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As I was born

Call me Pasch, I already big - I am 1 year old soon. I want to tell you the history.

my birth was strictly planned by parents as my mother tries to approach everything deliberately and judiciously. Therefore only I could entrust to choose by it date of my birth. Having re-read a lot of articles about compatibility of horoscopes, months were ideally chosen: May - little bodies, September - the maiden and the end of December - a goat. In May I, of course, did not want to be born, on all the known saying does not want to toil all life somehow. In December - January very much it would not be desirable to strain doctors, they people also want to celebrate New year. September completely suited me, but here not really it was pleasant to my mother that conception drops out for the end of December, and New year she wants to meet cheerfully too, as well as doctors. Therefore on a family council the decision to give birth in October was made. Respectively, the child “to do“ in January. Both solved - and made.

Here I also appeared in a tummy at mother in the middle of January in the form of a small section. In mother all conditions for my development therefore I grew before the eyes were created. The father took part too in we wash development: he indulged mother, so, and me any delicacies, carried to have a rest in sanatorium and suffered from us all whims.

Once mother with the father began to select to me names though still they did not know who I am is a boy or the girl. The father very strongly wanted the boy that it was possible to play some soccer, to help with some repair and all with such spirit. And mother said that it would be desirable the girl, but she will be glad to any child. A choice of a name for the girl was made - Maya, and here with my name long thought and guessed, but did not come to a consensus. The girl Maya I did not want to be and for harm solved: I will be a boy.

Time went, I grew, the place for me in a tummy at mother began not to be enough somehow catastrophically, and I made the present man`s decision - to leave. It is necessary to get acquainted with the parents. But this process was not such simple as initially it seemed to me. I became puzzled and got confused in an umbilical cord a little. Then there was an anesthesia and bright light. We from mother for a while were separated, but by the evening I all - saw her. It pressed me to itself so tenderly that I just stood with delight, then tried its milk - just a yum-yum. Generally, my mummy very much was pleasant to me, I so-so also represented her. And I got acquainted with the father slightly later, on an extract. I was wrapped in a big warm fluffy envelope and transferred to the father. And so who read me fairy tales and ironed me through a tummy! Iya quietly fell asleep in his big and strong hands...