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How successfully to have interview of

For some luckies interview is a pleasant conversation with the employer which always comes to an end with mutual satisfaction: the employer obtained useful information, and the applicant - flatter words in the address, or perhaps even the invitation to work. However for many other applicants interview is the real test: communication with the personnel officer at them for some reason always happens not as it would be desirable.

Usually to interview is preceded by telephone communication: either with the administrative assistant, or with the employee of department of personnel. When make you an appointment, do not hesitate to ask in detail where there is a firm as it is more convenient to reach it: it will allow to avoid delay. In principle, by phone you can specify also some conditions of future work in a tactful form: sometimes it needs to be made to decide whether to you it is worth spending in general time for personal acquaintance to the potential employer.

Gathering for interview, take with yourself more documents which characterize you from the best party: diploma, service record and so on. If you are afraid to lose them - take photocopies.

Put on on interview so that to meet expectations of the personnel officer of how the worker at this position has to look. If you go to get a job in shop selling audiodisks - can put on ripped jeans and a cap because sellers in similar institutions put on in such informal style. And here if interview to the marketing specialist`s position in construction company is necessary to you, then the street clothes will not approach: the strict business suit is necessary.

prepare In advance answers to questions which for certain raise at the employer the greatest interest. Usually concerns personnel officers that you did on the previous places of work and on what reason left why you want to get a job in this company that you most of all appreciate in work what qualities you consider in yourself positive and what - negative.

Get written recommendations from the previous places of work. Ask also from your former employers for permission to give number of their phone for obtaining oral recommendations.

Be ready

that you should perform the test or a certain task. For example, if you settle the HR manager, then you can ask to answer questions on the Labour code.

can be present At interview not only the personnel officer, but also other staff of firm, for example chiefs of divisions. Sometimes interview takes place in firm in two stages: the first - fact-finding, the second - final when the decision is made by your immediate superior.


Sometimes for experts conducts group interview: that is representatives of HR department talk not separately to each applicant, and to the whole group of candidates for vacancy. Sometimes it occurs for saving of time, sometimes - to find out which of applicants is more valuable.

Sometimes except the summary fillings of the questionnaire also can demand

from you. Questions in the questionnaire and the summary can be duplicated. But you nevertheless should make it if these data are important for collecting the unified information by the staff of firm.

Useful tips:

you Say
  1. about what you consider in yourself as the best, advantageous for occupation of the corresponding position.
  2. Consider
  3. that can ask you rather sharp, unfriendly questions. Your task - it is courteous to answer them, without aggression.
  4. do not forget to ask
  5. all questions which you consider important: about a salary, graphics of work, about penalties and awards, performance standards, about observance of the Labour code.
  6. you do not sit in a free pose. Try to behave in compliance with a situation.
  7. It is possible, during interview you suddenly will understand that this work everything is not for you. You do not hurry to leave: you can take useful experience even from unfortunate interview.
you can ask

on interview:

That it is undesirable to do on interview:

  1. to be angry, show the offense;
  2. to criticize the orders established in firm;
  3. to tell
  4. about itself as about the infallible employee.

Usually on interview leaves of 15 minutes before half an hour. However there are also hour, “deep“ interviews which the employer uses to learn about you as much as possible.