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We cultivate taste. We learn to eat properly

Are known that healthy nutrition of future mother - a necessary condition of a normal course of pregnancy, growth and development of a fruit. Therefore during pregnancy many women should change the diet cardinally. What should be considered, developing at itself new culture of food?

From the different substances received with food as from bricks, the organism of the developing fruit develops. And from that how qualitative will be these “bricks“, depends how healthy and strong will be the child. If food is constructed incorrectly, then the child at shortage of substances necessary for it takes them from mother`s organism. At it deficiency of these substances is caused and various diseases develop. For example, at a lack of calcium teeth spoil, and at deficiency of iron there is anemia. So, what “bricks“ are necessary?

of the Squirrel

according to scientists, those kids whose mothers during pregnancy receive enough protein with food have the best indicators of growth and development in the first years of life. Enough full-fledged proteins in food of the pregnant woman provides stability nervously - the psychological sphere, increases resilience to influence of causative agents of infections. In the second half of pregnancy it is necessary that 50% of total of the proteins coming to an organism were an animal origin (such squirrels contain in fish, meat, milk, dairy products, eggs). The remained half of proteins can be a phytogenesis (haricot, soy, peas).

the Minimum day dose of meat or fish products for the pregnant woman makes

200 - 300. Meat - the main source of animal protein, vitamins of group B and iron. For preparation it is recommended to buy the cooled, but not frozen meat - it keeps useful qualities better. From meat snack the preference is given to low-fat boiled meat, ham, boiled pork, from kolbasno - sausage products it is better to refuse as they contain a lot of salt, spices, fats and preservatives. In a diet there have to be a beef, pork, fowl and a rabbit. Carefully it is necessary to treat an offal (a liver, kidneys): these bodies accumulate in themselves salts of heavy metals therefore it is better to refuse them.

Meat should bring

to readiness that when piercing red juice was not emitted: gemakhromatin, painting blood, collapses at a temperature of 60 ° With that is if unpainted transparent liquid follows from meat at a cut, it means that the dish was heated to temperature necessary for death of pathogenic bacteria. At insufficient heat treatment products of an animal origin may contain a set of bacteria and viruses. The habit to taste crude forcemeat can lead to infection with a dangerous disease - toxoplasmosis. Infection with toxoplasma at the beginning of pregnancy in certain cases leads to developing of malformations of a fruit.

Fish, except proteins, contains vitamin D, iodine and phosphorus. In the majority of foodstuff of iodine it is not enough. And at long storage or thermal treatment from 20 to 60% of iodine are lost. And here in fish, especially sea, and seafood iodine remains well. The sea cabbage is especially rich with iodine. It is better for future mother to prepare fresh fish of low-fat grades (a cod, a perch, a pike, a pollock, ice, a pollack, a hake). A sword - fish, a shark, kabezon, the royal mackerel, a white tuna contain the high level of methylmercury - the metal harmful to a brain and nervous system of the growing child.


Also as well as meat, fish it has to be prepared in the hot way. The cooled crude and smoked fishes, crude oysters, mollusks, sushi may contain the causative agent of listeriosis - an infectious disease which at the person proceeds or in the form of sharp sepsis with defeat of the central nervous system, almonds, lymph nodes, a liver, a spleen, or in the chronic erased form which is difficult for diagnostics. During pregnancy the abortion and violations of development of a fruit can appear consequences of listeriosis.

the Fine source of proteins are dairy products. They deliver the calcium necessary for the correct development of a skeleton of a fruit. As calcium sources from dairy products acidophilus milk, yogurt, curdled milk, low-fat grades of cheeses and low-fat cottage cheese best of all will approach.

here with mushrooms should be

A very careful. If you cannot refuse them, then use them not more often than once a week. Mushrooms - food hard to digest, covers of cages of mushrooms consist not of cellulose, as at plants, and of chitin of which armors of crayfish and insects consist. Mushrooms are capable to accumulate a set of harmful substances, including radionuclides, and do not contain vitamins and mineral salts. Besides, it is necessary to remember constantly about danger of poisoning with poisonous mushrooms.


