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Our 9 months and our childbirth of

We as are familiar 6 years with the husband Sergey and 4 years are married. And after 2 - x years of matrimonial life (2007) my spouse thought of posterity and began to prepare me (I said that should be waited still). We made all necessary tests and started business. In August, 2007 we went to the sea, without suspecting that we go not together, and already three together!

we Had a rest actively - even rode “banana“. After we returned, I remade a lot of tests for pregnancy, but any showed nothing, and there was a delay! It was necessary to go for ultrasonography. And here long-awaited news - I is pregnant! Sergey was in the seventh heaven. At first everything was normal - I felt perfectly. But then, is closer by third month, I began toxicosis, but for some reason it was only in the evening. The first 6 months I put on weight a little, but then I constantly had to limit myself in food (because our doctors constantly frightened by a hospital supposedly if you do not lose excess weight, I will put in a hospital).

we went For the first ultrasonography together with future daddy. He told that he understood nothing on the screen, but when the doctor allowed to listen as the small heart fights, Sergey saw everything at once. In principle, pregnancy took place normally. However, the last month I kept thinking: “Well when I will already give birth?“ Term to me was put on May 8, but in the evening 2 - go numbers began small fights, and only for the morning 3 - go numbers we went to hospital.

So far me was made out, Sergey was led to patrimonial. My condition before pregnancy was that Sergey surely was present at childbirth. Well, it especially also did not resist. I arrived at 8 in the morning, and till 14:00 I had “a weak patrimonial activity“, and I was “lulled“. But after I woke up, I do not remember anything. It seemed to me that I go on a dark tunnel, and bright this world (but it such soft and warm suddenly flashes that from it it is good), and someone squeezes my leg or a hand. As then Sergey told that it seemed to him that I cease to breathe, and he squeezed my leg, my hand.

After the second attempt at 22:00 on May 3, 2008 our daughter - the beauty Alinochka was also born

. Our father shed a few tears, and I “began to see clearly“ (before was as in fog), and at once it became so good and easy for me. To me at once put Alina to a breast, and then incurred it to measure and to do other necessary procedures (but in the same office). Sergey watched closely everything and literally abandoned nurses questions. Then Alina was given in hands to Sergey, and he long still went with her on chamber and sang it a song, and Alina slept. Every day ours the daddy visited us.

Me many ask

: “How you decided to give birth together with the husband?“ But I so will answer you: I am not sorry about it and I will never regret. Because presence of my darling is an enormous support for me. Support not so much physical, how many emotional! And Sergey from the very beginning understood that he became a father. When it came to us to maternity hospital, he asked to teach to swaddle Alina, to change a diaper. Therefore when I came home, could leave quietly the father with the daughter and go on the affairs.

to our Sun or as it is called by the father, the Button 1 years and 4 months, and we cannot rejoice on it! We very much love it!