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Came true!

When I became pregnant, it was surprise both for me, and for my boyfriend with whom I lived year. Everything proceeded well, I worked as the legal adviser, ran on all city with work to the decree. The only thing that afflicted me, is that I have a negative Rhesus factor, and I had to take every month a blood test on antibodies. On the fifth month organized a wedding. The last months, sitting in the decree, began to read stories about childbirth often. Read and thought how I will have all this. Studied a set of literature on the correct breath at the time of delivery as the kid develops. Who we will have, we did not know to 32 weeks, and did not want to learn any more that there was an intrigue. But my curiosity won: we will have a girl! Hurrah!

last weeks I tried to redo all affairs: we made repair at home, at his mother. We with the husband went on fishing nearly an every day, enjoying the last days of my pregnancy. Term to me was put on May 27, but I had a presentiment that I will give birth to 21. Harbingers began weeks for two, the waist wildly hurt, at the nights often ran in a toilet, there were small fights, but the stopper still did not depart. As always on May 19 we with the husband went on fishing, arrived tired, and I was filled up to sleep since in the morning I should have gone for reception to the gynecologist. Woke up in the morning with thought that, it seems, begins.

the Gynecologist told that weak contractions, and pressure jumped up, and sent me to regional hospital with words: “You will lie down couple of days and from there you will go to give birth“.

I Call

from there home that put to heat to me water (as ill luck would have it, it was disconnected for a week, I and knew!) . I come, I go to a toilet, there at me the stopper departs. I to be washed by run in a bathroom, and itself already I know that in hospital I will not lie down any more that it is necessary in maternity hospital urgently! Took already collected bags, and the husband carried me to hospital. There I say that I have already fights every 8 minutes, they watch me, and precisely. Call in maternity hospital, ours on a sink, carry to Klin, to go 1,5 hours. We go, the road - a nightmare, in principle, as well as all Russian roads, the driver besides does not know how to go. Reached. I am accepted very politely, allow me clothes to change clothes, papers, then an enema (it is not as terrible at all as tell) and prenatal fill. I come... Four beds, white walls, windows are covered with white paint, at a window - two icons, I stand and I laugh: really someone uses. And were useful to me... I lie one, boringly, fights are more regular, but is still tolerant. I exchange calls with the husband and the girlfriend. Looked, disclosure at 3 fingers, say that today I will not give rise. Only waters, green begin to depart! Read that it is very bad! I call the midwife, she to me quickly something stuck, and here began! I turn on all bed, I persist in on all fours on a floor, I already become exhausted, I ask to make anesthetic, speak, at green waters it is impossible (I do not know still, the truth it or not). Bring the girl Olesya - the second childbirth, five minutes lie, and take away her to give birth. Again I am one.

I feel

of Hours in 12 that began to grieve, I call the midwife, she says that from where I supposedly know what is it, and I already with the last bit of strength shout that read clever books. She watches me, and precisely. We try to make an effort, the head appears, and we run with it in rodilnyu. Helped to get on a chair and began:“ Tuzhsya, not tuzhsya“. Through couple of attempts I feel how something slipped out me, and this is my daughter 50 cm 3450 gr.! Such high as though I executed the most important mission in the life!

me and the daughter was processed Then and sent to have a rest in chamber. I gave rise without money, kopeks took. And did not even tear! Many thanks to the midwife Margarita Alekseevna! The daughter was called too by Margo!

of the Little girl, you are not afraid to give birth, the most important - obey doctors! It so cool - to be mother! All the best to you!