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The food identical of natural

Let`s walk on a supermarket and the visual parents are esteemed and we will understand structure of ready-made products. At the same time we will approach business objectively and we will not begin to pretend that time it is not authorized to sale, so can be harmful to our children.

Natural products and their substitutes

the Basis of health of the child and any person, is the good balanced nutrition. The simple, natural food is necessary for normal physical and intellectual development, good working capacity and bigger life expectancy: various grades of meat and fish, egg, milk and dairy products, porridges from whole grain, bread, bean, pasta, fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts, vegetable oils, butter, honey, sugar, salt. According to Japanese - it is 30 various products in a crude and semi-boiled look.

a hyperactivity Syndrome - the disease which is shown in the increased motility, a carelessness, inability to concentrate, sharp differences of mood. As a rule, children with such syndrome badly study at school, are considered as whimsical, are not capable to play sports - while, apparently, at them it is more than enough of energy.
Besides, aerated water contains artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame (E951), to atsesulfa (E950), tsiklamat (E952). The last, by the way, is forbidden in the USA in 1969 on suspicion of carcinogenicity.

From food the organism itself takes for own needs energy, construction materials for protein synthesis - amino acids, and also the vitamins, minerals, polynonsaturated fatty acids and other substances necessary for normal activity.

Unfortunately to find natural products in a usual supermarket, it is necessary to try very much. And even if on packing 100% natural“ are written “, not always it can be trusted.

Aspartame (E951) was developed at the end of 1960 - x years by the American company G. D. Searle and received popularity as “diabetic sugar“, surpassing the last in sweet by 180 times. Inexpensive, it quickly became popular substitute in the world, and at us in Russia it is on sale almost in any shop - in pure or combined (in mix with other substitutes) a look.
Gradually euphoria was replaced by vigilance from - for claims of consumers. In the USA there was information that regular reception of aspartame causes leukemia, a sclerosis, a blindness, spasms, joint pains and fifty more diseases. When heating (including in a stomach) aspartame is split on two amino acids and methanol which at oxidation emits formaldehyde (E240). Scientists agree in opinion: methanol and formaldehyde are terrible poisons! Earlier the food additive of E240 was allowed for the use as preservative, now it was forbidden. Now the products containing aspartame in the USA are surely marked, also do not recommend to use them to pregnant women and children. We have aspartame - the resolved food additive, including, and in children`s products.

“Extreme concern decrease in quality indicators of a state of health of the population causes, in particular, children`s... Unbalanced food leads to violation of the immune status that, in turn, causes development of various infectious diseases, to increase in number of children with a growth inhibition and the reduced body weight, emergence of metabolic violations, including obesity“, - the chairman of the board of Society of natural medicine, the full member of the Russian academy of natural sciences V. A. Kurashvili in the book “System Products of Health“ writes.

One of the visible reasons of deterioration in health of children is concluded by

in what set of products and what quality to us is offered by the food industry. The refined, vysokouglevodisty food with the entered artificial components (E - additives) which are not always safe - it is and there is a food of modern children which leads to such deplorable results. The vast majority allowed for use food E - additives which stuffed modern products belongs to xenobiotics, substances not alimentary, that is - alien for an organism and not eaten.

M. I. Chubirko`s

, the doctor of medical sciences, the chief of the department of Rospotrebnadzor across the Voronezh region in the brochure “Attention - food additives!“ explains:“ Food additives have no biological and nutrition value. Properties and influence of many of them on the happening metabolic processes in a human body are studied in insufficient degree. Researches and tests of new food additives demand considerable financial expenses. Besides toxicological aspect of a number of food additives the increasing value gains danger of the remote consequences to health of the population“.

Aerated water

So, the first on the way to us carbonated drinks meet. Our children very much love aerated water. But parents are obliged to know what is created in the child`s organism when he drinks bright “shipuchka“.


