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I have a son 2,4 years on the word

  • From: Irina 01. 03. 99 16:43:09 me the son 2,4 godan the word “is impossible“ for
    U reacts absolutely on the contrary. If I speak it “is impossible“ when it climbs on a window sill, it will climb even more nany if to nelzyatrogat something - will postoyannobegat, laugh and touch it. Nothing helps - either arrangements, or strict words, or slaps, niotvlecheniye from a subject. Help Ktomozhet, please, council.
    • From: Zhenya 02. 03. 99 0:33:55 Perhaps Vampomozhet replacement of the word “is impossible“ for
      on the word “dangerously“, the business the fact that mozhetprivest to mutilations is delatyimenno impossible for children of willows. The word “is dangerous“ by Chemluchshe? It contains in a sebeobjyasneniye of a prichinyzapret, but also “dangerously“ it is possible (taksamo itself turns out) to say trevozhnymgolosy whereas it “is impossible“ sounds kakokrik. Be frightened for the kid, but do not swear on it. Only not by zloupotreblyayteety method, having got used to mozhetperestat a kvashy postoyannoytrevozhnost the child to perceive it, and can begin to boyatsyasa, but it is doubtful if he climbs napodokonnik. It is caused not by danger, the adrugy reasons to Postaraytesyogranichit situations in which it “is impossible“, an uberitepodalsha fragile things, do not give felt-tip pens, eslimalysh the Child now prokhoditperiod isamoosoznaniye nihilism draws on wall-paper etc., it is not necessary to egodopolnitelnoprovotsirovat. Skorokharakter synishkivyrovnyatsya then mozhnobudt a zanimatsyavospitaniye again. In nekotorykhsluchayakh sometimes to poleznopustit a situation nasamotek, for example, eslimalysh drags for an ukhoznakomy small doggie, it is possible the ogranichitsyaodny prevention, to an adalsha - as will carry if it snatches it, dlyany it will be where a boleepolezny lesson, than Vashikriki, slaps etc. It is clear, that in a situation sneznakomy it is necessary to ovcharkoyvmeshatsya. Noma the “is impossible“ quite often we try an ograditrebenka from any mistakes that is quite harmful since for children it is necessary lichnyyopyt.
    • From: Rimma 06. 03. 99 2:19:03
      U us since three-months in the house there lived the word “And!“. However, only I used it, the husband said what he at it does not manage to be “takgovorit“. Lowered attacked in three months, Danyukhabyl is provided to a samomuseba, and only “And! “could stop it.
      “And!“ - everything that it is inevozmozhno dangerous to clean. Wires. Mirrors. Sharp. More hotly. - Dangerous, odnimslovy. But not zapretnoyevoobshche.
      In due time poznakomilisso all dangers of an inachala to replace “And! “on certain words.
      of Type “Is hot“, “Sharply“, “Current“, “Is fragile“.
      Now - Danilke year idevyat is used not“ it is impossible“, an aslova - definitions.
      “And!“ remained too, an etouzha at the level of an instinct, not always and not to mozhnoobjyasnit everything words and it is not always necessary to the child znatvozmozhny grustnyeposledstviye, it can statzakompleksovanny, and to an etouzha it is more terrible, than falling of a svysota or in a hole. Practically all opasnostiday to try
      under a nashimnablyudeniye that did not take in head to try beznas.
      And so also left that ours synvoobshche does not tell the word “No“... We it almost do not use
      in a videzapret.
      However, I think, to you it vsemat will help, but all - - can as - nibud to mozhnoispravit a situation. But I quite agree
      szheny - very much, predelnoakkuratno, without building vrang a problem and without giving a harakterapovsednevnost. my sister, for example, budch the sovershennobesstrashny maiden to a vvozrasta of three years, times of an inavsegd remembered
      that the eezhdetopasnost on the road of a smashinama when I, the charter of an otlovla of this button to the vrayena of the end of the sidewalk, once strongly “was frightened“ iskhvativ of it on hands, a silnok to itself pressed.
      “will break“ All stories about what “will crush“, etc. eybyl still are inaccessible, onamnit itself eternal ineprikasayemy, and in a tolkotaky way it was possible - bezlishny explanations and without it “is impossible“ vnushitto that any gorodskomumladenets should know a spelenok...
      Such affairs.
      of Good luck to you!