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Very quickly

Or rather, across Germany. But about everything one after another.

Horses my daughter “got sick“ with

since the early childhood. Whether the grandfather`s genes - the cavalryman played a role, whether something else - is unknown, only the love to these beautiful animals came and lodged in our house for a long time. While we could not play sports owing to age, compensated it, than could: we sleep on bed linen with the image of horses now, we eat from “horse“ ware and we know nicknames of all rolling ponies in SVAO.

But here this long-awaited day came, and we brought the daughter into a pony - club. Huge desire to study, persistence and love made the business - already in half a year took it in the national team of club, and she even began to act in competitions. Life in a pony - club very interesting and saturated, children feel the real adult athletes. Thanks to the management of club putting big forces in development of children`s equestrian sport in our country we had every month an opportunity to participate in triathlon seminars of the champion of Germany, the trainer of youthful German national team, Andreas Minner. The great, patient mentor, the charming person with flashing humour, the most experienced rider and the trainer, it became the great friend for our children. Whether it is worth saying that when my daughter suggested to go in the summer to training to horse-racing school “Minnisota“ which is directed by Andreas, she could not even believe in reality of the events.

I here behind all disorders and efforts, and we together with two more girls from our club on the place.

“Minnisota“ is in Saarlanda, in 35 km from Dortmund, in the most picturesque place, among mountains and valleys, near the well-known lake Menezy (Moehnesee). There, by the way, now Americans shoot the feature film restoring tragic events of World War II when the English bombers broke a dam on the lake, the valley was flooded and many civilians died.

Us was met by ideally pure stable and the curious muzzles which are looking out of stalls. On a wall - the set of rules of behavior on a stable and care of horses and a pony. It was trained - sweep for yourself, clean manure, clean a horse and ammunition. In an amunichnik - a box of bananas, treat the favourite how many you want.

our charming pony by nickname Neway, appear, too worried and it wanted to be pleasant to us.

Fans of beach rest us will not understand

, but it was improbable happiness for children - to be on a stable from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening. In an interval there were 2 trainings, a lunch, care of horses and feeding, communication with the German peers (as it usually happens, a half of a stable by the end of our stay distinctly owned several Russian phrases), bathing in the pool etc. Sometimes (as encouragement) allowed to apply to mother on hoofs of a pony special oil.

the Separate event. The huge field since which one end is not visible another eminent champions, beautiful horses, the surprising atmosphere - all this made great impression on our children.

A during week-end us were waited by our own competitions on a pony. And here we especially had not to redden - all our children acted perfectly, brought medals and sockets by all types of competitions.

I so all two weeks - with 9 to 21 on a stable, during week-end - competitions. What else is necessary for happiness? In the only day off all of us - decided to broaden our horizons and went to the amusement park of “Fort Fun“ located in mountains and wonderfully built in a landscape. There is a lot of attractions that for the whole day we could pass them only one time and left park only after its closing.

We did not implement only one clause of the planned program - from - for bad weathers Vinnit had to cancel a trip on show. But all the same it was the most improbable and unforgettable vacation in our life. Guess where we will go next year?