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As I planned a sex of the child

Thought that it is possible to plan a sex of the child, my mother-in-law gave me. She told that it is possible to plan a sex of the child on the basis of a blood updating method. Then I thought that if it is possible to influence somehow a sex of future child, then you should not miss this chance. My parents very much wanted the boy. When my elder sister was born, their hopes concerning appearance of the son strongly increased, and they very much waited that this time the boy precisely will appear. In a sharp shape of a stomach elderly women often predicted appearance of the boy. And the doctor declared to my mother that there will be not one child, but two. My parents even prepared names: Vadim and Maxim.


But the Lord it was necessary that the girl was born. My childhood passed among toy trucks and machines. The first doll to me was presented in 10 years by some relatives who arrived to stay for a while. And I constantly felt guilty that I was born the girl. As a result I had a short hairdress, and I played with boys more often, than with girls. I was the first little girl in a class whom boys began to call not by last name, and by name.

generally when I learned about an opportunity to plan a sex of the child, I lit up this idea. The knowledge of methods of baby gender planning can save many parents and children from similar situations. If there is an opportunity to avoid disappointment, then why and is not present? Especially that who has 3 girls and the husband persistently wants the son.

Methods of baby gender planning

Having studied all these Chinese and Japanese calendars of baby gender planning, I understood that the probability of the birth of the boy is equal to 50%. I decided to look for something else. Checked a method of updating of blood on the acquaintances and relatives who could remember year of birth of the parents precisely. The probability exceeded 80%. On it I did not stop. I considered that if to combine all real ways of baby gender planning, then it is possible to increase independently probability of the birth of the child of the necessary floor.

By a method of updating of blood left that till December, 2007 (deadline) we had to conceive the boy.

Preparation for conception

In 3 months prior to alleged conception we made tests on diseases, sexually transmitted, the husband left off smoking, and we ceased to buy alcohol. And a month before conception decided to go at the sea and to have a rest.

All these 3 months I wrote down days of periods and terms of unusual allocations. Once even noticed a transparent clot of greasing on shorts. Wrote down this day as date of an ovulation.

All these 3 months I refused milk, kefir, yogurt, sweet. Sometimes ate cottage cheese. Also ate meat, fish, sausage in large numbers. Ate a lot of fried, did not feel sorry for salt.

Unsuccessful attempts of conception

After three months of preparation we decided that it is already time. Having armed with tests for an ovulation and an electronic thermometer, I started the most important stage of baby gender planning. It was important not to pass an ovulation. And that the husband was not at work at this time (he worked around the clock).

I decided to leave to

After couple of days of communication with an electronic thermometer it for more important issues and to catch an ovulation only with the help the test - strips. And besides change of rectal temperature could be caused not only an ovulation, but also other factors.

Every morning I ran in a bathtub and long looked at the appearing strips. It was sometimes unclear, there is the second strip or not. In such cases I used other test.

When already, and I did not see treasured two strips, I was upset. Perhaps, day of an ovulation fell on days when the husband was at work, and can just the test was mistaken, and we missed this day with the husband. Or perhaps this month I had no ovulation at all. As it comes not every month, and about 8 - 10 times a year (at women till 28 years).


Ya it was upset. Earlier I considered that to become pregnant - not a problem. This conclusion was confirmed by a set of cases of unwanted pregnancy at familiar girls.

Ya plunged into an Internet chasm, hoping to find even more information on my question. Also found information on what to speak about problems with conception it is possible only after a year of unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant. It calmed me a little, but December was already on a nose, and I had no time for unsuccessful attempts. Than closer by December, those the probability of conception of the girl increased. And all of us still hoped to conceive the boy.

at the beginning of the second menstrual cycle I was in a forceful mood to conceive our boy in the next few days. Again bought tests for an ovulation. At once in large numbers I decided not to buy them as I nevertheless hoped for a fast fulfillment of plans. It is necessary to tell that not all sellers in drugstores then knew about tests for an ovulation and quite often brought me tests for pregnancy. This month I even got a couple of tablet tests for disputable cases in the middle of a cycle. Money on these the test - strips left much. But I calmed myself what EKO (extracorporal fertilization) is much more expensive of. And many forces are already spent for conception of the healthy boy!

in the middle of a cycle I saw treasured strips on the express - the test. Did not believe the eyes. I was so alarmed and pleased! I ran to do control check by the tablet test. And - oh, My God! - it showed me a strip too. While I jumped with strips there, the husband quickly left for work, even without having had breakfast. At me was output. And I somehow realized not at once that without husband I will not manage to conceive our long-awaited boy today. I rushed to please to phone it with the news.

