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Birthday of the little son Zhenya (6 years) or How to help the alien guest of

I Admit honestly, I not really well remember how we spent birthdays of my senior child while he was not 5 years old. Of course, there were guests, competitions, sweet tables, but something bright was not stamped on the memory. I with sincere respect treat mothers and fathers who from the first birthday of the children do of the holiday Holiday magic and joyful!

At my little son birthday at the end of August therefore existence of giving defines a holiday venue. Last year on remarkable combination of circumstances at us the first Holiday turned out. It were searches of piracy treasures! Of course, I would not cope without the relatives and friends, there would not be enough own ideas and forces for the implementation conceived. Therefore thanks to all those who readily respond and help with carrying out similar actions!

this year I again very much wanted to present to the child unforgettable birthday! Also there was it here is how...

holiday Subject. as a gift the telescope, and as a subject for a holiday (thanks to the choice of a gift) - astronomy was chosen strong.

Registration. we on a site have a small arbor which we decorated darkly - blue curtains so that the children`s table served in an arbor was as though in the star sky. We did not lower a curtain to a floor, they overhung slightly below than a table-top that there was an access of fresh air. Planets, stars, UFOs and comets which safely were placed on curtains by means of a bilateral adhesive tape were cut out from color paper (it was possible to sew still a couple of stitches each detail to fabric, and here pins did not risk to pin as children could be wounded).

Requisite. What else was required to us from a requisite? Designation of names of competitions required several planets which are cut out from color a cardboard and paper and ornamented according to purpose of space object several silver stars, cardboard shooters for search of a gift and a card with words - hints. And also suits of the Robot, Astrologer and alien guest Zelenka. A disk with space music (in our case music of Space group). Further: lots of the most various clothes, a usual long elastic band, in advance prepared questions on space, - all this for holding competitions. Prizes for participants (magnetics, stickers, ridiculous pencils etc.) . Here, in general, and all.

Suits. gives Further the description of suits, and I am not sure that everything will manage to be explained smoothly and clear. Anyway, business only in imagination! The matter is that it is very difficult to post photos of suits and the decorated arbor. The memory card of the camera was unexpectedly filled after the Astrologer`s exit, and further shooting was conducted by the mobile phone. So at the moment I can only try to describe words.


For the Robot suit in any order used a dense cardboard, a cardboard box for a helmet, a food foil. Made a trunk of big cardboard boxes (in such usually sell equipment): 2 cardboard leaves wrapped up a food foil and on shoulders fastened with threads), made a helmet of a box of the smaller size, having cut out a window for the person (also decorated with a food foil). In our case the Robot tied the soft metallized scouring sponge to a nose and found the electronic loud-hailer transforming a human voice in metal at home (it it is not obligatory to get, of course, just at us it absolutely incidentally appeared near at hand). And still: on the Robot there were boots which are also wrapped up by a food foil.

we took

For the Astrologer`s suit one of darkly - blue curtains, made a raincoat, pasted to it blue and silver stars. The cap was made of a leaf of a Whatman paper, painted black color and also decorated with silver asterisks. The beard and moustaches were made of a white crepe paper by means of an elastic band.

the Suit of the Alien was slightly longer as production took more created by

. From a cardboard was the amusing person with large ears is cut out. Everything was painted in green color, eyes with long eyelashes and the smiling mouth were drawn. Cuts were made in eyes, on the place of a nose and on the place of a mouth. By means of cardboard strips and two flowers of the green crepe paper cut on thin strips the hairdress was created (the more strips, the hairdress volume is more). A dress - the pink crepe paper which is wrapped up in any order around the alien in the form of a skirt and a jacket. Green kapron Capri (tights are slightly lower than knees) and the boots which are wrapped up by a food foil.

the Main goal of a holiday - search of the main gift of the birthday man (but what the gift is, it is not mentioned until its detection).

the Scenario

(in our case on a lawn) steps On the stage the Astrologer.

Before you the Astrologer -
your most obedient servant.
I from distant places
Behind a pie piece Arrived!


through fog, On the mountains, the woods, fields.
As it is beautiful as our Mother - Earth is rich

As well as is had to by the Astrologer,
I to planets kept account.
one after another all planets
Who will manage, will count?

are Answered by guests: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranium, Neptune, Pluto.

all this world Bypassed,
To you was with an ulterior motive.
I unaided without yours
As a comet without tail!

Further the Astrologer tells

I in the night sky saw the flying object Once. It brightly shone and smoothly moved in galactic space. No doubt, it was the spaceship! But suddenly it dropped out of sight, and it appeared after a while...

sad “space“ music Sounds, there is an alien Zelenka and two times run across under music from one edge of a lawn on another. It is worth paying still your attention that music does representation more interesting therefore our music sounded both at the beginning of representation, and with the advent of each new hero, generally, quite often.

our intergalactic ship
Broke, crashed...
not to establish relation, not to fly up.
there is to me no consolation...

I do not know

I where my planet. Forgive for bad mood...
I am waited by mother, the father, sisters, brothers and friends!
And I have a birthday tomorrow...

Astrologer: let Think... Let me think...
Well, here and an exit as it seems to me, fine! to us it is necessary...

(Though in our case the telescope was meant, in the same way it is possible to beat any gift).

But I quickly to the house will not reach...

the Robot Leaves.

