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My history

the First time I married in 19 years. Practically at once became pregnant. Pregnancy carried badly: pressure, hypostases. In 37 weeks in maternity hospital there was a premature otsloyka of a placenta. I will not describe indifference and a hladnokrovnost of doctors. All night long operation lasted. In the morning, having opened eyes in the operating room, hardly moving language, I ask: “Where my child?“ And here a knife in heart: “We hardly rescued it, and she about a fruit asks!“ .......

painful days in empty chamber of intensive therapy are farther than

. My girl, Irishka, mother and the husband took away and buried. Brought to itself thoughts that else young, still I will give birth to the baby.

I here one more knife, only in a back... All days which I was in maternity hospital after operation, hearing crying of kids and observing happy mummies, did not even suspect that to me any more not to test it. A day before an extract I was called by the manager of maternity hospital and declared that I will have no children any more: that to rescue me from blood loss which at me began during operation to me amputated a uterus. At me everything floated before eyes. Through noise in ears heard scraps of phrases on the fact that I did not tell about it neither to mother, nor especially the husband at all.


very hard. Nearly an every day went to a cemetery to my Irishka and talked to her. It very often dreamed me in different images. In the form of the angel, I swing it on hands and suddenly I hear silent, extraordinary beauty the song. I begin to listen and I understand that it is sung by my Irishka at me on hands. I even remembered a line from this song: “Sleep, my prophetess“. And the last dream with it dreamed when it to me was adult in image, years 18 - ti, girls. Approaches and speaks:“ Mother, it I, your Irishka. I came to say goodbye. Somewhere the woman gave rise and died while giving birth, and the child remained. And now my soul has to be installed in this child“. Also left. Any more it never dreamed me. I trust in dreams, especially in such, and I do not even doubt that the soul of my girl really was installed in the baby.

But should continue have to lived. I collected all brains in a heap and is serious, without concealing anything, talked to the husband, told everything as is. The husband long was silent. Then suggested to use services of substitute mother. Having thought, I told that it, in - the first, is very expensive to us, in - the second, expenditure of nerves and time. Why to suffer if there are so much thrown children. What the husband answered honestly what I am still grateful to him for that it will not be able to accept other people`s children. Everything that I could answer it, is that I will have children anyway, with it or without. And I did not even doubt it. Soon we divorced him for this reason. I got new job. Got acquainted with the employee there, and we began to whirl the torrid, prompt love affair. When understood that the relations really serious, decided at once everything to tell it. Surprisingly Alexander absolutely quietly reacted. Soon began to live together, and in a year undersigned for a small family circle. The husband even more often began to say about the child (he agreed to adoption). Even reached ridiculous when he spoke: “Well, let`s already something do, I already grow old“. And at that time he was only 29 years old! I too very much wanted the child, but it was terrible, and elementary did not know what to begin with. On my lucky coincidence the friend who promised everything to learn met to me. And here with its help I at last learned that it is necessary to address to agencies of guardianship. And here is how - that time, passing by guardianship, I think:“ Let me come, at least I learn“. Gave me there a very cordial welcome. She is still grateful to these sensitive women. At that time I even had no passport since we undersigned recently, and a surname did not manage to change yet. But it did not hinder. I was seated at once to write the application, put off the list of documents which need to be collected. I left even a little dumbfounded.

For those who are only going to become adoptive parents, want to tell that procedure of collecting the necessary documents not so terrible, and at desire becomes everything quickly (well, for example, in a week it is possible to collect everything if “to rest a horn“). And here I bring a package of ready documents, and to me right there suggest to look at the girl of 7 months. Here then! My hands, legs began to shake. Give me the direction, and next day we with the husband already go to watch our girl (in other city).

When came into chamber, the doctor held it on hands, and it, having seen us, joyfully began to smile and stretched to the husband, seized him by a nose. The first words which I could utter were: “Copy father!“. It is really very similar to the husband, eyes black, smuglenky (I have a husband the Armenian). Having left hospital, we did not doubt any more that it is our girl.

Further month since we waited for a judgment about deprivation of mother of the parental rights painfully lasted. And on January 21, 2002 we, at last, took away our Alinka, and there were us three! Surprising business, but Alka is so similar to the husband that acquaintances when learn the truth, just do not trust. And those who do not know, speak:“ Well, the copy - the father“. Not for nothing it stretched to the husband in our first appointment at once. Neither to give, nor to take the father`s daughter. The father also indulges her. Now Alyunke is 8 years old, goes to the second class.

A last year I began to think of the little son. Talked to the husband. Did not protest, but also I did not see special enthusiasm. If for the first time he, then this time already I was an initiator. And Alinka began to say about the little sister or the brother. And here we with it on the quiet from the husband, having put on beautiful identical dresses (I sew), gathered and went to guardianship. Gave us also a cordial welcome. On a question, for what purpose we came, Alinka told: “For the brother!“ And the husband, having already come from guardianship, we from Alinkaya presented with a fait accompli: it is necessary to collect documents.

already familiar procedure of collecting documents here began

I: policlinic, clinics, militia etc. In 2 weeks I bring a package, and in soul I hope that will be as from Alinkaya - at once will offer. Yes! Next day we rush in children`s hospital to watch the boy Dima (1,4 g) . While rose by the third floor of hospital, thought, heart will jump out of a throat for nervousness. And here conduct it for the handle with the most distant end of a corridor, and I look at these thin legs which hardly keep up with the nurse, and the lump in a throat gets stuck. To us allowed to play with it in the massage room. We communicated not for long, took away it to eat. After the first short appointment did not want to release us, cried. And when came, joyfully greeted with a smile. Then we the whole week every day went to visit him (the benefit, in our city, not as from Alinkaya). Within a week waited until to us sign the resolution on guardianship. And here, at last, 08. 08. 08 all of us four together were already at home.


is just a miracle - the child. Tender, sociable. And adores the little sister! I do not even represent our family without Alinki and Dimulki`s our asterisks! Our father thawed too. Comes from work, and Dimka rushes on the room and shouts: “Pas - a pas, a pas - a pas!“ Then falls arms, and the father is enough it for hands, and I look, even is thrilled!

Now I do not even doubt that our children were sent us by God. They are similar among themselves, and together - to the father. Acquaintances laugh: “You specially selected children?“ At them even birthdays with a difference in one day - at Dima on April 10, and at Alinka on April 11! Here also we celebrate two birthdays in a row now!

P. S. Be afraid of nothing! Desperate situations do not happen. Do not despair! And just love! Other people`s children are not...

of D. S.