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Arkhipo - Osipovka of

Planned this year rest in October in Gagra (was there several times and very much it was pleasant), but I was invited to earn additionally in Arkhipo - Osipovke, and at the same time and to have a rest. The offer was tempting, besides in Arkhipke I never was. To work invited in beauty shop the hair stylist. I asked for leave in the salon and together with the sister and the one-and-a-half-year-old son went to Arkhipo - to Osipovk.

At first 2 hours to Krasnodar, and from there by a taxi flew 1,5 hours by plane. The kid transferred the road well. On the plane slept, and in a taxi very much it was pleasant to it, besides the driver very good got. We reserved the room near the sea and my work in advance, with a good green court yard and a garden where Maxim could play with other children who lived in lodges with the parents. By the way, in day of departure there was whole day nursery. Five kids aged from 1,5 till 2 years. There were all conditions for excellent accommodation: summer kitchen with a plate and the refrigerator, shower cabins and several toilets on the street and in a lodge.

the Salon in which I worked was on the beach, to the sea of 10 meters therefore when there were no clients, it was possible to bathe. At the beginning it was a little wild, clients came to salon in swimming trunks and bathing suits, and when after the termination of a hairstyle I removed a peignoir, felt like the conjurer - the loser who in a random way took off clothes from the client.

we cooked Food houses, and the baby food was not difficult to be bought in grocery store, besides Maxim ate “adult“ food with pleasure. In day of arrival descended in restaurant with the beautiful summer lodges decorated in hunting style. There were huge effigies of brown bears, a black grouse and different skins on benches. Maksik was frightened of bears, but we quickly calmed him, having shown a couple of lovely raccoons in a cage. And in the last evening we went to small restaurant where the food was much better, than at the first restaurant. Portions were big and tasty, and green tea - fresh and fragrant.

For the second day to me were given day off that I accustomed on the new place, and we went to therapeutic muds. With a cane - a carriage it is very convenient to go on excursions. On dirt very much it was pleasant to all, and the son was happy though many children cried. It was pleasant to the kid that all dirty and dirty. He liked to swim in the sea, he joyfully lapped at the coast and bathed in a circle.

working everyday life began Later

, and the sonny stayed at home with the sister. I came for a lunch home. And in the evening the sister with neighbors left to bathe and dance on the embankment where there was a mass of institutions with entertainment programs. Having agreed with the colleague, I could leave work a bit earlier, and it could come later next day. Thus all of us together - I, the sister and the son - descended in a dolphinarium. Max very much liked dolphins and a cat, but he was frightened of loud music, however, quickly got used a little.

to my day off went to complex excursion which was suitable for parents with small children. Visited local museum of local lore, dolmens, an ostrich`s farm, an apiary with tasting of honey and tea drinking, a spring “Natasha“ with a chapel and, finally, tasted Tamani`s wines, previously having got acquainted with winemaking history.

Everywhere very much it was pleasant to p. The guide conducted excursion perfectly. Home came tired and happy. I very much liked dolmens, and to the son an apiary with tea drinking, the sister was delighted with everything.

A in several days I went to horse walks. For the first time I saddled. And the horse under me not just went, and he jumped. There was an unforgettable feeling. We galloped a meadow and the wood which was on a slope of the mountain and the blue small river where Achilles (so called a horse) with snore drank water. And after us told about each horse and each horse on whom the group jumped. It was possible to feed horses, it was possible to embrace them and to stroke. Especially foals with whom it was possible to be photographed too were pleasant, having embraced. It was something unimaginable. It is so much heat and freedom went from these animals. It is a pity that I went one...

A next day the sister went on excursion “Evening Gelendzhik“ and was very pleased, however, too as she told, it lacked us very much. She walked on the city, visited a crocodile farm, climbed a kanatka on the mountain where there was a show - performance and a “foamy“ party.

It is natural, we bathed every day, and not all here sunbathed. I did not manage to achieve beautiful suntan because I worked, time to sunbathe was not, but I am not sorry, to me all the same doctors forbade to sunbathe much. And here fruit we ate too much for all year. And were loaded with positive energy too. Here it is only a pity that in day of departure the son got sick. It was bought up in the sea... But houses the kid very quickly recovered because I showed it to the pediatrician at once.

I Advise

to all mothers: be not afraid to take the kid in travel. The main thing - is good to pick up the vacation spot and to consult in advance to the pediatrician, well and the first-aid kit to take with itself. I before going to Arkhipka, rummaged all Internet and at various forums asked about this city, and inexpensive found housing, and, above all - found work therefore also money spent not much.