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Osteoarthrosis of

Osteoartroz - often found disease of joints, especially at elderly people. It is always necessary to remember threat of premature wear of joints, and prevention of this disease should be begun in youth, joints will thank you for it the unlimited volume of movements at advanced age.

Osteoartroz or just arthrosis - it is degenerate - dystrophic (result of an usykhaniye of fabrics) a disease of joints. Osteoarthrosis is a widespread disease, its frequency increases with age, at the same time the considerable part of arthroses proceeds asymptomatically.

All osteoarthroses share

on primary and secondary. The forms beginning without the noticeable reason aged after 40 years in the articulate cartilage which is not changed until then and the striking at the same time many joints belong to primary. Secondary osteoarthroses develop at any age after injuries, vascular disorders, inflammatory changes in a joint etc. Such osteoarthroses usually affect one or several joints.

of the Reason of developing of osteoarthrosis

In development of osteoarthroses static (motionless) loadings (long standing standing, heavy lifting, excess weight) on joints and small injuries of joints are of great importance. With age there come changes of blood vessels of a sinovialny cover (the bag surrounding a joint), the joint begins to receive less nutrients and oxygen and will gradually atrophy (dries out). The same phenomena arise at malfunction of some glands, for example, at insufficient function thyroid and gonads. A part is played also by hereditary features of a structure of joints.


as a result of influence of all listed factors violate conditions of food of cartilages of joints, its cages in a blanket gradually collapse, the cartilage loses the elasticity, on its surface small cracks are formed, then this layer acquires ragged structure. In late stages begin to die off cells of a cartilage, forming the large centers of a necrosis (disintegration of fabrics), instead of cartilaginous tissue the soyedinitelnotkanny and bone tissue expands, restriction of mobility of joints is formed.

As osteoarthrosis


Any arthrosis develops and proceeds very slowly and never leads to heavy dysfunction of joints. An exception is the coxofemoral joint which has the anatomic features, from - for whom in it mobility restriction very much is early formed that can become the invalidization reason further.

Symptoms of osteoarthrosis are articulate pains, feeling of constraint, fast exhaustion, rigidity, change of a shape of a joint, a crunch in joints etc. Pains usually stupid, changeable, amplify during cold and wet weather, by the evening (after long loading) and at the initial movements after a condition of rest (“starting pains“). In coxofemoral joints of pain give in inguinal or to the sciatic area. Very often (especially at senile age) instead of pains only the ache and feeling of weight in bones and joints is noted.

True violation of mobility is observed by

seldom, it is about rigidity and fast fatigue of joints rather. Deformations of joints are best of all noticeable in joints of fingers of hands which gain knotty character, in knee joints. These deformations are caused by bone growths, but not hypostasis of soft fabrics, as at a joint inflammation. Roughnesses of articulate surfaces of bones are the reason of a rough crunch in joints.

Diagnosis of osteoarthroses

Diagnostics is based on typical symptoms of a disease (pain, change of appearance of joints without existence of signs of an inflammation), data laboratory (lack of signs of an inflammation in blood tests) and radiological researches. The arthroses proceeding asymptomatically can be seen only in x-ray pictures.

are allocated Radiological by three stages of osteoarthrosis. The first stage is characterized by insignificant narrowing of an articulate crack and small growths of a bone tissue at the edges of an articulate hollow. The second stage - narrowing of an articulate crack is already well visible, surfaces of bones becomes uneven, change the form, bone growths reach the considerable sizes. In the third stage of change come in deeper sites of bones.

Treatment of osteoarthrosis

Treatment of osteoarthrosis depends on a form and an arrangement of defeat, the general condition of the patient. For restoration of a cartilage of a joint appoint biological stimulators of formation of cartilaginous tissue (for example, rumalon). The reflex spasm of the muscles located around the interested joint is removed miorelaksant - the preparations removing a muscular spasm (for example, midokalmy). Vasodilating means (nicotinic acid) allow to increase food of joints, with the same purpose (and also for the purpose of anesthesia) thermal procedures are appointed (paraffin, the warming compresses, etc.) and massage.


for the purpose of elimination of pains apply nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations (indometacin, voltaren).

it is Very important to provide several times a day rest to the affected joint, it is impossible it is long to be in the same pose, long to stand on the feet, it is long to go, lift weights. In far come stages of a disease it is desirable to use a cane or crutches when walking.

Osteoartroz can gradually creep with

to each person, but if not to overload the joints, then these processes can imperceptibly proceed.