I am the Robot, I am a friend, I will help you!

rhythmical music Sounds, the Robot dances any dance.

Hello, hello,
Dear friends!

cannot Do you without me.

I Know

that there is among you a birthday man. whether
Truth it? And well, leave-!
I happy birthday to you congratulate!
It is happy, be healthy, it is successful in everything!

the Robot can communicate to the birthday man a little. For example, to ask how many to it it was executed years whether it goes to a garden, as at it mood etc.

the Robot:
for you transferred Me a gift,
But I will not give a gift that for nothing.
By the way, This gift will just be suitable for the help to your Zelenka!

Of course, I will give it, But only in exchange for which - that!

A to one not to cope,
Call with yourself to move off
In searches hard
All the friends! you Will help? (a question to young guests)

the Astrologer:
Children! Before us 6 planets (planets are spread out on a lawn). 6 planets - 6 silver stars as for each competition Robot will give us on a star. 6 stars - 6 words - hints. If competitions are pleasant to the Robot, then it will give us 6 cards with words of which it will be necessary to make the offer. And then we learn where to look for a gift!
Are ready?!

(Children in turn take planets and read the name of a competition, and Zelenka explains that needs to be done).

1 - y the competition “Space Fashion“: 2 teams (on two children and to one adult). From the bag prepared in advance with clothes commands (children) are chosen that they have more to taste and dress up “astronaut“ (adult). The more ridiculous it will turn out, the better. Won and won per se at us was not, prizes were awarded by all (not in all competitions, and it is selective).

2 - oh the competition “Space Quiz“: that representation did not drag on, and guests did not start missing, we used simple questions - riddles on space.

At a door, will not knock on a window, and will ascend and will wake all. (Sun)
At the grandmother over an izba hangs bread hunk. Dogs bark, but cannot get. (Month)
On what way any person was not? (Milky Way)
From what ladle is not drunk, not eaten but only look at it? (Big Dipper)
On the dark sky scattered peas
Color caramel from a sugar crumb,
And only when morning comes,
All caramel that will suddenly thaw.
In space through thickness of years ice flies object. His tail - light strip, and call object... (Comet)

3 - y the competition “Be Not Lost in Space“: in space to one it is dangerous therefore all should keep together. Two teams (on two adults and two children) take on a long elastic band. On a signal all participants of each team have to “become attached“ to each other by means of an elastic band which can be passed through button loops, collars, sleeves etc.

4 - y the competition “Sochinyalki“: from children`s magazines and newspapers cut out cheerful headings, are displayed in two envelopes and distributed to two teams (two children and the adult). In 3 minutes of team have to make some cheerful story, using cuttings (the prepared headings can be both identical to both teams, and different).

5 - y a competition “Space worries... “: game “The sea worries...“, remade on a “space“ harmony. It sounds so: “Space worries time, space worries two, space worries three, a space figure on the place stand!“ In game everyone is persistently invited.

6 - oh the competition ““Robotny“ dance“: to a lawn everyone comes and dances together with the Robot and Zelenka dance of the robot as they imagine it.

the daughter was born 4 months ago

(5 - y and 6 - oh we did not manage to hold a competition, because at the alien guest (in combination the author of this article). Therefore it was necessary to leave and return already to the end of representation fed and again changed clothes in a suit).

the Robot was with

satisfied and took away from children of 6 stars back, having given them instead of a card with words which children had to put in the offer:“ Follow a gift on white shooters“.

during representation by a careful hand of a strelochka were spread out by

in the necessary direction.

Children go on shooters and find a gift. Zelenka thanks them and says that now she can come back home as by means of the telescope in the sky all could make out her planet. Under a little sad music she says goodbye, but promises to arrive sometime again to the new friends. After that from - for a corner the announcement is distributed: “Attention, attention! In a few minutes from our spaceport the intergalactic spaceship to constellation of the Big Dipper goes! The request to passengers to take the places. Flight pleasant to you!“

of the Child run to the “space“ ship - a children`s table! Celebration begins!

A then - a disco, games in the fresh air, birthday cake with candles and fireworks! Children were delighted, and adults had with all the heart fun and participated almost in all competitions.

of the Menu - at will.“ Space“ the food was not managed to be cooked. But practically all - from “sweet sausage“ to pies - was made with own hands. Except birthday cake with candles.

Here and all our holiday! I apologize for long and, perhaps, somewhere the boring narration. I hope that our experience will be able to be to you though something useful.

A a week later we celebrated birthday of my mother. I very much wanted to make something unusual. For the first time we so spent an adult holiday! The scenario and suits were thought up, there were music turns and improvisations. There was so much laughter that it once again pushed to thought that to give holidays to favourite people - it is healthy!!!

often I regret for

Ya that in days only 24 hours, and at least not 36. But, on the other hand, and 36 would not be enough too: the amount of thoughts, desires and unrealized creative ideas would grow in direct ratio time. And it runs so quickly, and in our life there is a lot of vanity... Also there is a wish to be in time a lot of things... There is a wish for cheerful summer holidays and cozy winter evenings, uncontrollable laughter of close and beautiful fairy tales for the night. There is a wish to receive pleasure from life and to give pleasure to others. I something am able, I study something... And why not to try once again if already something turned out? The laughter and pleasure of dear people - whether are not tremendous result? How you think?