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I will surely come for second

I Will begin with the fact that I married in 2004, we with future husband then were long dissuaded by the superstitious family: “Perhaps you will wait, year - that leap...“ And I laughed the matter off: “Wait, we to you in leap also will give rise...“ So all also turned out... Four years I finished myself:“ Yes, what to me child... I still child unreasonable“. Though worked at school and then was already responsible for 28 children - was the class teacher. The husband silently dreamed of the daughter... Any reproaches in my address from its party! And I went on cafes, girlfriends (clubs - not mine), to bowling etc. In December began to prepare documents on a trip to Spain (long ago dreamed), and for New year went to my parents. On a holiday my “holidays“ just had to begin, but did not begin. And I as always thought that a delay from - for colds (cold was), it with me already was... On the fourth of January Andrey (husband) asked me to make the test, and I somehow reluctantly agreed, thinking that all this is vain, but all - descended to a drugstore and bought 2 tests (just in case), came home, was closed in a toilet and... In a minute saw nothing, and here in 3 minutes such weak second strip hardly visible is suddenly shown... I as will cry from a toilet:“ Mummy is native!“ Why these words came to me then to mind - still I do not understand, but them I shouted also at attempts already at the time of delivery... The husband jumped up to a door and asked, whether all with me as it should be. And for some reason without opening a toilet door I told it that it seems, it will become the father soon! And he told me then: “And a door - though you will open that to kiss you?“ I left a toilet all red (the husband told then it to me). Remembering the state of that time, I can tell that suddenly I felt shy both of the husband, and cats and the whole world around myself! And on January 8 decided to repeat the test (the second remained with me), and already then I did not need to wait and minutes - the second strip was accurately shown at once. I understood - now for certain...

First of all decided to tell

to the sister, all - at it is experience - the daughter is 3 years old, she was glad for me and advised not to be registered early - exhaust according to analyses, doctors... I at first decided to listen to it, all - elder sister bad will not advise, waited for 9 weeks (by my calculations) and went (worried for a lyalka). Then I was sorry about it! I for the first time went to the gynecologist for survey by a mirror! Terribly was afraid! Also it was right! The doctor at first told that I not on a registration came. And even did not want to accept me, but I explained that I live near their consultation, and there where I have a registration, it is far to me to go. It directed me to the manager of policlinic behind permission, and the manager gave it. The gynecologist by a command voice ordered to sit down on a chair. And as soon as it began survey, I with a wild cry from pain got up this chair! Other doctors ran together, and washing shouted at me: “What you shout as cut? Relax!“ I, wiping tears, black from ink, I speak to it: “How it is possible to relax if to me it is painful?“ The nurse told me some consoling words, but they did not reach me. Then the doctor began to suggest that I have a myoma, then, that I have an extra-uterine pregnancy, then, that an erosion, but she at me did not see pregnancy, then at me blood went, and the doctor at last understood in what business, and told:“ You have a virgin pleva almost whole, I deflowered it, and from - for blood I cannot look - there is a pregnancy or not“. Also directed me to ultrasonography... I went for ultrasonography and shed bitter tears, thinking that suddenly all its assumptions will come true? In the direction I saw an inscription: “Does not give in to survey“.

needed to be passed in other case, and on the street all on me looked as at a miracle, one old woman asked that she happened, but I only waved away - I will not tell everything to the first comer (and so there was a wish to share with somebody...) . Called the husband, but it had him at meeting, a position serious - the deputy director therefore told that he will call back, and it was not necessary to me then, it was necessary to me now, to me it is bad now and when at it this meeting ends... Here so I thought, did not come to an ultrasonography office yet...

Tam met by

me unattractive, but very sociable nurse, she calmed me at once, told that it happens to many, and I very much worried whether the doctor damaged to me a fruit if it is. I began to ask questions at once, and the ultrasonographer told that she will answer all questions later, and I could not wait... But here I heard from it the most pleasant words: “There is one fruit, term for 9 weeks so everything at you is good is attached on a back wall, I congratulate, will become mother soon!“ Then she still said to me a lot of things, but already everything was unimportant - the most important that everything is good, and at me will be the child!

