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Sokoterapiya: tasty, and, the main thing, is useful for

Everything usefulness of fruit, berries and vegetables is known. The juice and nectars made from them are necessary for an organism in not smaller degree, than fruits.

How to prepare juice in house conditions?

Juice should be prepared for

from very fresh fruit and vegetables and at once to drink them. Juice from stale fruits is not really vitamin-rich. If you want to keep as much as possible useful substances in juice, use the juice extractor.

That the made drinks did not lose the nutritious properties and value it is necessary: Vegetables and fruit to touch

  1. .
  2. Carefully to wash up them under the crane. The special attention should be paid to root crops, they should be washed with a brush.
  3. the Thin corrosion-proof knife to husk those vegetables and fruit which cannot be subjected to processing with a thin skin.
  4. the Peeled vegetables quickly to wash out
  5. water that they did not lose useful properties (the peeled fruit are not washed).
  6. the Fruit and vegetables intended for preparation of natural juice to process
  7. quickly and just before the use.

What amount of juice needs to be drunk in day?

If you drink juice for prevention, then certain restrictions do not exist and if you treat any illness, then it is necessary to drink not less than 600 grams of juice a day and for achievement of necessary result to do it daily.

Juice helps to struggle with diseases and to support a vitality.

Mix of juice of Brussels sprout with carrot , salad and juice of siliculose haricot is exclusively useful to at diabetes.

Mix of juice of carrots and of cabbage forms a magnificent source of vitamin C and is means of clarification of an organism, it is necessary at an infection of the gums causing periodontosis. Addition of salt to juice of cabbage not only destroys its value, but also does juice harmful.

the richest with vitamin A carrot juice improves appetite, digestion and structure of teeth. The nursing mother has to drink carrot juice daily.

Fresh cucumber juice combines elements which our nails and hair need; it prevents splitting and a hair loss.

Leaves of turnip contain high percent of calcium. Juice from tubers and leaves of turnip - the best means for the adults and children suffering from a softening of bones and teeth.

beet Juice - the most valuable to blood improvement. During a menstrual cycle it is very useful, it is necessary to drink it in the small portions, no more than 50 - 100 ml two - three times a day.

we advise

At a breakdown, a nervous breakdown grape juice . It possesses the toning action and is rich with glucose.

the Black-fruited mountain ash
is useful to

at gastritis with the lowered acidity and at pregnancy toxicoses.

the Water-melon - a magnificent diuretic at hypostases, is connected ykh with diseases warmly - vascular system and kidneys. Water-melon juice brings excess of cholesterol out of an organism.