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Fathers and children of

... When after maternity hospital I appeared in a family circle and began to get used to a role of mother, new to me, the old friend, the father 6 - the summer boy called.

- whether you Know how it is correct to walk with the child? - strictly he asked.

my head at that time “hurt“

about that milk was not gone, and at the baby gases departed in time. I thought of inoculations, a day regimen and a full-fledged dream of the kid, but in any way not about whether it is correct I, you see I walk!

- Means so: you have to enter the elevator the first, then roll a carriage. Too leave an entrance the first. Crossing the street, remember: at the expense of a carriage you “were extended“ on 1,5 m therefore count distance from the going car not to yourself, and to a carriage... Do not walk under walls of houses - suddenly someone on a nonsense will throw something...

At first I laughed at unexpected lecture, told:“ You are similar to the safety measures instructor“. But suddenly understood - with me the loving father who passed in due time a circle of problems which I only - only entered speaks.

... What is the fatherly feeling? Whether it is similar maternal? With inquiries I began to stick to own husband. And here what heard in reply:

- the Fatherly feeling contains in itself all human feelings. It mnogogranny and more deeply, than maternal movements of soul.

- What means - all? And rage? And hatred?

- Yes, both rage, and hatred, and love, and tenderness, and admiration...

... Men are burdened with care of the offsprings not less, than mothers. Perhaps, a difference that the stronger sex does not speak about it by phone or in a circle of friends. But if the father - the normal person, he also tremblingly also diligent looks after the daughter or the son as mother. I know a family where sons with a difference in a year one by one were born. Mother and the father “divided“ babies, agreed: mother approaches at night on shout younger, the father - on shout of the senior. And the contract was carried out. And the father did not complain that he was tired, wants to sleep, everything bothered...

One father accustomed the 5 - the summer son to campaigns in a bakery: gave money, a bag, pushed to doors: “Buy long loaf and a loaf!“ The boy went outside, and the father imperceptibly followed and watched the son. I think, not any mother would decide on such experiments. Perhaps, the matter is that we, women, - tactics, and men - strategists. Their tasks are volume and global.


of Women first of all more pressing problems concern: whether the child is full whether he had wet feet during walk, whether there is no cold... Men think of the future - at what school to study; where the family will go to rest in the summer; to what section to send the child...

the Loving fathers not only make decisions on global family questions, but also realize them.

... When I leave on affairs the house, always with quiet soul I leave the husband with the baby the daughter. Of course, coming back, I see - the crib, on a floor - a heap of toys is not so laid, in kitchen in a sink there is not that cup from which I usually sing kefir the daughter. It, the father, did everything in own way. And it is remarkable. Long live great feeling of paternity!