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Smile! You in Gelendzhik!

Are given: two girls on holiday. Task: rest and entertainments. Route: the Art. Dinskaya - Krasnodar - Gelendzhik.

the Full order Travel across Krasnodar Krai we began


with Dinskaya`s village. The small southern town is beautiful to a disgrace. The main streets are paved by a stone blocks, purity reigns both in the center, and on suburbs. In recent years here built the new pedestrian zone, the wonderful fountain which beats directly from the earth, it is a lot of new buildings. There are several large enterprises for production of ware and tinned production. The youth comes back to the city! And these a lot of things put on the places. According to inhabitants, improvements were promoted by election of the new mayor who brought order. In Dinskaya very tasty water-melons and melons which can be bought directly in the field in them are not present nitrates and dyes.

On the action course

From Dinskaya to Krasnodar - 15 - 20 minutes on the car. Krasnodar is a wild mix of eclecticism, the southern temperament and various architecture. At every third intersection - road accident. Drivers go out of the cars that with pleasure to shout at each other. Drivers who get stuck in a traffic jam also can join them. To observe cheerfully! The main thing - at this time in anybody not to drive.

Krasnaya Street, the hallmark of Krasnodar, and several other sign places we did not visit

. Weather was too hot to walk, stem of thermometer read off scale for 40 º. But bathed in the Kuban River near the farm Lenin. Water temperature + 28 º sandy bottom. The cost of “lodge“ in it to a hutorka - from 5 million rubles... In Krasnodar the brick-works therefore many buildings are built of a red brick in the suburbs function.“ Bricks at us salty, - locals say, - technology old therefore on their surface salt appears. Here it is interesting that is added there by Italians if at them on bricks only brown spots appear?“

Thin sense of humour of residents of Krasnodar was confirmed by one interesting stand. It weighs in the building of their smart station. Around the stand there are always a lot of audience who tries to find faces of acquaintances. Here photos of those who go “hare“ are placed... Joyful shouts are sometimes distributed: “Oh, look - Liouba! My neigbour!“

it is pleasant to p to get acquainted, Gelendzhik

From Krasnodar through Novorossiysk and the Kabardian by bus we go to the resort town of Gelendzhik. It is visible that the driver, Krasnodar, adds gas on turns of the serpentine, overtakes, swears. Generally, our person.

the City met us by a bay, rare on beauty, bordered with the Caucasus Mountains. From height of bird`s flight it reminds a horseshoe. From the North Gelendzhik is surrounded with spurs of Markhotsky ridge. The ridge bends around a hollow in which the city was located, and branches towards two capes: to the southern steep Tolstoy, and western, more flat, Thin.

On bus station several women ran up to us, crying out names of streets and the price. Recommendations about placement were made by acquaintances: we go to the Thick cape. The private boarding house in Zapadny Lane became our house for 12 days. The situation and the company were pleasant here. In same day we were convinced that we made a right choice: on the Thick cape the clearest water, the pebble beach with a moderate bias in depth, and people is less, than in the central part of a bay.

In the center the artificial sandy beach stretched along the embankment on 1,5 kilometers is. It was created in 1971. Fine-grained yellow sand for the beach was extracted from a bay bottom. Any local knows that the Gelendzhik beach - the biggest artificially washed beach in Russia. In the afternoon here each centimeter of sand is occupied.

In Gelendzhik the best resort embankment on the Black Sea coast of several kilometers. To reach its middle, we needed three hours! Various cafes, pancake, wine benches, restaurants, shashlik houses help to make a daily diet unusual. The most tasty wine - in Maria hotel, pancakes - at Briz cafe, the best atmosphere, service and kitchen - in Lavanda cafe. And if you want to dance, take Honey Moon cocktail in Lakomka cafe and forward! Here every evening the remarkable group sings. It will be cheerful! The average cost of 100 grams of a shish kebab on the embankment - 80 rubles. Sweet, fresh fruit carry from all Krasnodar Krai. Near the Thick cape there is an On Field market, in the center the large city market is located.

Tickets for all entertainments can be bought

in booths on the embankment. In the sea it is possible in the afternoon, and from 200 to 1000 rubles are possible at the night. Offer fans of the nature excursions to dolmens and falls on jeeps. To look where shot the movie “Storm Gate“ it is possible for 750 rubles. A safari - park and a ropeway - from 400 rubles. Aquaparks, walks on horses, bicycles. A dolphinarium - from 600 rubles. If there are time and desire, visit the center of winemaking “Abrau - Dyurso“. The choice is huge! Therefore it is worth making the schedule of trips that among a set of entertainments was though a couple of hours just to lie down on the beach.

our Adrenaline!