On the husband that day many cases pulled hard. And I spent the whole day houses, expecting a call with news about fast arrival.

the Husband could ask for leave and arrive only in the evening. The hope still remained. Having met, we indulged in love passion. And I long lay then, having lifted up legs up, and is wide - smiling broadly. Probably, from outside it looked quite funny. But my head then was full other thoughts.

Next day we decided to repeat our attempt. So to speak, “the control shot“ in hope that the ovulation still did not end and time still is.

I carried out by

In 10 days the test for pregnancy with the help the express - strips. The result was just remarkable. I had no words. I was in the seventh heaven. Danced and jumped. Brought a strip to the husband as expensive trophy. And, blurring in a smile, declared to it: “You will become a father soon!“ He long could not believe and get used to it, but I its everything - infected with a smile to ears. And we decided to wait a little with sex so far as were afraid that something will go not so.

we passed

With such look 3 days. And they came to the fourth morning... monthly. It was awful. There was such feeling as though I lost the child. I was devastated. I looked at menstrual blood and thought that it could be “lodge“ for our kid. The periods are an exit of not impregnated ovum.

At work everything ceased to interest, pleased nothing. I caught myself on what I watch in the TV, and thoughts somewhere is far - far. And all about the kid.

On the road from work home I often indecently was lost in contemplation on karapuzik in carriages and thought: “Really they can give rise, and I cannot? And on Earth of 6 billion people (and how many still was!) . Why they can, and I cannot? And how many women refuse the kids directly in maternity hospital...“ From these thoughts of a tear gathered in the eyes.

my husband Returned to

me to reality. He reminded me that it was only conception attempt, but not loss of the child. Yes, I, probably, too deeply retired into oneself.

Hurrah! I am pregnant with


the third menstrual planning cycle of a sex of the child Began

. Sometimes I was visited by thoughts that, maybe, to leave this invention with gender planning, to relax and forget about everything. Then, according to grandmothers, also there comes long-awaited conception. But to be given was still early. I decided that I will not wish emergence of treasured strips now and to experience their absence. And as seldom as possible to think of conception.

this month I began to catch an ovulation by means of strips directly from the last days of periods. And I was simply stunned when I saw two strips on the test in the last day of allocations. I did not take it seriously and everything wrote off for residual allocations in the last day periods. Did not begin to use the repeated test. Gently kissed still the sleeping husband, thinking that he still sleeps. The sweet kiss developed into this morning in passionate love mutual caress and embraces of two loving people.

After this case I did not see double strips any more. I did not even worry concerning their absence. Tried not to think of our purpose, but every morning I used tests.

In the expected day the periods did not come. It did not come and for the second day. But as I had always an irregular menstrual cycle, I decided to wait even week to make the test for pregnancy. But each lived day without periods added to me hope for the made long-awaited conception, and desire to make the test a bit earlier it was just impossible to constrain. And I decided to make the test, without waiting for the next morning. The only problem was the fact that that day I was at work, I with myself had no tests. In a lunch break I ran in the next drugstore. But there they did not appear. Perhaps, other girl would return back, but only not I. I went by bus to other drugstore. There tests were. But, having glanced in the purse, I understood that I will lack money for the test.

Afflicted with it, I left a drugstore, and met the colleague by chance. I do not know what it did there, but I all - borrowed it money “on the anesthetizing tablets from tooth“.

For work I just arrived and was at once locked in a toilet. I bought the jet test as it can be used without glass. Read the instruction, made the test and... Hurrah, I am pregnant! I left a toilet happy and shining. I do not know that the girls who met me in a toilet thought. I called the husband at once and pleased with the news.

we made by

next week ultrasonography. We for the first time saw our kid when he was 5 weeks old. Then it still was with a tail. On reception we learned from the gynecologist that our child was conceived right after the termination of periods. And we were sure that we will give birth to the boy. Approximately in 22 weeks on ultrasonography we were told that we will have a boy.

Now to our son about a year. And we already think of the daughter. Now I know what is possible and it is necessary to plan the life such what you want. Even if it is about baby gender planning.

of Anna