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Yashkina history

of Yashk woke up at midnight. It dreamed a bad dream again. Waves rolled on it one after another, and everyone new was more and more, all neotvratimy. He always cried with fear, and tears as salty sea water, got into a nose, into a mouth, preventing Yashke to breathe. In the room it was stuffy. He stretched a leg to a floor, trying to grope slippers, but, without having found, jumped off on a floor and splashed on kitchen. From the room of parents light made the way.

“Swear again“, - the boy fatefully thought, and his face suddenly accepted absolutely adult expression. Eyes - here that on this face was surprising. Expressive and very intelligent. It seemed that the person who in life saw and endured a lot of things looks at you. And to Yashke that all from a sort was five years. It substituted a stool to a high hinged locker, got a favourite father`s cup. It was huge darkly - a blue vessel on which the ridiculous pig with a cigarette was drawn.

to Drink

from this cup moreover unboiled water from - under Yashke`s crane it was strictly forbidden, but all charm of parental scandals for it and was that at this moment it was possible to do everything. It was usually not noticed, exchanging as a ball from a ping - a pong, mutual recriminations. Yashka not childly wisely did not penetrate into this debate and at the same time understood all their uselessness. It was a pity to it mother. At these moments it became ugly: eyes reddened and swelled up from tears, the voice became sharp and shrill, others. The father painfully screwed up the face at the same time, clutched at the head and nervously measured the room by steps as a big clockwork toy. Yashke wanted to find a magic key thanks to which as he considered, all also occurs and to hide it deeply - deeply, in the sea - the ocean. And it is even better that it was swallowed by a pike who would live in a duck. And the duck could be lodged in a zoo. Yashka precisely knew that in a zoo nobody will shoot down it, and the key forever will remain at it in a stomach. But this fairy tale was only in the big bright book on its shelf so far, and in life there were other fairy tales. Here, for example, this pig. When the father drank tea from this mug in the mornings, the pig let out rings of a blue smoke just as Serega from the next entrance, and contemptuously grinned, looking at Yashka. Yashka quietly put out the tongue at him, but to an impudent swine everything was at all. It seemed, will jump off from a glossy surface now and will give shchelban painfully - prebolno! Yashka splashed to the room, laid down, curled up. It was cold and lonely. Behind a window February fell down. Near a yellow lamp, having a presentiment of the end of the short century, danced snowflakes. The entrance door slapped. Someone left. Probably, father... Yashke it became absolutely sad. In the morning in kindergarten mother will move. Will hurry all the time, sentencing: “Grief you my onions!“ Will not bring to a door of a garden, as always, will be late, hastily will kiss on a cold cheek, having left a mark the pink, smelling strawberry and in the summer of lipstick. And then will begin to erase painfully this trace, and Yashke one should trudge to the group. It is good if Stas from preparatory does not meet. He to it on walk lost yesterday a counter. Stas told that children do not buy that they will be born from a stomach. And mother said that they with the father long - long raised money and chose the best and the most expensive of those children that to them was offered. And on a request to buy the father muttered the brother that they have no such money and soon will not be. Yashka even tried to postpone the savings which parents and the grandmother on birthday sometimes gave him to make a feasible contribution to purchase of the brother, but everything as it appeared, was vain. Stas was right. He in detail told about everything Yashke a bit later, on walk behind a verandah. At Stas the sister Svetka who only and is able what to shout, and as it became clear, Stas for anything for her was born recently and would not give one kopek. And so mother told Stas that Svetka at first was a small section, and then grew, grew. Mother was from - for her thick as a hippopotamus. And then the stomach was cut and Svetka was got This history absolutely shook Yashka. He became puzzled. Wanted to ask in the evening the father, but that, as always, sat at the computer, and when Yashka touched it for a sleeve, looking in the monitor, told: “Yaks! Be engaged in something, you disturb me!“ With mother there was no wish to speak about it. It presented her perplexed face. Eyebrows will rise by a forehead, eyes will become round and scared, and mother will exclaim: “The sonny, where you heard these mucks?“ So already was once. It began to wash his jeans and found in a pocket of a dead may-bug. Shout was on all apartment. Yashka tried to explain that he exchanged him for the Pokemon and that the bug lived at it two days and that Yashka was going to bury him on walk behind a verandah. Especially as Masha Streltsova at whom the grandmother died recently, promised to help Yashke to organize a funeral according to the first category. But everything was over. The father threw out a poor bug in a garbage can, the blubbered sobbing Yashka is installed in a corner, and mother with the father long from - for it quarreled, and to the father all his offenses for the last half a year, and also inability to earn money, and also total absence of desire to be engaged with the son were remembered, and also the fact that the father was absolutely discharged of household chores and still a lot of things, much. But did not listen to more Yashk. The impudent pig then for the first time mischievously smiled to Yashke and even, it is a shame to tell, something gave a grunt bad - for what in kindergarten stand in the corner at the whole o`clock. And then the boy understood everything. Here, who is guilty of all its troubles and sorrows, here, who is guilty that mother and the father constantly quarrel, here, who is guilty that it still has neither little sister, nor the brother!