In the extremely topical documentary tape “Carefully, Food“ which was shown on one of the Russian TV channels, it is perfectly explained what occurs when we drink a glass of aerated water:“ In 10 minutes there is an absorption of sugar which contains in „ much; to a shipuchka “ in 20 minutes in blood jumps up insulin, and the liver turns all sugar into fats. In 40 minutes the blood pressure increases, adenozivny receptors are blocked. In 45 minutes the organism increases production of hormone of the dopamine stimulating the center of pleasure of a brain. An hour later after aerated water reception phosphoric acid begins to connect calcium, magnesium and zinc in intestines. Through an hour and a half phosphoric acid it is brought out of an organism. But together with it both calcium, and magnesium, and zinc, and electrolytes, and water which are in bones will be removed from an organism. Only 200 ml of drink are capable to change considerably structure and level of acidity of an organism. And, in most cases, fans of aerated water do not manage one glass. Zhazhdousilitel are added to drinks... At the expense of sour structure sparkling drinks remove much more liquid, than enter. And zhazhdousilitel increase thirst even more...“

sodium Nitrite (E250) is applied by
in production of azoic dyes and in medicine, in the food industry - as preservative (gives pink color to meat products). Cases of mass poisoning and even a lethal outcome owing to wrong application of high doses of nitrite are described. In small concentration it is capable to a functional kumulyation (accumulation), development of oncological diseases is possible. It is used also in construction as an antifrosty additive in concrete.
Benzapiren (Benzpiren) - polycyclic hydrocarbon, contains in crude oil, in smokes for smoking; carcinogen. It is hazardous to health of the person in any quantities. It is capable to be built in structure of molecules DNA that can lead to malformations and uglinesses.
What alternative? Yes only one: to prepare house meat products from the meat bought from the checked farmer (or the seller) delivering environmentally friendly products and to forget till the best times about existence of sausage and sausages. Especially in a diet of children.

Thus, we understand that turned sour - sweet aerated water not only irritates mucous membranes of a gullet, a stomach, stimulates production of insulin (its excess development leads to obesity), but also removes structural macro - and the minerals necessary for growth of the child. And the lack of an organism only of one calcium can provoke 150 diseases. The main source of calcium is milk, fermented milk products, cheese and cottage cheese. Unfortunately, dairy products at school students lose recently popularity.

we Will pay attention to composition of aerated water. For example, drinks with an orange flavor contain synthetic dyes tartrazin (E102) and “sunset“ (E110) which you will not find in one of orange grades. Among food additives the big group is made by the substances used as additives, but which are absent in the nature, not having natural analogs. Among them there are a lot of such which are already forbidden in some other countries, but are still resolved in Russia. For example, sweetener tsiklamat E952, E110 and E129 dyes with the beautiful names “sunset“ and “red charming“.

A. N. Pampura and N. N. Pogomy write

of the Doctor of medical sciences of the Moscow scientific research institute of pediatrics and children`s surgery:“ Allergic reactions are capable to cause the following main types of food additives: preservatives with antibacterial action (sodium benzoate), preservatives with antioxidant action (butilgidroksianizol), preservatives with anti-fermentative action (metabisulphite, potassium sulfite, sulfur dioxide), dyes (tartrazin, a carmine), colourless sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin), nutrients (proteinaceous hydrolyzates), fillers (starch), form-building substances (gelatin), amplifiers of taste (a sodium glutamate)“. If attentively to study information in various official sources, including - data of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, then we will find out that such dyes cause a hyperactivity syndrome in children. Besides, dye tartrazin is badly transferred by the asthmatics and people suffering from hypersensibility to aspirin. Also it is not necessary to seduce itself, changing color aerated water for transparent lemonade. Only dyes will be excluded.

