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The wife gives birth. The husband drinks beer?

Passed those times when fathers day and night were on duty under windows of maternity hospital in hope to see the newborn. Today it is possible to invite any loved one to childbirth - the husband, mother, the best friend. That it: craze? Return to the natural course of events?

History first

When Igor and Olga got married, they at once decided what children has to be much. But Olga could not become pregnant in any way. And just when doctors said unconditional: “Infertility“, the test for pregnancy showed two treasured strips.

Future parents treated the forthcoming changes in life seriously: went to courses of preparation for childbirth, long, captiously chose maternity hospital, immensely admired the kid in an ultrasonography office. Even they decided to give birth together.

“It is my child, and I want to be with it from first minute“, - Igor declared. Olga did not object:“ I am a person uncertain, all I am frightened, and in maternity hospital and even less so. I have even fights from - for it became more rare. But when Igor appeared, I instantly calmed down. On attempts I badly perceived remarks of the midwife and came to despair. Same it is so important - correctly to breathe at this moment! And here Igor began to breathe together with me. And our baby was born. Igor saw its the first, itself cut an umbilical cord. When I saw them together, at once thought: I want one more child!“

Igor claims that he most of all was afraid to faint. When the baby it appeared on his hands, he thought: “When to faint? In total already behind...“

Psychological comfort at the time of delivery - infinitely important thing. After - the delivery room - let the husband in an inner sanctum, the number of complications at childbirth decreased. Such is unbiased opinion of doctors. Unfamiliar persons, others walls, immemorial fear of a white dressing gown - all this can slow down fights and result in weakness of patrimonial activity. In this situation presence of the husband not simply calms - it gives to the woman the chance to give birth to the child with the smallest physical and sincere losses. Methods of the anesthetizing massage to which teach future parents on courses of preparation for childbirth are more effective twice - three times when at the time of delivery they are applied by the husband.

History second

Stas very much was delighted to

, having learned that Ira is pregnant. Stas is the person of action. He considers that any serious work needs to be done in the best way, that is is professional. Stas was ready to find elite maternity hospital, this minute to get for the wife and the child all the best, but Ira`s proposal “to give birth together“ apprehended half-heartedly. Ira everything is, by hook or by crook, persuaded the husband.

In maternity hospital Stas arrived to the most busy season: process was well under way. It stood in the delivery room of minutes five - and went to a corridor.“ At school of motherhood where I descended with Ira few times, it was frankly boring, - Stas admitted. - I did not understand why the husband at childbirth is necessary. When I appeared near Ira in maternity hospital, I felt superfluous: around it there was a heap to the people, knowing the how and why of things. I also left. Childbirth - same not a performance to which come from curiosity. The fact that I left does not mean at all that I do not love the wife and the child. The kid at us remarkable, and Ira simply a miracle“.

Psychologists not without reason claim that joint childbirth is good not for all. After such show the man can get a fault complex easily: the beloved suffers, and it stands nearby and can do nothing. At other couples after joint childbirth problems with sex begin. Therefore the decision on childbirth together cannot be made on one enthusiasm. The wife should not insist on the and already especially to resort to such arguments as “together did - together and we suffer“. If the husband for any reasons does not want to take part in this process, treat its decision quietly. Perhaps it and to the best.

the Actress in night-clothes?

I all - most of women give birth alone. Alain S. this circumstance so explains: “I do not want that the husband saw me in such look. Uncombed, red from strain, shouting - that in it beautiful? Let will repair the apartment better. And when will see the happy wife and the strange kid in an envelope - can bring to us flowers. I perfectly gave birth to the first child itself“.

Probably, in each woman there lives the actress playing on the most grateful audience - the man. Childbirth together can destroy an image which was created for years, and hardly couple from it will become happier.

Each to their own

If in the relations between future parents the crack, joint childbirth hardly cement it. Nastya L.: “tells I had uneven relations with the husband: we live in perfect harmony, we quarrel. Decided to give birth to all - together. At the time of delivery the husband very much helped me: did the weakening massage, distracted jokes and talk, and during attempts I sat at it on a lap. Strangely enough, it was very convenient to me. He terribly was proud then and told all how he gave birth to the son. And still joint childbirth did not rescue us from divorce which happened nearly in a year after that. Now the husband with the son practically does not communicate“.

Nevertheless the majority of couples note that after the joint birth of the child they became the close friend to the friend. The case when the man together with the beloved had toxicosis, usual is known at pregnancy, and then, at the time of delivery, felt severe pains in the bottom of a stomach. It is possible not to doubt that full mutual understanding reigned and reigns in such family!

And what there to do to me?


This question is asked by many future fathers. Here is how it was answered by Matvei K.: “For some reason it is considered that beer to drink or to earn money is as a real man. And to worry together with the wife, to encourage her not as a real man? Of course, husband not the midwife. But to surround the wife with attention, tenderness which are so necessary to it in these hours, to it precisely on forces. For doctors my wife one of many, and for me - Mother of my Child“.

If you decided to give birth together...