Once Yashka made the way on kitchen. At home there was a temporary truce: mother stirred by phone with the aunt Ira, the father sat at the computer. The ill-fated mug rolled in a sink. The pig was some dirty and from that guilty as though he was dropped in a pool. On the cocky patch tea tea leaves, but a papiroska all also were pasted stuck out of a pink rylets, letting out a smoke. The kid reached a hand a mug and began to run feverishly on kitchen in search of a reliable hiding place for the impudent troublemaker in their house. The hiding place unexpectedly was among mother`s grain, in a locker. He thrust a mug for a package of a semolina and, satisfied with the victory, walked to the room.

on the way he glanced

to parents. Mother did not speak by phone any more, she sat near the father on an armrest of a big green chair, it kept her hand in the, and they briskly spoke about something. Mother was surprisingly beautiful: on cheeks there were dimples loved Yashkina, the nose ridiculously screwed up the face from laughter. Yashka rushed off back, glanced in a locker for a package of a semolina and showed to a hated pig a fig. The victory was available - the pig obviously became gloomy, and the smoke stream which it let out from an impudent snout was obviously reduced in sizes.

- Yashka! To brush teeth and to sleep, tomorrow you will not manage to wake up you in kindergarten again!

did not begin to Poor-mouth and elicit

five more minutes, slammed a locker and rushed off in a bathroom skipping. That evening he fell asleep surprisingly quickly. It dreamed Masha Streltsova and a funeral. Only buried not a poor may-bug, but his pig with a cigarette. On walk Mashka winked at it as the conspirator from some movie. In hands it had in advance prepared scoop and a bucket. The bucket was for conspiracy. Behind a verandah found a secluded corner at a fence, Yashka dug out a scoop a superficial pole. The scoop was stupid, the earth dug absolutely badly, Yashka even sweated from tension.“ You will say goodbye to the dead“ - plaintively sobbing, asked Mashka.

- Well it! And it is necessary?

- it is So necessary to

! - strictly the unexpected assistant answered, and the first touched with lips an ill-fated mug. The kiss had just in a piggy stub. Yashke did not want to kiss it at all, but Mashka was unshakable. Yashka, without looking, hastily touched with lips anywhere, even blinked for an instant.

- What is his name?

- I do not know!

- Naf - Nafu, - Mashka did not become puzzled and threw an earth handful on a mug.

of the Pig was quickly dug, from above put a smooth pebble which rolled nearby.

- in the Evening, after a quiet time, we will come and we will bring flowers on a grave! And as I forgot, Masha - a rasteryasha!

- Yashka! Rise! In kindergarten you will be late!

Morning began

as usual. So and not so! Something happened last night. Yes! A pig in captivity, behind a package from a semolina! Yashka splashed on kitchen and with curiosity estimated layings by a breakfast.

stood On a table, as usual: mother`s - it is bright - yellow, with her name, at work presented to it for March Eighth and Yashkina - with a kitten. Naturally, was not father`s, and instead of it was usual, from service which used on holidays.

Mother made up with

eyelashes. It had very concentrated person, and it slightly bit a language tip from diligence, exactly - in - exactly as Yashka when he performed some responsible work on class in application. It was difficult for it to cut out a circle from the paper curtailed by a small square. Hands always sweated and scissors did not obey. At mother everything turned out. One eye was made up, eyelashes were fluffy as pads at a bumblebee, and the second - absolutely naked. Mother was ridiculous as the clown.

- the Kid! Some strange things happen at us, the father`s mug got to somewhere. You incidentally did not see it?


jumped out of kitchen, having on the run shouted on duty “no“. He made so specially that mother did not ask to look in eyes. Eyes at Yashka were not able to lie at all as he tried. They began to run foully as little mice in a mousetrap, Yashka was filled in with crimson paint, and all his lies came to light. Today it was definitely lucky. Mother was busy with drawing of the second eye, and the father had a shave in a bathroom, singing something. The world reigned in the house. Peacefully water murmured from - under the crane, the alarm clock peacefully ticked, the mother`s hand with a brush from - under hulks peacefully moved. Everything was just wonderful, even the sun as in spring persistently looked in a window and smiled Yashke as a Teletubby. Yashka even tried to make the bed, it was necessary to do some fighting with a huge blanket. Hares on a blanket cover did not want to keep within exactly in any way, but he shouted by a strict voice of Marina Sergeyevna, tutor from a garden at them, and everything turned out.

Then quickly put on, without any reminders and even drove the cars which stood anyhow several days into garage.

- Yashka! Sonny! What I see! What happened in our house today?

Mother with two made-up eyes amazed and cheerful, picked up Yashka on hands and began to spin on the room.

them in an armful was picked up by the father who appeared in time from a bathroom.