the Food additives having mutagen, cancerogenic and toxic effect

are Officially forbidden
in the territory of Russia.
E121 (citrus red). The additive is forbidden in the majority of the countries of the world.
E123 (amaranth). Causes malformations in the child in a womb. Leads to accumulation of lime in kidneys. In the USA E128 red 2G dye is forbidden since 1976
. It was used in production of sausages.
E240 (formaldehyde). In life it is known in the form of water solution of formalin. Apply as the disinfecting and deodorizing means, to preparation of anatomic preparations and a tanning of skin, in the food industry - to conservation of sturgeon roe.
E216 (Propyl p - hydroxybenzoate) - parahydroxybenzole acid propyl alcohol, group of parabens (preservative). Causes cancer.
E217 (Sodium Propyl p - hydroxybenzoate) - parahydroxybenzole acid of propyl alcohol sodium salt (preservative).
the Forbidden additives are those which harmful action on a human body is proved how showed researches, all of them can promote formation of malignant tumors.
Dangerous dyes: E102, E110, E120, E124
Carcinogens: E103, E105, E110, E121, E123, E125, E126, E130, E131, E142, E152, E153, E210, E211, E213 - E217, E231, E232, E240, E251, E252, E321, E330, E431, E447, E900, E905, E907, E952, aspartame
Mutagen and genotoksichny: E104, E124, E128, E230 - E233, aspartame
Allergens: E131, E132, E210, E214, E217, E230, E231, E232, E239, E311 - E313, aspartame
Are undesirable to asthmatics: E102, E107, E122 - E124, E155, E211 - E214, E217, E221 -
Are undesirable E227 to the people sensitive to aspirin: E107, E110, E122 - E124, E155, E214, E217
Influence a liver and kidneys: E171 - E173, E220, E302, E320 - E322, E510, E518
Dysfunction of a thyroid gland: E127
is Led to skin diseases: E230 - E233
Irritation of intestines: E220 - E224
Disorder of digestion: E338 - E341, E407, E450, E461, E463, E465, E466
Harmful effects on the child in a womb:
Are forbidden E233 by for chest, are undesirable to small children: E249, E262, E310 - E312, E320, E514, E623, E626 - E635
Influences cholesterol level in blood: E320
by is Destroyed by vitamins B an organism: B1 - E220, B12 - E222 - E227, D - E320, E - E925 Data are provided by National association of genetic safety.

needs Also to be noted that almost all carbonated drinks contain preservative benzoate of sodium (E211) which is difficult deactivated in the child`s liver. Thus, it is possible to call with confidence all lemonades a product of chemical industry, but not food.

A what can be alternative to chemical aerated water? Home-made lemonade, or an orangeade, fruit drinks from the fresh or frozen berries, the fresh fruit compotes made in house conditions svezheotzhaty juice, etc.

Sausage department Is followed


on shop further. Let`s stop at a counter with sausages, vetchina, smoked products, sausages and other ready meat products. For parents not a secret: children love sausage, sausages, sausages, ham. But at the same time adults have to know that 80 - the gram piece of ham may contain day norm of consumption of salt (5 - 6 grams) that in sausages and sausages there is a lot of fat, pork skins and an emulsion with addition of soy protein that meat delicacies can be made of expired sausage.

Sausages contain the stabilizer of coloring and preservative - nitrite of E250 sodium which admissible daily consumption should not exceed 0,2 mg/kg. The dietitian Alexey Kovalkov gives the terrifying numbers:“ 200 grams of smoked sausage contain a benzapiren so much how many the resident of such megalopolis as Moscow, inhales in himself for all year“. Impresses to a hopelessness!

Dangerous sweets

the Following stop - at shelves with cookies, gingerbreads, sushka. We take packing with gingerbreads - period of storage of 90 days. Earlier period of storage of gingerbreads made from 15 to 30 days. At the same time the additives providing validity prolongation on a label are not specified. From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that the producer - unfair, and it is undesirable to buy its goods. It is important to parents to know that bread cannot be stored more than 48 hours. Preservatives are probably added to all bakery products with big periods of storage.

the Hydrogenated oils (margarine, soft oils) receive
from vegetable oils, subjecting to influence of hydrogen in the high-temperature reactor under the big pressure therefore molecules of useful fatty acids will be transformed to a dangerous transconfiguration. That is modern technologies change a chemical composition of fatty acids in vegetable oils so that the human body cannot acquire them. Transisomers of fatty acids are built in biological membranes of cages, but cannot carry out necessary physiological functions. Once having got to an organism, they for a long time are late in cages and lead to damage of membranes.
Try to approach

selectively and the choice of cookies for the child. At a huge number of cookies, irrespective of the price, there are a margarine, the hydrogenated, hydrogenated, that is hardened, vegetable oils.

Natural E - additives
To be fair needs to be noticed that there are also natural, created by the nature food additives. These are the dyes received from juice of plants:
E140 - a pigment of green plants the chlorophyll received from a nettle, spinach or a lucerne;
E162 - dye from beet;
E100i (kurkumin) and E100ii (turmeric) - dyes is yellow - orange, received from a turmeric and a saffron;
E160 - extract of an annato, is received from a tropical bush of Bixa orellana;
E160aii - extracts of the natural karotin received from carrots, palm-oil and seaweed;
E163 - the antotsiana received from a thin skin of red grapes currants, a black-fruited mountain ash, a red cabbage, etc.
Exist also natural sakharozamenitel: steviozid E960 received from extract of a honey grass of a stevia, E958 - the glycyrrhizin received from a glycyrrhiza root. Apple E296 acid, E270 lactic acid, natural sorbic acid from a mountain ash, benzole acid from a cranberry can be natural preservatives. Natural thickeners and stabilizers are pectins of apples and a citrus of E440, E410 carob tree gum, oat E411 gum. Thus, there are regulated food additives of a natural origin.

