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The island Thousands of gods of

Day the first

the Burning air and big humidity - one of the main features of the island of Bali. The car is lucky us to one of resort areas of the island, Noosa to Duah. The main vehicle is the moped on which all family - mother, the father and the kid often moves. Each house and office are faced by small plateaus from palm leaves on which are laid out rice, fruit or flowers. It is necessary to look more attentively under legs not to step on such “lunch“ - thus Balineses do every day gifts to gods and spirits. Generally they worship a huge number of different gods, and in each house it is obligatory to eat the temple. Locals do not hurry anywhere, and the lives which got used to mad speed tourists relax and give in to the slow course of events on the paradise island not at once.

Day of the second - Java Island

We head to the city of Yogyakarta where unique temple complexes - Buddhist Borobudur and Hindu Prambanan are located. On the road we stop by in the Sultan palace.“ If to touch Buddha in a mortar, you will be accompanied by good luck“, - was so written in my guide. But for locals good luck is to touch and to be photographed with the blonde European. First special attention to my person was even pleasant, but after 10 - y requests to rise in a circle with local children I understood that it is time to stop being polite, otherwise the plane will depart back to Bali without me.


Day the third

After saturated stay on Java Island it was decided to spend day at the sea. Imagine the sun, small sand caressing soft waves... All so, except the last point. The most powerful outflow took away the sea so far, having bared coral reeves that it was necessary to forget about bathing. As it appeared, the paradise island makes such focuses constantly.

Day the fourth

the Sea did not appear both next day, and still every other day. Than rendered us big service - we could get acquainted with the island closer. On its most northern part beaches with black sand hid. Our way lay through the monkey wood. Impudent monkeys are considered as the most dear animals to Bali therefore they in the pleasure scoff at tourists. The most important at communication with monkeys - as it is possible to hold more strong bags and cameras, previously having removed hats, hairpins, points and other accessories. Otherwise owners of the wood will seize the moment and will disappear with a profit in the jungle. On special observation decks it is possible to buy bananas and to feed animals, but the entertainment comes to an end in a few minutes. Some at the same time grin and make impression of not really pleasant animals.

the fifth

Before collecting suitcases needed - to stop by Day small business in the temple the Tanakh Lot, an informal symbol of the island which is the most often photographed temple of Bali. It is possible to get there only during outflow when water leaves rather far from the coast. In the rest of the time the temple is washed by water from all directions. Drank waters from a spring, stroked sacred snakes and we go to one more temple - Pura Lukhur Uluvatu. The three-storied pagoda costs on the edge of the rock which towers over the ocean more, than on 100 meters. The pacification here just rings in air. There is a wish to remember everything around - a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean, the huge waves fighting with noise about rocks. Even impudent monkeys are robbers who surrounded again from all directions and got into a bag, could not spoil impression of beauty of the island of Bali.

the Island of Bali - it is healthy! Sometime there I will return!