Home I did not go, and flew as if wings grew behind the back, and any there meetings of the husband faded into the background, I squeezed a treasured piece of paper where it was in black and white written in a hand: “There is 1 fetal egg... The sizes of a fruit correspond to 9 weeks of pregnancy...“

in the Evening the husband re-read this piece of paper of times 10, and next day I carried it to my doctor, that filled my card and gave the directions on analyses. Here all also began: it turned out that I TsMV have a cytomegalovirus. My doctor was just replaced, the young gynecologist told that treatment by antibiotics, but on later term will be required. Then the doctor was again replaced, now there was a woman advanced in years, and, by hearsay, the skilled gynecologist (I was delighted). Having looked at my analyses, she told that she sees nothing terrible, any antibiotics it is not necessary, the only thing that it is necessary to lift hemoglobin (it was low of - for toxicosis). Houses all Internet of an oblazil in information searches about TsMV, found a lot of inconsistent, but for herself decided that I have such look which should not influence my baby (verified each small letter of result of analyses). So I calmed down a little and began to live in expectation of childbirth.

I here next ultrasonography... Went together with the husband, he wanted to look at the daughter. Having moved on my tummy the device, the doctor as usual dictated to the nurse different parameters of handles, legs, and then asked: “For whom you wait?“ I told what is not important if only healthy. And the doctor told: “Yes very healthy small, what knives!“ So we learned that we will have not a girl, but the boy! Having left an office, the husband told that he droplets was not upset, and is even very happy that the boy: “On days off in soccer we will play with it and on fishing to go...“

Having come once again to reception, I learned that I again replaced the doctor (5 doctors in 9 months). That manager of ZhK was my next doctor. Having examined me, she decided that I have a terrible tone and wrote out to me the direction in a hospital (and I felt nothing). I terribly did not want to go to hospital (for the 27 years lay only 2 times), according to stories of girlfriends, on preservation only and you do that you listen to neigbours in chamber about horrors of childbirth, etc. Besides at that moment I still worked, just had to go to hold exam in Russian. But, having got it together, I decided that at me it is the first and desired child therefore I should not arrive selfishly in relation to him, then never I will forgive myself if something happens! So on the 24th week I the first time laid down on preservation...

Everything was much better than

, than I imagined! However, in a hospital the very young doctor first met me, looked at the direction and speaks: “At - at - at, you have a cytomegalovirus, and you know that at the child the bad symptomatology is possible further?“ I told: “You it is better than me do not frighten, and tell, you put me or not?“ She hemmed to herself under a nose and told what should be waited... We with the husband stayed in a corridor somewhere minutes 40, only then invited me to survey, and after - sent to chamber. The chamber was on one floor with chambers of women in labor (ooh, and I saw enough there that became first terrible), and in chamber there were 5 people, girls got good, nobody told the horrors connected with childbirth especially as many lay with the second pregnancy, with tenderness and a share of healthy humour told about first labor and the children... It is a lot of interesting and new about pregnancy and childbirth I learned from them... Now to meet them and to tell them huge “thanks“, but it is a pity, did not exchange phones especially as with some I lay only 2 - 3 days and saw off on childbirth! Then ran in chambers and looked on their crumbs through door glass... For those 12 days that I carried out on preservation, me 4 days put pricks with a papaverine, and all rest of the time I just drank tablets...

But there came the summer, and I was written out. Ahead there were 3 summer months, the tummy grew, now I carried it with some indescribable pride, and tried to hide under clothes earlier (earlier somehow hesitated, but communication with girls helped with hospital). Strangely enough, during a heat did not swell, however, always controlled amount of the drunk liquid... The kid at me in a stomach “played soccer“, especially, when there was a wish to have a sleep, but these “goals“ and “passes“ were pleasant to me. So time slowly went, I wanted to give rise on September 1, it would be healthy when mother the teacher, and the son is given birth on September 1...

But on September 1 passed

, and synulya did not hurry, then I began to adjust myself for September 8 - this term was put in hospital. All packages at me were ready, and I re-read every day the list of the necessary things (and suddenly missed something...) . It was necessary to wait not for long, but I so wanted to see the treasure somewhat quicker. Decided to follow old reception - on September 5 washed up half of the house. Went with the husband to the country to look at building of our house in the evening, returned late and as usual went to bed. The sonny somehow strange became silent, and I instantly fell asleep. I very much wanted about 3 o`clock in the morning in a toilet, I got up, went and was very surprised how much from me poured out, lightened at once and only began to get up (forgive) from a toilet bowl as from me water rushed... I immediately understood that it is waters departed! At once woke the husband, and we went to maternity hospital. At half past three I already was in maternity hospital, woke all nurses since there was a first of women in labor this night. I was given a shirt, then measured me, made an enema and again put on a toilet bowl. I sat on it half an hour, even legs became numb, then to me allowed to rise and sit. So far I did not feel any fights... Women in labor, all with fights, and me though began to arrive that! The doctor looked at me and sent to prenatal chamber, then settled to me three - all writhe, groan, and though the back would hurt me, but I felt nothing... Neigbours did not allow to sleep to me - I constantly ran for doctors for them, then one for another began to be sent to a rodblok. Hours from 6 in the morning I remained one in chamber and decided to walk on a corridor, there I began to meet the neigbours - already happy, on wheelchairs and with children (one for another they were brought to chambers), I congratulated all and in an amicable way envied. But here about 7 hours I felt what began to pull a back and there was a wish in a toilet on - big... I understood that here it, “hour of X“. The midwife came, it greeted, presented and told that her name is Yulya, she is 26 years old (“My God, only 26, - I thought, - so I even am more senior!“ ) and that she will deliver at me! She examined me and told that the neck badly reveals, then delivered me a dropper, and here began...