Carbohydrates are the main “fast“ power fuel for an organism. At its shortcoming proteins are spent, and it conducts to the fact that development of a fruit happens in the worst conditions. At a lack of carbohydrates at the woman organism resilience goes down, processes of excitement in a cerebral cortex amplify. In the second half of pregnancy the woman has to receive 400 - 500 of the carbohydrates which are mainly hardly acquired a day.

All carbohydrates are divided

into inassimilable, it is difficult - and easily acquired. Inassimilable carbohydrates, so-called food cellulose, contain in vegetables and cereals, especially there is a lot of it in cabbage. They, though do not provide an organism with energy, surely have to contain in food as create sense of fulness, promote normal work of intestines. The easily acquired carbohydrates contain in all sweet products and drinks (sugar, candies, juice, fruit, rich rolls), they promote fast restoration of forces, however with them it is necessary to be careful. Since 20 - y these products it is better to limit weeks of pregnancy: sweets in large numbers can negatively affect on health of future kid and provoke subsequently development in it of food allergy. Of course, it is necessary to remember also that excess of sweets leads to a weight set.

Requirement or whim?
it is frequent at future mother flavoring preferences change. If your addictions concern those products which will not do harm to the child, then, please, can indulge with pleasure in them. If pulls on “harmful“, then try to replace with something it: candies - cereal bars, aerated water - sour juice, a pickles and marinades - crackers. Fault of change of taste is progesterone - the hormone produced by ovaries and a placenta for pregnancy maintenance. This hormone starts a search engine of this or that deficiency in an organism of mother and builds the program of elimination of this deficiency. So, at shortage of calcium there is a desire to gnaw chalk or plaster, folic acid - to chew green leaves, vitamins of group B - to drink beer. Everything is good if this mechanism did not break at strong deficiency of any substance. In the conditions of considerable deficiency there is a vicious circle when the organism, on the contrary, rejects the most valuable products. So, for example, at the expressed lack of iron there is a metal smack in a mouth that causes disgust for meat - to the most valuable food source of iron. To understand desires, to distinguish useful whims from harmful on the basis of health and analyses the observing doctor will help.

the Optimum source of the hardly acquired (most useful) carbohydrates is grain. They contain many fibers which well absorb and bring slags out of intestines and help work of a liver, slowly and evenly deliver glucose in blood and promote accumulation in a liver of a glycogen which makes the main reserve of carbohydrates in a human body. Buckwheat, millet, corn and oat grain is very useful: they contain iron, carbohydrates, vitamins and cellulose.

it is better for p to Cook porridges on water, adding milk and oil several minutes prior to readiness. It is possible to add dried fruits to sweet porridges, in salty - browned (slightly fried in a small amount of vegetable oil before formation of a golden crust) vegetables. Muesli are not less useful - it is actually vitamin cocktail, besides very tasty, but it is necessary to tell that muesli very much kaloriyna therefore it is impossible to abuse them.


Fats are a main source of stocks of “long“ energy in an organism. Vegetable fats contain polynonsaturated fatty acids which can influence activity of cardiovascular system, smooth muscles of intestines, women`s bodies, and also promote improvement of patrimonial activity at fights.

Besides, vegetable oils contain tocopherol (vitamin E) at which lack pregnancy can end with spontaneous abortion.

also the use of the creamy cow oil containing saturated fats is Very important

for the pregnant woman. It is vitamin-rich, calcium, contains the phospholipids necessary for structure of the cells, especially nervous. Besides, irreplaceable amino acids - substances, necessary for normal functioning of an organism, which arrive only with food are a part of butter. Of course, oil contains also cholesterol. But harmful he becomes only at unlimited consumption of greasy food, and in small doses is even necessary as he participates in creation of walls of vessels. Also excellent source of fats is sour cream and not skim cheese. Refractory beef and pork fat, and also the margarine rich with artificial, so-called “transfat“ acids, it is necessary to exclude from a diet. Margarine is made of vegetable oils, but technological process of a hydrogenation does them saturated, and at the same time they increase risk of development of heart troubles, a liver, diabetes it is more, than saturated natural fats, in particular butter. By the way, the vast majority of products fast - foot contains transfats. all - some extra fatty products it is better for p to limit

I, especially, if you are inclined to an excessive increase in weight. Sweets with butter cream, fat grades of meat belong to such products. It is also necessary to remove fat from broths. Fats in a diet of the healthy pregnant woman have to make 30% of its power value, at the same time about 30 - 40% of total of fats in a diet have to fall on phytogenesis fats. The day norm of fats for a pregnant first half of pregnancy makes 95 g, in the second half it is less - about 90 g.