According to the latest data, transisomers of fatty acids more promote development of atherosclerosis, than saturated fats and cholesterol, and also can provoke oncological diseases. It is established that transisomers are transferred with mother`s milk to the baby. Therefore the feeding mother has to know that a “harmless“ donut, belyash, chips or a pack of croutons are dangerous to the child the same as margarine and cooking fats. And our children, tasting cookies with the hydrogenated oil, developments of atherosclerosis put themselves at risk.

we Will try to take

from the shelf a strawberry rich share (pie). Period of storage 3 months. Are a part a set E - additives: pectin (E440), lemon acid (E330), citrate of calcium (E333), preservative (E202), fragrance strawberry, identical natural, E124 dye ponso (with it asthmatics should be careful and that who does not transfer aspirin), fragrance lemon for a biscuit, E1520 propylene glycol (it is used as the heat carrier, antifreeze, hladoreagent in the cosmetic and food industry), fat confectionery, thickeners. Marvelous modern pie for Frankenstein! From one name “propylene glycol“ the shiver scolds - there is an association with oil products, but not with strawberry pie in any way. And children eat similar “pies“ with pleasure.

Alternative - house pastries: pies, biscuits, pancakes, cakes from the real products, but not their chemical substitutes. It is good to have, whenever possible, the home automatic bread machine, and the range of healthy pastries can be boundless.

Dairy products

we Go to regiments with the most “children`s“ food - dairy products. Among other things on them milk with an expiration date of 6 months at the room temperature is presented, kefir with two-week and monthly periods of storage, yogurts of the most various flowers and tastes with the additives identical natural (existing in the nature, but made in the chemical way), glazed cheese curds with 2 - monthly period of storage... I think, you should not go deep, the above-mentioned has very remote relation to natural dairy products.

Alternative: milk, which period of storage no more than 5 days, kefir with an expiration date no more than 7 days, the cottage cheese “living“ no more than 72 hours. Milk, cottage cheese, sour cream can be bought in the market or to do. It is a pity that the culture of the enterprises “Dairy Kitchen“ where cooked natural cottage cheese, kefir, cream, milk for little children, fell into oblivion.

Belkin Z. P., to. m of N, immunologist, leading expert of institute of immunology and microbiology of Gabrichevsky:
“The modern mankind developed at itself so strong addiction to high-glycemic (the defiant ambassador of food powerful inflow of glucose to the blood course) food, so began unnatural image to train reserve opportunities of digestion (hormonal system which produces insulin and stressful hormones, and also a liver) that as a result the person had a huge number of somatic and psychological diseases. At it turn into stone vessels of the arterial course, it always inflamed intestines, both thin, and thick, it often has allergies. Besides, the person becomes not capable to regulate concentration in blood of the main power substance - glucose owing to what either diabetes of 1 type, or, with age, diabetes 2 types develops. And all this is thanks to excessive addiction to high-glycemic food“.

Exit one: to small children it is necessary to cook dairy products of the house - to sterilize milk, to ferment kefir home-made sour cream, to do home-made soft cottage cheese and to add to it fruit, berries. Yes, on it time is necessary. However, the price is too high - health of your children!

in conclusion

So, the modern food offered in hypermarkets:

  • is caused by dependence;
  • includes the mass of dangerous ingredients;
  • very few useful vitamikronutriyent contain
  • (vital minerals, vitamins and macrocells: potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium).
such products lead

to development of all diseases of a civilization, destroy organisms both children, and adults. Especially - if to use them for the night...

Harm from such food not always happens momentary. But whether you that it was felt by your children and grandsons want? First of all, the consumer has to safeguard products today, that is we are parents then producers should change inevitably the policy and to consider world ecostandards.

you remember

I: there is nothing more tasty and more usefully than the food cooked by the loving mother`s hands from the environmentally friendly products which are grown up without use of chemistry on your personal plot.