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Long-awaited happiness, or Records from my diary

As long I waited for the happiness! I will lower details of the stood pregnancy in 2005. It was necessary to drink hormones, to gain excess weight and to wait for a miracle. Every month I bought tests for pregnancy and every time threw out them in a garbage can with one stripe. One pleased: the husband always believed that everything will be good! On October 25, 2007 as always came next monthly, the next party of tests was thrown out in a bucket, new are bought. The party of boxes with tests for an ovulation which for some reason always stubborn showed either one, or two strips was still acquired, but the second was very pale, and it means that there is no ovulation! There is a wish to add that the cycle at me irregular and very long, happens till 31 days.

on November 28, 2007, that year to me 31 years were executed. Some days before this event, having opened a treasured box in the evening and having taken one test (in their box a little), having lowered in a jar with urine, I began to wait... But strip one, alas! I wrapped the test in packing and threw out. Perhaps something dreamed at night, but, having swollen up in the morning from a bed, I for some reason got into a bucket, got yesterday`s packing and pulled out the test. On it there were already 2 stripes! Without having believed the eyes, took next and went for new test, having closed in the toilet room. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! them again two! And such bright!

Really it came true, and I, at last, will become a mother? I do not trust the happiness. Came into the room and told the husband, there is no reaction of pleasure... Perhaps does not trust yet or did not realize?

I wanted to

other reaction. I did the test several times. Doubts were not. I am pregnant! Especially as BT kept on a mark 37,1.

Ya got the diary of pregnancy. There are some records.

my weight at the beginning of pregnancy: 66,8kg

my growth: 169 cm

the Last monthly: 25 / 10 / 2007

Estimated date of childbirth: 03 - August 04, 2008.

This childbirth will be the first on the account.

When I was registered in a maternity welfare unit? - December, 2007 (till 12 weeks).

How many times during pregnancy ultrasonography became? - All there were 3 planned ultrasonography. I passed already 2.

I ultrasonography - on January 22, 2007. Now I know that I have he (she) one there. The husband “was upset“. Speaks: “Here 2, and even 3!“ But itself, of course, I am glad!

II ultrasonography - on March 26, 2008. Told that everything corresponds to term. A floor did not seem (the modest woman or the modest man), made a photo, it is visible a head and handles. Charm!

the Husband removes my tummy constantly. I keep all ultrasonography, screenings, etc.

III ultrasonography is appointed to June 9! (It is postponed for June 25, 2008, all doctors went on leave).

Till 16 weeks I had a toxicosis as I thought, terrible (vomiting to 3 - x once a day), it appears, it is normal, and here if 10 times a day and more - then are already bad...

C 8 till 10 weeks I lay in maternity hospital on preservation not to allow stood or an abortion. Very much was afraid for the masyanechka. Put droppers from toxicosis.

On what month and under what circumstances the kid began to move? Felt some flutter in 14 weeks. But it is not clear, whether the kid it. Somewhere weeks in 18 - 20 stirs became more accurate. At forums write a miscellaneous, all have all individually... In 16 weeks made tests on screening, everything is excellent, the analysis negative!

At last, 3 ultrasonography - on June 25. Girl! As I dreamed of you, the daughter my long-awaited! I today the happiest!

What whims appeared at me during pregnancy? Yes especially any! Strongly there is a wish for nothing. I pay? Happens, but also before pregnancy it happened. It seems to me, I did not change at all.

What most of all is pleasant to me in it “interesting situation“? When the kid moves, happiness indescribable. When the husband kisses a tummy and irons.

A what most of all irritates? Need to ask for leave from work for circulation on policlinics, anger of the administration.

I am afraid of

of What most of all? Suddenly I will lack health safely to take out and most to give rise?.

of the Illness, transferred to pregnancy time: ORZ, intestinal gripes. I Am going to nurse

and how long? It would be desirable about one year.

As we call by

the kid till the birth? Masyanechka and the Droplet is two main “names“. I when I talk to the baby, call differently: wash zhopenochek, my lyalechka, pleasure washing, a lyublyusenka... Very much it is pleasant when the husband says that he very much loves our Droplet!

Why Droplet? Yes because my droplet and a father`s droplet connected and made the fine business, this happiness - pregnancy!

As we chose by

a name to future child? Oh, it is very difficult. All names that it are pleasant to me (Angelina, Aleksandra, Timofey, Ruslan) categorically are not pleasant to my husband!

C on May 26 I in a maternity leave!

How many children I would like to have? Probably, two. But so far to give birth to one. To me 32 years.

Then in entry in my diary are interrupted by

. And only in August I finish it!

Ya gave birth to the girl independently! What is the time childbirth lasted? 15 hours 20 minutes (oh, has also been through a lot!).

the Kid was born

on August 11, 2008 on Monday in maternity hospital of Kansk of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Child`s weight: 4100 gr, growth of the child: 55 cm. The kid was called... Aleksandra.

my feelings and thoughts while for the first time saw the kid - it is indescribable happiness!

the Daughter, I very much love you!!

There now, from this entry in my diary exactly a year flew by. Year!! Even it is not trusted! Sashulka grows, develops not on days, and on hours. We on breastfeeding. Perhaps therefore are so close each other. As I love it, any mummy will understand me! Mine “9 months of happiness“ ended safely and I think, will infinitely last!! Or perhaps soon I will want to repeat everything?