Vitamins and minerals

to receive enough vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to eat crude vegetables, berries and fruit.

Vegetables can eat with

everything (if at you the allergy to them was not noted earlier) - both well washed up crude, and thermally processed. They are sources of the vital substances, besides, will not allow you to recover strongly. The real well for the pregnant woman is the fresh vegetables salad filled with vegetable oil (for the best digestion of fat-soluble vitamins).

When cooking vegetables about 25% of minerals therefore it is better to eat boiled vegetables in the form of soups go to water.

during pregnancy should use more fruit, it is desirable growing in that strip in which you live: pears, apples, apricots, grapes, raisin, dried apricots. It can be both fresh fruit, and fruit purees, compotes, juice.

of Berry: cranberry, cowberry, dogrose, bilberry, currant, black-fruited mountain ash - the chief assistants to kidneys of future mother, and also a natural source of vitamin C. It is possible to eat fresh berries, to buy frozen, to use the berries in the form of “five-minutes“ wiped with sugar, fruit drinks.

during pregnancy should use more fruit.

Depending on genetic predisposition, your child can be endangered emergence of food allergy. Refusal of some products, including a peanut, a citrus, strawberry, raspberry, wild strawberry, during pregnancy can reduce risk of an allergy. it is better for p to use

instead of usual salt sea, enriched with iodine, and it is necessary to watch closely its quantity very much. It is that product which quantity needs to be limited.


the Need for liquid in the first half of pregnancy makes 2 l a day, in the second - 1,5 l. Clear water was and remains the best source of liquid for the person: she best of all satisfies thirst, well influences work of kidneys, is late in an organism in comparison with any solution less, it has no contraindications and side effects. Water is necessary for improvement of a metabolism, good work of intestines, good health, maintenance of normal arterial pressure, an adequate dream.

Use the special drinking or filtered water to avoid hit in an organism of various bacteria and viruses, it is better mineral low-mineralized (degree of a mineralization of 1 - 2 g/l), not aerated.

freshly cooked juice without addition of salt and sugar Is useful to

, it is better - divorced water 1:1. It is necessary to dilute juice because they are rather aggressive for mucous a stomach, besides, contain a lot of glucose. And even such juice it is not necessary to drink more glass in day. It is necessary to choose juice taking into account the region in which you live (country apple is more useful than some imported orange). If you have an allergy to any vegetables or fruit - juice from them under the most strict ban as juice is some kind of concentrate of allergens.

Herbal teas and broths are a natural product, however it is necessary to treat them with care as their influence on pregnancy is most often insufficiently studied. Dogrose broth - a fine source of vitamin C. It is possible to use also compotes. Of course, contents in them is lower than vitamins, than in juice, but they are also a tasty and useful product. Also keep in mind that at preparation of compotes sugar therefore you should not be fond of them also is always used. Home-made compotes and fruit drinks are good if not to add a lot of sugar to them.

of Coffee, a stake, strong tea (both black, and green), cocoa promote fast removal of calcium from an organism, increase shortage of liquid therefore cannot be used for a thirst satisfying. Besides, they contain caffeine which can constitute danger at the pathological course of pregnancy (caffeine causes increase of arterial pressure that is dangerous at the pregnancy complication which is shown this symptom, high doses of caffeine are risk factor on threat of premature interruption of pregnancy).


as the good source of liquid for the pregnant woman can serve fermented milk products. Except water, they contain also calcium, proteins and useful bacteria. As for the milk use, it is necessary to remember that milk is a food, but not water.

Pasteurized milk is often made by

by powder cultivation that can increase even more thirst, market (crude) milk dangerously probable existence of dangerous bacteria, for example causative agents of salmonellosis. Besides, at many adults the intolerance of lactose - dairy sugar is noted that can lead to disorder of digestion at the milk use. It is possible to drink milk and it is necessary, but it should not be used as the main source of liquid.

