium books. Beaches sandy, pure. Water warm and pure.

it is A lot of attractions for children where we went more than once, often won prizes - for firing, for bowling. The prices of attractions, for example, a trampoline and children`s “lazelka“, raznourovnevy - 15 gr., (these are 60 rub) but there is is possible so much how many you want... In the sanatorium at cafe at a playground arranged with evening of game for children more than once. Different collectives of a song and dance came to act.

our visit to Yevpatoria coincided with Day of national flag on August 23 and the Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24. On August 24 we went to theater to a children`s performance. It is on a central square where planned festive festivities. Near theater on the occasion of a holiday there were live sculptures. We with all photographed the daughter. Payment at will. Who considered it necessary to pay, put money in the standing bucket nearby. And so any photos in the city with animals and characters from animated cartoons 5 - 15 gr. or 20 - 60 rub

After theater came to the square, the holiday already went. Very much the Theatre of fire was pleasant. They showed us dances with fire.

Were in a dolphinarium. Ticket prices: the adult - 70 gr. or 280 rub, children`s - 60 gr. Photo with a dolphin - 60 gr.

Went from Yevpatoria on excursion to Yalta. Were on the Glade of fairy tales, went on a ropeway, were in the Yalta zoo and in the Nikitsky Botanical garden in a greenhouse of cactuses. In 8 h morning left and to 20 h 30 min. arrived.

Went to cafe - the bar “Dolche - Vita“ near the sanatorium beach “Oren - the Crimea“, in the alley as from the beach to go. Very much seafood dishes, pancakes were pleasant. All dinner in general managed in about 200 gr. / or 800 - 850 rub. It is possible to leave children there at a playground under supervision for 15 gr. for half an hour... Still were in “Budmo“: a shish kebab, solyanka - all super! And the prices pleased too. A shish kebab there in general cheap - 80 rub on our Russian money.

Money changed

generally at the intersection in the box at “Budmo“ where tickets for “The tram of desires“ sell... I was given the business card there and changed money at the rate not as there it is written, and is several points higher... At some there their internal course. For example, for 1000 rub at the rate give 250 gr., and I was given 253 gr.

Course growth by leaps and bounds...

Read before departure on the websites that the city dirty, and garbage fully rolls. Thought, however, but did not see either garbage, or dirt... The garbage is constantly cleaned, on asphalt there are neither papers, nor stubs. Did not see any drunk in 2 weeks.

For cafe, amusement parks, excursion, juice and souvenirs were spent by 18000 rub if to count everything, kept within 48000 rub. If go not on permits, then would obviously spend more. But it is possible to remove housing and in the private sector. But to prepare (that there is no wish on holiday) or I did not want to eat in cafe with the small child all the time.

Only - did not visit the Moynaksky lake where gathered. These are several stops by tram from sanatorium. Means, there will be an occasion to visit here again.

Weather was very good, only 2 nights before flying away rains went. Did not bathe in the afternoon - cold... Departed, there was a rain, and the sky was ominously - black.

of Impressions weight, photos the sea, huge desire to go there again!