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SOS! First symptoms of cold!

Still yesterday everything was fine, and in the morning at you the throat unexpectedly ached, in all body there was an unpleasant weakness and an ache, but also is shivering, and bunged up a nose... There is a wish to throw everything, to climb under a blanket and to drink hot tea. Stop! At first we will take urgent measures to stop development of an illness, and we will drink then tea with a lemon and to relax.

the Listed symptoms can be display of any viral infection (flu, ORZ, a SARS).“ I have a cold“, - you can tell colleagues at work, and it will sound as well as “I have a flu“.

At the first symptoms of cold accept a shock dose of the antiviral preparation “Anaferon“: on 1 tablet each 30 minutes the first 2 hours and 3 more tablets during the day (at regular intervals). If your kid got sick - give him “children`s Anaferon“ according to the same scheme.


Also recommend high doses of vitamin C - to 1000 mg a day and plentiful warm drink (tea and broths of herbs). To reduce temperature, take any febrifugal preparation, for example, Aspirin or Paracetamol.

the mass of national recipes Exists: to drink broths of herbs, there are lemons commercially, to smell onions and garlic. They will definitely not do harm, but also on legs quickly will not put. You should not hope for grandmother`s recipes if you do not plan to sit up on the sick-list and you do not share thought “work - not a wolf...“ .

So, you whenever possible spend the first day under a blanket; you drink 8 - 10 glasses of warm liquid, you take 8 pill “Anaferona“. From the second day it is necessary to accept a preparation on 1 tablet 3 times a day - to an absolute recovery.

Be attentive

to themselves! Opinion that if cold not to treat, she will pass - dangerous and incorrect. Any viral infections (ORZ, a SARS, flu) can cause very unpleasant complications: sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. If you have initially high temperature (from 38), breast pains, a severe cough, ear pain - see a doctor. Behind a mask of cold serious inflammatory diseases can proceed.

There now, you recovered and are ready to work. What`s next? And further try to eat properly (at least at first), to get enough sleep and spare the organism. Let in your diet there will be a lot of vitamin C (a citrus, a cranberry). Honey - in it the mass of useful substances is very useful.

- if you feel

On the future that cold approaches, and the people surrounding you began to be ill, begin prevention, without waiting for the first symptoms. Accept on the tablet “Anaferona“ in day (not to drink a tablet, and to rassasyvat). Give to the kid “children`s Anaferon“. This safe means created especially for children.

Good luck be also not ill