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Bathing with advantage for the kid of

the Birth of new life always very touching, disturbing and in too time the responsible moment for parents and relatives. From what will be the first acquaintance to the world, further harmonious development of the kid depends.

From the very first day the child, without understanding words, language yet, without knowing objects and people, begins to learn the world slowly. Also it does it is first of all the skin. He feels as each section a touch of parental hands, heat of sunshine, wind whiff. Through skin the kid absorbs care, caress and love. Very thin, vulnerable she demands special leaving and protection against aggressive environment, hard water and other irritants. Therefore it is very important to look after correctly since the birth the child`s skin.

One of important stages of preservation smooth, soft, elastic and that is especially important, healthy skin of the kid is bathing. It is the most useful and pleasant moment in life of each child. In water the kid feels naturally protected, for nine months he stayed in the similar environment. Such pleasant procedure not only maintains purity of a body, but also tones up skin, calms nervous system, relaxes muscles and promotes psychomotor development of the child.

That bathing brought to

as much as possible benefit, it is necessary to use special broths or natural extracts of herbs. Some more generations bathed children in broths from a train, a camomile, a calendula, a chistotel, a plantain, mint back. All these herbs carefully gathered, dried in a special way, ready and drawn. Now not each young mother will be able to reproduce all this ritual of preparation of a grass bathtub for the baby. And what for? Presently there are fine means capable to replace broths - ready natural extracts for bathing of kids.

Natural extracts “Zdravlandiya`s Country“ - very soft means for bathing of kids. They are more effective, than infusions of herbs, at the expense of the balanced structure and higher content of active components. Special technologies of collecting and processing of raw materials allow to reach full preservation of active ingredients, unlike dry herbs which lose the properties at storage. In ready extract of active components of medicinal herbs contains 70% more, than in traditional a dry grass decoction.

Extracts “Zdravlandiya`s Country“ are ideally suited for

for preparation of the weakening and calming trays. Since the birth they are capable to look after the sensitive, dry and inflamed skin of the kid carefully. Their complex action allows to restore, calm, heal an integument of the child during bathing. It is enough to add one cap of extract to a tray for bathing and skin of the child will be enriched with necessary elements, and the kid will be quiet and relaxed before feeding and a night dream.

Daily or periodic use of ready natural extracts “Zdravlandiya`s Country“ helps to avoid or solve already appeared skin problems: peeling, inflammation and reddening. With natural extracts for bathing “Zdravlandiya`s Country“ skin of the kid will always be pure, healthy and protected.