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First labor not always lasts long

Ya - a big toropyga: in this life I do everything quickly. It appeared, as to give rise at me it turned out also. All this happened in already far 2000, but is live in memory as though occurred quite recently.

on July 3. I iron the small round tummy and tearfully I beg the daughter to be born.

the Term of my childbirth passed

on June 28. The doctor in ZhK told me that we will wait to 5 - go for number. If nothing occurs, then it is necessary to go to hospital and to stimulate childbirth.

- Tanyukh, - I beg the child, - well why to us it is necessary? Give as - nibud!

But one more day comes to an end, and in a stomach does not even pinch. And today it did not turn out.

in the Evening in a toilet I find out

that the mucous stopper departs. Means soon.

- Give

, the baby!

at Night the husband peacefully pokhrapyvat

nearby, and to me is not slept. New day begins, but I do not know yet that it will become the main holiday in our family. Birthday of our princess.

By the morning manages to fall asleep. But in 8 I wake up from the fact that the stomach became stone, and the body pierces pain. Pain collapses sharply and at once. It is necessary to mark intervals between fights. What such intervals! They are absent just!

the Husband gathers for work.

- Today, darling, you do not go anywhere. It seems, began! Or rather, precisely began!

the Husband shaves with

me, I spin and I whine. We give an enema. On courses said that in intervals between fights it will be possible to have a rest. Where you, intervals?

I am displaced

In the car to which the husband took out me on hands by a ball and again I whine.

- My God, my child if to you it is even worse as you will transfer it!

In hospital is praised that already shaved and made an enema. They say that with such tiny tummy only on dances but not to give birth. To me not to a praise, I get up on all fours and quietly I pay. The doctor comes, looks.

- Opening 3 centimeters only. Do not become limp, you will give rise by the evening, forces more are necessary to you!

- And why fights one behind one without intervals?

- do not invent! Give in the elevator, we will go to patrimonial office.

In the elevator I lean against a wall. Tears slide by itself. No, till the evening I will definitely not sustain...

In patrimonial chamber on the next bed by a wild voice the girl shouts, curses the husband like a sailor and asks to smoke. In my opinion, she not absolutely understands that she shouts. Around it nurses run. I am on a bed on all fours, having buried a face in a sheet, is sick, sick, painful to me.

the doctor Comes, watches me once again.

- Disclosure of 7 centimeters. Something is strong quickly - half an hour ago only three was. If so goes, then you will tear in rags and to the child it is heavy. Now we will give an injection, fights slightly will weaken, the child will have a rest.

the Prick does not help

, fights do not weaken. For some moment I am forgotten from pain.

Regained consciousness - I am on all fours in a pool. Probably, it is waters.

I Feel

that strongly pulls in a toilet.

- it Can do attempts? - I ask the nurse.

- What attempts, delivered a prick to you to weaken patrimonial activity. There cannot be at you attempts.


A godlessly. All nurses run around wildly shouting girl - to them not to me.

Quietly I get up, I go to look for the doctor. I find it in the next chamber.

- Look at me, I cannot already.

- Now I will come, comb hair better, and the child you will frighten that of the look when he is born.

the Doctor comes in 20 minutes. It appears, these are really attempts, the head already went.

- And what you are silent?

- I called you, - I shy object.

- Run on a maternity chair!

I Come off a bed, I run, it is inconvenient to run.

- Where so jerked, you want to give rise on a floor? Carefully!

I Fly up on a chair, I scatter legs.

- Tuzhsya!

I Make an effort that is forces. Time! And shout! Over me lift a small red lump with the long white volosika which are sticking out in different directions.

- Hi, my girl!

to me put it on a stomach, it closes the blue eyes, and I am surprised what eyelashes, long at it. Carry away to weigh and measure. Exactly 3 kg and exactly 50 cm, 9/9 on a scale Apgar. Healthy child.

Ya quickly I give birth an afterbirth. The doctor is surprised:

- Such fast childbirth, and the fact that gaps, there are even no grazes.

Here such we are good fellows!

When me was taken away from the delivery room, the doctor told:

- You next time so quietly do not behave, shout, call. And that we think, time do not shout, means still early.

Here so - hysteric women badly, and such guerrillas as I, it is bad too.


, all this. So at 12:20 on July 4, 2000 the most expensive to me came to the world the little man.

From that time as I felt the first fights, and before her first shout, passed slightly more than 4 - x hours.