Ways of preparation

during pregnancy to women it is important to p to give preference to the sparing culinary processing of dishes - to boiling, suppression, but not frying. Preparation “on couple“ and roasting in an oven - the most useful ways of cooking.

First trimester. In the first does not have half of pregnancy special need for any rigid restrictions for food, however it is necessary that it was various and contained necessary amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral a thingestvo and vitamins. In the first half of pregnancy it is better to eat 4 - 5 times a day, whenever possible at the same time. The breakfast has to make 30% of daily caloric content, a lunch - 40%, an afternoon snack - 10%, a dinner - 20%, that is in the second half of day food loading decreases. It is necessary to watch that the food freshened, and also it is recommended to drink more. Plentiful drink (about 2 l a day) helps to cope both with toxicosis, and with locks. The amount of table salt should not exceed 8 - 10 g a day.

give Preference to the sparing culinary processing.

At the pregnant women having toxicoses quite often note loss of appetite, sometimes - disgust for some types of food, for example to meat and fish. They need to diversify a diet, to select dishes which tempt appetite. If nausea and vomiting disturb, it is expedient to reduce the volume of portions, having increased the frequency of meals; after each meal it is necessary to lie down a little. Food and “having a snack“ is preferable in the frequent, small portions.

Second trimester. regular depletion of intestines Is very important to provide. For this purpose the thicket should use the products containing vegetable fibers which stimulate physical activity of intestines. Are among such products the bread from coarse flour enriched with bran; buckwheat, oat, pearl-barley, wheat grain; vegetables and fruit. Carefully it is necessary to treat consumption bean and the vegetables causing an abdominal distension (white and a cauliflower, grapes, etc.) .

Since fourth month of pregnancy amount of sugar and digestible carbohydrates in a diet needs to be lowered (instead of sugar better to use honey if you have no an allergy to it, instead of candies - fruit).

needs to limit to

From 20 weeks consumption of table salt to 6 - 8 g a day. Salt causes a liquid delay in an organism, hypostases and feeling of thirst. The delay of liquid can cause failure in work of kidneys and as a result - an eklampsiya (the severe form of late toxicosis of pregnancy which is followed by spasms, increase of arterial pressure and hypostases). And, salt in the form of white powder is required not only to limit, but also to exclude products as a part of which there is a lot of salt from a diet: salty fish and cucumbers, sausage (especially smoked), all canned food and firm cheese. For a satisfying of thirst it is better to use not really sweet fruit (apples, plums), and also wild berries.

Third trimester. the fruit quickly grows In the second half of pregnancy, bodies zheludochno - an intestinal path of the woman are squeezed, load of bodies and systems therefore food needs to be reconstructed increases.

5 - 6 times a day are desirable to eat Food, the last meal has to be no later than 2 - 3 hours to a dream. Consumption of salt in the last two months needs to be reduced to 5 - 6 g, free liquid - to 3 - 4 glasses a day, including soups, and also tea, milk and other drinks. Meat and fish dishes should be used in the first half of day, dairy - in the second, it is connected with the fact that meat and fish dishes are digested more slowly. It is necessary to refuse meat and fish broths, having replaced them with vegetable and milk soups, they contain too many fats and extractive substances. It is necessary to exclude the products which are strong allergens (chocolate, cocoa, coffee, nuts, a citrus, mushrooms).

Categorically cannot be overeaten, is much for the night: it not only will negatively affect health of the woman, but also will significantly complicate the course of childbirth. The strengthened formation of fatty tissue at the woman can weaken patrimonial activity. The child is born large that complicates the normal course of childbirth, besides the big mass of the child does not speak about his health. Large children after the delivery adapt by Wednesday, new to them, out of a maternal organism worse. Optimum body weight for the newborn - 3 - 3,5 kg.

to Future mother, reasonably, needs to indulge herself what she very much wants. For example, if you very much want some chocolate, be sure that from a piece of a treasured chocolate of times in a week of harm will be to nobody. The positive emotions received by you from favourite food will well be reflected in you and the child. Indulge the desires, but try to do it not often and reasonably.