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Young mother of

“The Tat - the Tat - that“, - Margarita sings. She is 10 months old soon, but it seems to me that we together already all life! One and a half years ago I saw those “two stripes“ and was immensely glad! But on an equal basis with happiness the alarm lodged in my heart: “I am only 16 years old. The school is not graduated. Parents have the only daughter. What will people think? What will I do?“ But I set a goal - to give birth to the healthy child. And the thought of abortion did not even let in the head, it too frightened: “And suddenly I will not be able to have children any more?“ Having taken courage, I told all to the father of the child and the parents. To my astonishment, they were happy! And, thank God, did not speak about abortion. Though during pregnancy I was convinced of the statement:“ How many people - are so much also opinions“. Met not only roughness, condemnations, morals, regrets, but also support. Each person has the understanding “well - badly“, “in time - at the wrong time“. As well as living position at everyone the. And I carried in myself the little man and confidence that everything will be remarkable! Without listening to “well-wishers“ at whom in language the disgusting word “abortion“ only also span, I graduated from school on “4“ and “5“, well passed examinations, received the certificate, an otgulyal “the last call“ and final, entered the institute on “budget“. All dreamed of, made. It was necessary - to give birth the most important to the healthy child.

the World of future mother is unusual

! How many maternal heart can contain in itself kindness, beauty, tenderness! As if I wanted that on the earth similar feelings which would turn then into actions were inherent in everyone. Otherwise sometimes it becomes a shame before the kid with that world around into which I will bring it! All nine months consoled itself in thought that great mission is assigned to me. I was sure that I do for what women are created - I carry in myself the real person, only still small. “Mother“ imagined tiny fingers, a down on the head and huge trust in eyes, the first smile, the first.

at Autumn night, looking out of the “ambulance“ window, thought: “We will have supper together tomorrow, the daughter“. And on October 2 the wonderful girl with blue eyes and dark volosika on the head was born during the lunchtime. We had supper together.

Soon to my baby 10 months. Her name is Margarita (from armor.“ pearl“). She presented me confidence in tomorrow. Now I know that if it nearby, I achieve everything that it “was good“. She presented me both the first smile, and the first “mother“. And my task consists in presenting it the happy childhood now. I do not regret at all that I listened to the heart one and a half years ago. I love Margarita. Also I want to tell “thanks“ to it, the beloved husband, parents and all who supported me.

At any age to give birth to the child is the true heroism. Each mother is worthy medals. Be to you at least 30, at least 16 years.

That the most sweet sweet on light?
“Sugar! - I could answer once, - Honey, fruit jelly, a fruit candy and a water-ice“.
I understood the answer Only now:
“The native baby began to smell tops,
That remains on our pillow, Fingers gentle and a marigold,
Buttocks, kolenochka and lokotka...“