  1. Yacht. Anything on vacation we did not approach as seriously, as entertainments. For the second day of stay in Gelendzhik we rented the yacht and went to the high sea! The purpose of this action was to find out whether we have a seasickness. The sea was quiet, the company suitable, steering nice, and mood excellent! If in a bay water salty, then in the high sea it bitter from salt and very warm. Bathing was unforgettable. Directly in water we chose among the floating ships on what we went to night walk later. Two hours in the high sea on the yacht - 400, on the vessel - from 500 to 1000 rubles from the person.
  2. In “Slingshot“. I remembered the third day of our rest well. It passes in my biography “Ropeway“ code-named. For delivery of the tourists wishing to visit tops of mountains of Markhotsky ridge in Gelendzhik two ropeways are organized. We chose that that it is less as both very much doubted the love to height. As we sat down in iron “trough“, I definitely do not remember. I regained consciousness on the first column when we truly crept up... “Height of the mountain of 1140 meters, time of rise of 15 minutes. Ropeway „ Olympus “ welcomes you!“ - broadcast a column. My friend tried to pull out from - under pieces of iron the pressed-down leg, and I - to understand why we took with ourselves heavy beach bags? Height of columns from 7 to 12 meters, and on each side from our road quite impressive abysses. On the third column it became interesting, the fear almost passed. At ridge top we were photographed with the Dzhigit and his donkey, bought one thousand souvenirs - the prices are lower coastal, and decided to take a walk.
    “You are afraid of height?“ - it is disturbing the trampoline guy asked me, fastening “harness“.“ And how you think? Here got!“ - I safely answered, the guy shrugged shoulders and pulled elastic bands against the stop. In several seconds I felt what it can be, an attraction “Slingshot“... You weigh over a trampoline, without reaching it legs, hands are free, the insurance is fastened around a waist, from it to high columns conduct elastic bands. You are relaxed and think: “It will be healthy!“ Here behind you gently embraces, then makes heavier the weight so that to sit down on a trampoline, mister of the Caucasian nationality also quickly otprygivat. And you shoot in the air. And in the bottom of 1140 meters! The trampoline costs near break. I called mother, shouted as I a donkey of the Dzhigit, asked not to shoot any more, but the guy probably badly understood in Russian. It shot me once again 5, and then, having understood that in an insurance the powerless body dangles, released elastic bands and gave the chance most to jump. However, in it there was no need any more, extremities did not obey at all. My at once turned pale girlfriend in this loop refused to climb.
  3. present Now that descent down still was coming me. I delayed this event as could. Half an hour we watched photos, drank water (restaurant here, by the way, very expensive), walked on the mountain. Then, at last, rose on starting squares, felt easy blow of “trough“ slightly lower than a back, and began a way back. I passed a half of a way blindly, but it appeared in vain. After “Slingshot“ to me was to be afraid of nothing any more. Beauty which opens from mountain height bewitches...
  4. the biggest. On the Thin cape the biggest works at the Black Sea coast and the second-large aquapark in Europe “the Gold Bay“. There we also went for the fourth day. A hill is really huge, but also the turn on them is not less. For driving we chose open “Turkish“ hills where there is not a lot of people. Here the excellent swimming pool with fresh water, is a lot of ways to relax: dos Sharco, geysers, hydromassage. It was especially cheerful to participate in races on mattresses on channels of park! In cafe of an aquapark tasty pizza - a quarter of only 100 rubles, and here it is difficult to find such piece on the embankment, only whole worth from 500 rubles is on sale there.“ The gold Bay“ - is worth it that to visit it! Ticket cost with delivery in an aquapark - 800 rubles.
  5. Night in the high sea. A disco by motor ship we finished our travel. Night the disco - the Imperiya club sailed in 22. 30 from the central pier, having shipped about one hundred persons interested to dance on the magnificent board. Pleased the fine choice of cocktails and reasonable prices. Cook very well, but we did not hurry with food as showed evening - not for nothing. Stirred us not poorly, wind was rather strong and blew several days. In such atmosphere it is exciting to dance - a floor jumps under legs, you need only to cross - the sea dances with you! However not everyone quietly transfers similar dances. After a while my friend left on a main deck, sat down on the nose and long waited when there is a coast. Seasickness is very cunning, but even it did not force us to stop loving the sea. Discos in the high sea - from 600 rubles.

Fact: Since 2003 Gelendzhik several years in a row admit the best resort of Krasnodar Krai and the city, the second for comfort, Russia.