On the way to Yashk`s garden thought what in the evening of a pig should be perepryatat. The place unreliable is sick. Suddenly mother will decide to make porridge for dinner? The pig will be, and will again be made a fresh start. In a garden everything was got on. On a carpet built the city of cubes, paved the railroad. Yashka was chosen as the driver, and he transported tell-tales on war. War was under a table. There Petka and Kostya were at war with enemies. They lacked tell-tales constantly, and Yashke was necessary to carry them, disappearing from Leshki`s shells. He fired at the train pillows from doll beds. Mashka Streltsova was a nurse and accepted wounded in hospital. She gave them injections and smeared with cotton wool everything that came it to hand. It treated and to Yashk when Leshka got to him a pillow directly into an eye. From a wounded eye tears scattered, but there was no wish to cry this wonderful day at all.

Yashka was taken away in the Evening by mother. He told all road to it about all the sadovsky affairs, and then they recalculated all foreign cars which came across to them on the way. By the evening froze again, and the thin ice ridiculously hrupat under Yashkiny boots. It seemed that they with mother go on the chocolate wood as in the fairy tale of brothers Grimm, and under legs at them crackles granulated sugar.

of the House of Yashk snatched the moment when in kitchen was nobody, got into a locker, hid an ill-fated mug under a t-shirt and imperceptibly sliped to the room. The pig looked at Yashka somehow sadly, and he for an instant felt sorry for him, but the way back was not, too it liked the fact that the world reigned in the house and nobody quarreled. Behind the Yashkiny sofa there was a box with old toys which it did not play for a long time. Yashka pulled out from the shelf in a case an old shirt, wrapped in it a pig for greater reliability and thrust a mug almost on the bottom, having covered it from above with a bare plush hare with the torn-off ear.

Parents sat in kitchen, the father peeled potatoes and at the same time watched hockey on TV. Mother stirred by phone with the aunt Lyusey.

- the Poltergeist, the real poltergeist! We cannot find its second day! Sashka even in a garbage can looked today. As though evaporated...

Further the aunt Lucie`s monologue went, mother only nodded, periodically blinked, rolled up them, something hemmed to herself under a nose, obviously without agreeing with the receiver. Yashka settled at a kitchen table with a coloring.

- What`s next? Potatoes peeled! - the father came off the screen.

- Wash

, pour water in a blue pan, put on fire! Some kindergarten, upon my life!

is I not to you, Lyus, the! What? That that in a red cage? With trousers will go. Bothered? Well, you, the mother, give, she at you absolutely new. Well, take my, green, a make-up you will make corresponding!

In the TV someone scored a goal. The father jumped up for pleasure and published a victorious call. Yashka picked up it from male solidarity though hockey did not like to look. Mother came off the receiver and expressively twisted a finger at a temple. Probably, on that end of a wire the question of the surprised aunt Lucie followed.

- mine goes crazy, got this hockey!

- And you got the infinite chatter by phone!


all contracted and stood as a small animal minutes of danger: can, still will manage. So happened sometimes. Exchanged offensive words, and then, occupied with the affairs, forgot that it is necessary to quarrel further. But today scandal began to gain steam. As ill luck would have it, father`s “Spartak“ lost with the score 3:1, and the last goal changed nothing.

- I Can at least once in a week communicate to the girlfriend?

- Once a week? - the voice of the father became very unpleasant and angry, - your Lyuska Bothered! The silly woman filled! At you only and talk that about rags and her next gentlemen! Which today?

- Three - one in favor of Lyusk! She is well done! a Free woman! Is able to afford everything that will want!

- What will want? Dumped the child to mummy, appropriated the apartment of the next victim in trousers, and now...

could not listen to

Further Yashk. Tears a warm salty wave gushed over it, and, appear, it will choke now. It was already once when they went to the Crimea with mother last summer. The wave covered little Yashka, got into a mouth, and into a nose, was very much, very terribly... Without seeing anything before itself, the boy rushed along a corridor to the room, having painfully hit a knee against a chair and not noticing it, nominated a box to the middle of the room and, breaking into tears, began to throw out all the toys from a box. Here it, a parcel, white, in a blue cage! Before eyes for a second the picture floated: he on morning performance in this shirt danced with Masha. The shivering fingers developed a parcel, pulled out a hated mug and rushed with it on kitchen.

- Yes, if not Yashka, I would leave to mother long ago, and you, sitting at the computer, would not notice it the first three days until you wanted to guzzle finally!


stood at doors. In widely open not children`s eyes the horror stiffened. He swung and threw a hated mug in a wall. The ring, and splinters as in stop-motion cinematography was distributed, fell down on a dining table. In kitchen at last it became silent.

- your mug was, - mother whispered, but Yashka of it did not hear...

he was treated in children`s neurology, and it missed the morning performances devoted on February 23 and on March 8. Yashka very much regretted that he could not prepare for the give riseto tel gifts...