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Do not hurt me! When

Johnathan Demme`s Thriller “Silence of lambs“ is important not to be silent acquired nearly the cult status, and I think that this movie was seen almost by all. Cunning twirled story about the young graduate of FBI school Clarissa who acts as a bait for the terrible psychopath Hannibal Lecter.

It has to entice

at the cannibal of a detail who is held in custody for capture of the maniac by nickname Buffalo Bill ripping skin off the victims. Clarissa is pleasant to Lecter, and that helps her, but in exchange demands to open for him a door in secret corners of her soul...

Thank God that in real life maniacs meet quite seldom, and here people “ripping skin off us“ figuratively this word, meet, alas, quite often. So, when it is already worth not to being silent, and to declare that you are hurt (sincere or, God forbid, physical), openly?

If the man ignores your desires and requests

When it happens constantly, day by day, it is time to talk on this subject to your man frankly. It is quite possible that he just considers your requests and desires as a babsky nonsense. And therefore ignores them. Then it is necessary to inform it in a quiet form that is very important for you, about what you ask it.

If the man is ready to go for dialogue, a half of business is already made, and you, most likely, will come to consensus. And if is not present, then all your requests and desires, as well as you, for this person, - an empty phrase.

If you suspect

that the man changes you

Terribly clever psychologists and grown wise life experience of the young lady advise not to speak to the man about such suspicions at all even if it is the truth for 100%.

I motivate such council with the fact that so far you pretend that you know nothing about change, your man will be, as before, near you. Otherwise, presented with a fait accompli changes, the man will have to make a choice between women, and, perhaps, not in your advantage.

Ya with such treatment of a situation it does not agree in a root. Every day, each hour and every minute until you exhaust yourself suspicions about its changes, you will lose a heap of nerves, health and will spend the last particles of self-esteem.

I not the fact that even at your silence, the man will not make an independent choice for your competitor through any time. Well and why then was so much over itself to scoff?

Open dialogue is the best exit from any situation. If the man got confused and you are still dear to him, as well as he - to you, give him time for reflections.

Only strictly certain time, we will tell three months during which it will have to make a final choice. And if already nothing can be changed - forgive and release. There is no other exit just.

If the man hurts you in a bed

of Missile defense sex was not learned to be told at us still so. No, not on TV, radio or on the Internet - there just on this subject it is enough reasonings. And in own bedroom with the man. Sometimes the woman so is afraid to lose darling, or to seem to him not sex - a symbol of all era that, having squeezed lips, suffers that she in principle does not give it pleasure, and even hurts.

Anal sex, games of a garden - mazo, stings, and even just rough embraces are pleasant to not all women and if to you it not to liking, then report about it to the man still before it hurts you for the first time.

If he you loves

, then will take your words into consideration. And if he loves only himself, and continues to get up most indifferently too, then run from him far away.

If the man forces you to do to


I Think, on this subject and it is not necessary to argue long. If the man with whom you share a bed persistently sends you to abortion, perfectly understanding that you risk not only health, but also life, then he, to put it mildly, does not love you. And, speaking directly - he wanted to spit on you. As well as on your yet not been born child. Draw conclusions.

If the man you struck

Not without reason our grandmothers claim:“ Who betrayed time - will betray in another, who struck once - will surely strike in the second“. Alas, but it is the absolute truth. Earlier I always thought that kitchen fights without rules are a destiny of the fallen bums, but the manhandling is well widespread also in intelligent families with the higher education.

Especially if the woman at the same time is silent and pretends that all and has to be. And recently the girlfriend told me about externally safe family in which the husband killed the wife, simply without having calculated blow force.


This subject eternal, as life. Nobody knows us better, than our parents, and nobody leads up us stronger, than they. And if it is possible just to leave the man hurting, then with relatives it is harder and harder. As told the American fate - the musician Dee Snider:“ And it is impossible to live with them, and it is a pity to shoot down“.

If you manipulate

Who - who, and parents are able to manipulate us best of all as they know all our fears and offenses. But if manipulation from parents so obvious also brings you the most real pain, then it is necessary to speak about it aloud, explaining to parents what you already understand as well as how they manipulate you. Sometimes it helps.

At work

Should be

extremely careful if you have no decent length of service or necessary qualification, and you are persistently invited to work by unknown (unfamiliar) people to the position leading and demanding signing of documents, promising at the same time the moon and a land of milk and honey.

As a rule, such swindlers look for blunderers with high self-esteem then to write off for them all the financial frauds and crimes. Look what documents you sign, and at the slightest doubts - shout of it in a voice!

the Guarantee

Now bosses often of ask steel by order subordinated that those became or its poruchatel (at registration of the credit in bank), or in general took for it in bank a certain sum of money.

As a rule, such requests are followed by statements: “I will give all money!“ But, you understand that if your boss suddenly changes the mind, to pay - on his credits, all the same there will be you.

Want to be

happy - be it, but for this purpose are never silent, especially when you are hurt!