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Huge miracle and... the small surprise of

the Most remarkable baby on light lies at you on hands, you at last became a mother after 9 long months! When you for the first time take on hands of the kid, the world changes once and for all. The miracle is allowed to be mother - it to us the nature. Childbirth behind and though doctors say that restoration will take 6 - 8 weeks, you now do not want to think of it at all.

Most likely, from girlfriends you heard only sincere congratulations and preventions that now it is necessary to forget about a quiet dream... However many of them hold back other “surprise“ which you can face. We speak about an involuntary urination - when at laughter, cough, sneezing and other loadings there is an allocation of several drops of urine or slightly more. Most likely, your girlfriends told nothing of that kind, this delicate subject cannot be discussed.

meanwhile, every third woman in Russia faced ever an urine incontience. From them 36% faced this phenomenon in time and after beremennosti*.

“I very much was surprised to

, and then became angry! Nobody ever said to me that it can happen!“ - Anna, 26 speaks.

Many of us face this “surprise“ when it is necessary to bend and take the child from a bed, to move a carriage or just to take a walk in not really warm weather. The confidence and comfort are feeling does not give in any way...

“I was afraid that somebody will notice, all the time felt a smell even if it could not be. I just did not feel natural purity“, - Irina, 23 tells. whether


the situation when young mother needs to descend in a toilet Is familiar to you, but she just is not in time because she nurses, either changes diapers, or calms the inconsolable kid? And then, literally on “home straight“ cannot cope with the muscles any more...

Why it happens to

? Set of hormonal changes, uterus pressure upon a bladder and directly tension at childbirth - all this can lead to weakening of muscles of a pelvic bottom which hold an urethra closed. As a result even such actions as laughter and cough can cause urine course. And what to tell about situations when it is necessary to lift the kid.

However the decision is! The special exercises described on the website www will help to restore muscles of a pelvic bottom. TENA. ru. Most of women who train muscles of a pelvic bottom try to obtain a complete recovery or almost complete control of work of the bladder.


A in order that young mothers could feel absolutely surely and comfortably, developed the special laying of TENA Lady which is completely meeting needs of modern women. in

of Laying of TENA Lady , specially developed for urine absorption (urological laying), differ from usual hygienic laying. Without exceeding usual laying by the sizes, they absorb much more liquid because contain several times more special superabsorbent which turns liquid into gel and reliably neutralizes a nepryatny smell. At the same time the surface remains dry, preventing irritation of skin.

Each woman will be able to pick up laying of suitable absorbency ** and the size:

Where to buy production of TENA:

Hypermarkets: “METRO Cash & Carry“, “Real“, “Auchan“, “O`key“, “Karfur“, “Tape“ and others.

of the Drugstore: “Rigla“, “the Old Doctor“, “Doctor Stoletov“, “03“ and others.

Other interesting articles on a subject you will find

in the TENA Lady magazine .

* These researches on an urine incontience among women, March, 2009, LLC Magram Market Risyoch. In research 1711 women took part in 14 cities with the population of 1 million and more people.

** Absorbency is specified by

by Rotvell`s method - full absorption, ISO 11948 - 1