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“Simpatika“: the autumn fairy tale

past summer Quickly. It seems, still quite recently all thoughts were how to pick up the most suitable swimwear. And it is already necessary to try to discover in cases of a jacket and sweater. Days become colder, rains pour even more often, and it becomes clear that not far off and Indian summer. And right now it is a high time to think of updating the autumn clothes clothes which would save us from the coming cold weather and would allow to look at the same time stylishly and attractively.

“The coat is the first and last thing which is seen on you by people around“, - such is opinion of some famous designers. In it there is an element of truth: in the fall of a coat becomes nearly the most important component of the general style and in many respects defines an image of the woman in general. Incorrectly picked up silhouette is capable not only to spoil impression of expensive accessories, but also to simply deform a figure. Therefore it is necessary to approach purchase of a coat very responsibly not to regret for the made choice and the spent money.

not to be mistaken, it is enough to conform to the simple rules.

In - the first , the coat has to answer the recent fashionable trends. And they are already known: it is expressivity, a practicality, naturalness and sensuality.


In - the second , it is necessary that the coat was made especially for our conditions: in total - the Russian fall - not a couple Italian or French.

B - the third , it is necessary to make sure that the trademark managed to prove in the market: it is always better to entrust the appearance to professionals.

I, at last , it is necessary that purchase was practical, the prices - accepted that is especially important in the conditions of crisis.

to Pick up model which would meet these requirements not so - that simply. And, perhaps, it is the is best of all under this description production of the Russian firm “Simpatika“ approaches . This firm works at the market of the textile industry ten years and specializes in the stylish demi-season clothes intended especially for the Russian conditions.

already managed to be fallen in love by

of the Collection of this company to our many compatriots. And not least because each woman, regardless of age and build, will find to herself in collections of firm “Simpatika“ something to liking.

It is valid, it is not necessary to complain of a lack of the choice: in a variety of the sizes, fabrics, and also palettes of color and invoices even the most exacting customer will find something the.


the Company “Simpatika“ is offered by two collections of a coat: youth “Simpatika Stil“ and ladies` “Simpatika Sharm“. These collections are updated every spring and fall, always corresponding to recent trends of world fashion.

In a “ladies`“ collection, besides a coat with the fitted silhouette (with 46 on 54 sizes), also special offers for full ladies (the sizes with 48 - go on 64 - y) are. The full catalog of goods is always available on the official site of the www company. simpatika. ru

Design of all Simpatiki collections is developed by

taking into account parameters of the Russian woman, combining an ideal cut and elegance of lines, simplicity and grace. At the same time in products of firm “Simpatika“ considered the leading silhouette and color world tendencies.


Of course, not on the last place at the choice of a coat for the fall is costed by quality of materials. In the Simpatika company with it everything is all right: at production of female outerwear the certified Russian and Italian fabrics, and also German and Czech accessories are used. However you should not overpay for the famous foreign brand to look beautiful and modern: the prices of a coat from “Simpatika“ vary from 5000 to 8000 rubles. it is the simplest to p to Buy

a coat from the Simpatika company in company shop “Female Fashion“ which opened in Moscow even in the summer of 2006. There it is always possible to find the fullest range of the presented coat collections.

I a special gift for readers ““: the Simpatika company provides a five-percent discount for any coat from a new autumn collection!

do not miss the chance to look beautiful and elegant this fall, choose the best - choose “Simpatika“.