Ya that me began to turn out from within. At first suffered, only groaned, but then any more not in forces was to suffer especially as I lay, and so there was a wish to popolzat... I began to shout: “Mother is native, help!“ I called mother, appealed to God, still asked someone, I do not remember any more whom, and nurses only went by my chamber. And nobody did anything and did not speak! I began to shout stronger, and one of nurses glanced here and shouted at me: “What you shout? You cannot suffer perhaps?“ I remembered the first gynecologist at once and for a moment began to hate all doctors on light. But here somewhere in an hour of my tortures the midwife Yulya glanced, looked and told: “Let`s go to give birth!“ I speak to it: “As „ let`s go “? On foot?“ It to me: “Well, not by bus!“ She helped me to get up, and we went to a rodblok. When I climbed up a chair, the midwife explained to me as it is necessary to make an effort (I, of course, knew the theory of childbirth on “5“, and here to the practician at all in any way, as well as many others). On the next chair the girl gave birth too, but I cannot remember now whether she shouted? I did not shout, only groaned and groaned. On the third attempt the midwife praised me and asked me: “Not against if I accurately make to you cuts?“ I told that not against if only everything was normal with the baby (it appears, she already made an incision me, and asked just like that to distract me). And at this moment I mentally talked to the kid, asked it to help me that we met quicker, said that I very strongly love it and I want to kiss somewhat quicker. And here on the fourth attempt I suddenly felt some ease in a stomach, saw how the midwife turned away from me, and then mine the baby cried... I pulled to it hands, tears from affection gathered in the eyes, and around me everything became bright and iridescent... Now I did not think neither of pain, nor of cuts. To me was already about whom to think - about we wash it to a synula! I asked it on hands, the nurse told that later since I will be sewn up still. Sewed up me minutes forty, the midwife long told something to me, and I remembered her only joke:“ I to you made cuts therefore could tear, you such there - not for childbirth, and for love... “

So on September 6, 2008 at 11:15 I became a mother! When I was sewn up, I suddenly felt pain and fatigue, here then I for some reason told: “All! I will not give birth any more!“ And the midwife objected me to it: “Here and I will remember, Panteleeva, you will come to us next time, and we will tell you that you did not want to give birth therefore walk, and we will not accept you!“ I only smiled on it, and here brought me my snuffling treasure, put to me on a breast, and he fell asleep, I began to consider it, to touch tiny fingers, and he only snuffled and gave smacking kiss in a dream. I began all to call and to report joyful news! Then it from me was taken away, I began to ask questions: “Where it was incurred why with me did not leave?“ I was told that will bring later, the pediatrician has to examine. I began to worry, but I was told that I have to have a rest too, and then it will be brought... So to me put ice between legs and took away one in chamber. And what happiness was when the nurse told me 2 hours to lie down on a stomach (I very much liked to sleep on a stomach before pregnancy)... But I could not fall asleep, just over my chamber (I lay in paid one) there was a children`s office, and to me crying of children was heard. All the time it seemed to me that it is mine cries... Already in chamber, answering calls, I thought that to give birth - it is not terrible. And that I will surely come for the second!

here at last me brought to

I my Happiness!! Asked to put to a breast, the first time at us it did not turn out especially as he slept. I put it in a bed and about an hour could not tear off a look - it seemed to me that he is the most beautiful kid on light! I patted him on a back, touched fingers, kissed on pink cheeks and cried with long-awaited happiness! Hour in 4 to us the grandmother (mother-in-law) and our father came to chamber. They shone with happiness too, congratulated me, were photographed etc., and now our Happiness lay near me, snuffled and smiled... For the sixth days we were written out home!

Here such long and chaotic story turned out!

Well, and still: the Happiness we called Ilyyoy (in translation from Greek - Lord`s Fortress) since he was born strong, large and desired!