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Hi, sonny!

- are excellent! - the husband told, having learned that we will have a boy. - Now he should choose the correct name.

It is natural, we wanted to call the sonny as - nibud it is original. We devoted to choice process all free time.

Of course, did not do without intervention of our parents - future grandmothers and grandfathers. Their imaginations far did not stretch. Sasha, Artem, Dima, Andryusha, Vova, Denis, Maxim... We patiently explained: well all are so called! We have hundred friends with such names!

Once with the husband saw transfer about the French actor - the mime Marcel and amicably solved: here it, a name for our kid! I got into the Internet and not without some work found out that Marseille is the men going forward. They are hardy, diplomatic, warm-hearted, with good sense of humour. Well still it is necessary?!

- Marseille - same the city! - my mother told and grumbled that it already in general beyond, a complete outrage. Personally she wants to call the grandson, for example, Fedenka. There is still a remarkable name Matvei. And also Egor, Arseny and Timofey. She demanded to look for alternative.

the Mother-in-law for some reason too us did not support

, though is softer.

here at us with the husband divergences began

I. What was pleasant to me was absolutely rejected by it. What was chosen by him seemed unacceptable for me.

At last, we agreed on the one and only name - Timur. Courageously and beautifully. And blows from it as force and will. I in the childhood read the book “Timur and his team“ in which the main character - the most beautiful, clever and courageous boy. Again it was not pleasant to parents!

We thought: eventually, it is our child! Both we want - and we call. It is not pleasant to you, and it is pleasant to us!

- As Timurchik? - the husband asked, coming from work.

I lasted to stroke my tummy.

By phone I reported on parents on the health: Timurchik was kicked all night long, did not allow to sleep.

- I will call him Timoshka, - my mother gave up. We did not object.

... In the morning I laid down in pathology - from - for protein in urine. And already to one o`clock in the morning sent the message to the husband and parents: “It seems, began!“

of the Neigbour in chamber was watched at me with envy.


- it is sick? - they dreaming to get over somewhat quicker from pathology in the maternity block asked.

- it is tolerant, - is proud I reported, admiring own courage.

- Have a sleep so far, - the doctor on duty advised, having looked at me, - here we have all - will be quieter.

I, of course, could not Sleep. Loafed along a corridor, including itself the heroine and representing as in the morning I will already call all and to dispatch “sms“ with a joyful message.

the doctor in a rodbloka told

B seven of morning:

- Well, we will put the beginning of childbirth.

As beginning?! It - only the beginning?!

to me gave an injection but - shpa and connected to devices which monitored heartbeat of the kid and my fights. And they amplified. From - for devices it was impossible to rise. Mother told me how she during fights went along a corridor, rested hands against walls, and it was easier for her. I could not even go to a toilet. And, enclosing “duck“, groaned and coiled from - for inconveniences and pain.

Near me Natashka who too arrived from pathology lay. There she dismissed florets and cheesecakes on jackets and bootees all the time. She was told that there will be a girl, and she imposed a dowry with lovely jewelry. And in eight and a half months at it defined the boy.

We listened to shouts which rushed from the patrimonial hall.

- Liouba, give! Liouba, give! Liouba, give!!

Brought the girl on “ambulance“, disclosure on five fingers. Doctors began to fuss.

- it is urgent on Caesarian!

We understand that the girl has some serious problems, incorrectly there is a child. The situation becomes more and more nervous. And here at this moment on all office it is distributed:

- Attention! In the building - the fire! The request to leave the room!

We from Natashkaya temporarily even ceased to groan, exchanged glances: “It that, joke?“ But the announcement was heard again. For some reason at this moment I not thought of myself, and of that girl to whom it was necessary urgent Caesarian. Well, we from Natashkaya as - nibud will limp and where - nibud we will be delivered, and her what to do?!

the Medical staff runs. Everything, we think, the full paragraph. Will remove now. We and of chamber jumped out and it is necessary to switch-off devices!

I here to us the doctor comes:

- Little girls! - vigorously she speaks. - Admit who smoked?

- We in labor! - I was indignant. - To us not before.

- We do not smoke at all! - Natashka added.

it Turned out p that the smoke detector worked.

As why - more we were not interested because fights reached the peak.

- What you did? What did you do? - suddenly someone cried with accent under windows.

the thought Flew that it has some attitude towards smoking. But, as it became clear later, shouted under a window newly appeared daddy. For some reason they with the wife refused to do ultrasonography, and all signs demonstrated that there will be a boy - a sharp stomach, fine appearance (speak, girls “take away beauty“ from mothers for the period of pregnancy). Future parents bought everything exclusively blue color. The girl was born, certainly.

too then got acquainted With Liouba. She was the large girl, and the child pulled on only two kilograms. Well, and what was “to give“ there?!

... The midwife took my hand and put on a head of the child leaving me:

- you Feel

? - she asked. - You will behave badly - you will strangle the kid.

I after that I as the tell-tale accurately followed all instructions.

my sonny lay at me on a breast, and I cried with happiness.

- You it is bad? - with anxiety the doctor delivering at me asked.

- That you! To me it is very good!!

Yes, by the way... When I the first time came with the sonny to children`s policlinic, the doctor on reception exclaimed:

- One more Timur!

Well and that? Not by Marseille it was necessary to call the child!