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Here such a miracle - the island!

On all websites and forums which are praising highly Croatia you by all means will find the description of the island Hvar. The same phrase appears in all articles describing the island Hvar as under a carbon paper:“ The most solar island of Adriatic Sea“. Here 349 days in a year constantly shine the sun.

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, we got for that morning from remained to seven. But whether because, that it was the second morning on the island, whether because that we in a stock only had 4 calendar days, having broken clothes from the balcony dryer (on a rain case), we went to the beach. In the nice city of Suchuray of their (beaches) three, plus one for a camping that for us was personally irrelevant. The first two beaches (Chesminitsa, Perna) go almost one by one, the third, Belina, is on other coast. To reach it, it was necessary to make quite long voyage, to interrogate several local, (and not really), inhabitants. But, believe, it was worth it! What was seen surpassed expectations! The grumbling, tired of foreigners, Croats, neither their frolicing children, nor the smoking tourists - nobody! Only mountains, needles, the sea and only occasionally the yachts floating by and breaking tranquility. The boat, motor boats - to a lump what money was enough for. Beauty is improbable, you feel on the edge of the earth, and it seems somehow everything is too good! But here the desire comes to the rescue not only to admire landscapes, but also to lie down on a soft sand, as a last resort - on warm pebble, enjoying beams of yet not scorching sun. That life honey did not seem, there is neither sand, nor pebble here! Around only rocks, and all of them under such inclination that it is almost impossible to lie. Having a little wandered on the coast, you find the town where it is possible to sit down, having offered comfort, - and it, it is necessary to tell, already well!

the Player and lay in a bag idle, noise of waves and a voice unclear birds, insects - here the true music capable to overcome temptation to carry out to ears of a wire and to listen to a svezheskachanny album Fleur. It was not necessary to be upset concerning cloudy day long - by noon clouds dispersed, and the sun seemed in all the beauty, in a couple of hours having roasted our shoulders, a nose and couple more of strategically important parts of a body.

it was decided to Have dinner “at home“. By the way, in local institutions you will give for a full-fledged lunch about 200 kuna (1 kuna = 7 rubles) for two. Soup “from a bag“ for 8 kuna - what can be better? Especially as apartments allow - they with a kitchen zone, even the oven and an extract work! It is almost impossible to find housing in Croatia for 16 euros in a night from the person on the Internet. Especially with kitchen and a balcony. We relied on a case and good luck, went to the solar region, without having reserved anything in advance. Good luck smiled, and the first though the house, a little similar to hotel, was our case. The hospitable Croatian handed over us a room on the second floor for four days, even threw off 8 euros.

After a lunch dream went to the beach again, studying flora and fauna of this amazing place on the road. Grapevines, blackberry bushes, magnolia vines and still something citrus: whether lime, whether immature tangerines, grenades... Having come across the next tree, I recognized in it not at once a fig because in my memory it is dried round brown color and lusciously - pieces, sweet on taste, from a supermarket. When you break fig fruits from a tree, on the place of demolition “milk“ as at dandelions is formed. And juice follows from especially ripe fruits and becomes similar to pitch. Fresh fig - incredibly pleasant delicacy with unostentatious sweet taste.

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by 7 o`clock when the sun begins to sit down, from - under stones krabik slowly creep out. They manage to be made out not at once if you examine stones casually. But if to wait for them (and for the second day you already precisely know from where for them to wait), to stare at stones, then it is possible to see how they coward dashes leave the cold crude apartments and climb up where - nibud is higher, catching the last sunshine for today.