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The first appointment to Odessa of

Having squabbled on the eve of a trip and a half the family, so without having thought up anything what to take with itself in the road, I trudged to the sestrena. Because as my mother was sure, together we will not be gone!


, as well as I, probably, wandered about the apartment in search of necessary, but having sat down for KVN, so found nothing. Gathering in a trip, I somehow did not think of the fact that it will be necessary to get up early. Therefore Danik`s question “When you will go to bed? To you in 4 to rise“ subjected me in shock. In four mornings rise, it it was possible to die!

Having drunk

for the night to tea, then having still drunk and having had a heart-to-heart talk, we settled to sleep. Did not manage to hang the head on a pillow as over me Nika with exclamation at once hung: “It is time to rise!“ I nearly upisatsya at that moment with fear for surprise! All morning I grumbled why my alarm clock once again did not ring out (and it occurs each working morning!) .

Having had breakfast, having eaten prepared by Nikiny mother of “bulls“ and having forgotten “yabl“, we left the house.

we arrived To Odessa as it seemed to me, in 11 (we did not decide in it on Nicko).

our adventure began

with a quest - how to find the right place, and there a parcel. If not the unique detailed map drawn by Natasha`s acquaintance, we would not reach the point “H“ and with 10 hints.


by a wall which was removed in the movie “Green Van“ (my house even watched this movie!) we were met by standing ovations of local dogs. While Nika took a picture of a wall, I struggled with the most terrible fear - dogs. Not only that I am their horror as I am afraid and when they bark at me, I in general fall into a wild stupor. This time two things - in - the first prevented not to fall in this stupor to me, it was a shame to show before people that you now with a heart attack will fall, in - the second, I myself consoled that if bite, then through boots will not bite through! I am proud of myself, I coped!

After the next visit to the station we went to performance of the following Natashkiny assignment. The minibus did not go, we as three poplars stood on a stop with the huge card in hands, without understanding where to us to go and on what.

I it goes here... My dream... Horned... In sense, I saw the tram again, and my driving by tram was included into the list of dreams of the idiot. After long moaning, the girl took pity over me (well and the minibus necessary did not go), and we got into the tram. What cool, is asked by you?! The regular trolleybus, but on cross ties and with more curve horns; here not! I had no such delight long ago!

of What was cost by the conductor who the courtesy bribed me at once, and I quietly began to fall in love with this city with all his people and lodges. “Oh, attentively, now turn“, “You keep more strong, difficult transition“, “Be kind, I will pass“ - and it instead of “Beeey, akitats a dachshund“, “Shi Fa stey an aishcha, blow - N.“...

, probably, the guide is not necessary to

In this city. We did not ask about details, all - arranged to us pass - excursion directly in the tram, only and managed to twirl by the heads on phrases:“ And it is our well-known Supply “, “ and here such - that fountains “, “ oh, and here our theater“... Before our stop the conductor declared that they go directly to the sea... The sea which I did not see so many years!! Everything amicably passengers started giggling with words: “And bathing suits took?“ As there was a wish to reach up to one exhausting quicker...

Having completed, at last, all affairs, our priorities exchanged: now we hiccupped food and the sea. Odessa, frankly speaking, is the Ukrainian Las - Vegas: through each 10 meters - the casino or game devices is obligatory. I was already began to miss ours Endisam which are stuffed across all Chisinau. We went on a smell of food and reached McDonald`s. Having carried out the first two points of the plan from our list, the last remained the main thing - the oseena - the winter sea.

As Natashka told us that in Odessa very much love a self-locking device method, a sin not to try. Came across to us, our first look of that time, the good boy who kindly agreed to bring us to the sea and even to show the best place from where it is possible to photograph perfectly. We also kindly suggested it to walk with us, in hope that he besides from courtesy will refuse. You represent, and he took and agreed!

Approached the sea. Nika everything tried to constrain me:“ Yulka, at the sight of the sea it is not necessary to kiss sand, to start embracing foamy waves and to sob with happiness“. Having sworn an oath that it will not be, we crept out of the car. You know, so there was a wish to rush off on the coast at once, on the way undressing, to rush in water, having forgotten about the promise!?

U me even took the breath away! I as if won one million, there were a wish to jump on the place for pleasure! As there it was beautiful! The sea was blue - blue, and waves, and a sand... There was a feeling that else slightly - slightly - and I will go crazy! When darkened, on the horizon the ships which rose in raid became visible. Noise exhausting still at me does not leave the head! Also it is not necessary to be laid over by cockleshells to remember this sound.

it is A lot of people liking to sit on rocks and to think, probably, of eternal. So far Nika considered the action plan - as to her to climb on the rock from there to take a picture, there came a guy by the bicycle, threw the transport upward as the grasshopper jumped behind it and stood, looking towards the horizon.

our driver stayed all this time with us, I do not know, was cheerful to it or not, but he stayed with us to the last, then brought us to the center.

U us with Nika remained only 2 hours before departure. We decided everything - to walk a little. Found Deribasovskaya. Krasoten. Still the city architecture is always on the mind: combination of new buildings to houses as early as those years.

not to get lost at all, we decided to ask the passing ladies whether correctly we go. There was a wish to listen and listen as they speak, the real inhabitants of Odessa got to us. This dialect such darling! One phrase: “Girls, you will go prrryamo, you zaverrrnt naprrravo and scratch, scratch directly, there you will come across on trrramvay the fifth“. As Nika told:“ There is a wish to stop and talk everyone to it!“

After we have also a bite before departure, the fatigue at last has an effect! We went in hope, as on 21 - 00 tickets will not be, and we will be able to go to the cinema still. But, probably, we were fated to go back...