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The armor is strong, and our tanks are fast

This museum belongs to “the museums not for all“. And not because for it it is difficult to reach or the cost of visit of a zapredelnovysok. The exposition of the museum specific, it can be uninteresting to a wide range. It is about Voyenno - the historical museum of armored arms and technology of the Head autoarmoured department of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. It has the largest collection of armored fighting vehicles (more than 300 samples).

could visit this museum two times in a year about 10 years ago - for the Victory Day and Day of the tankman. Now, remaining still sensitive site (it is located in the territory of military unit), the museum is open for visits from 10 to 17 o`clock, the days off - Monday and Tuesday. It is also closed on holidays and during special events.

the Museum is located

near the settlement the Cuban of Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, in 64 km from Moscow. It is better to get to it by the car on Minskoye Highway. As a reference point serves the IS tank - 3 on the left side of the highway. From the tank to the left in the field there is a road - it is about 400 more m to the check point and cash desk. But as turn is forbidden on the left, it is necessary to pass 400 m forward, to be developed and move back to Moscow to the tank. Parking at gate of the museum small therefore it is necessary to be ready to the parking “in the field“.

Can reach by

also by an electric train from the Belarusian station. But it is reasonable to undertake such travel only to a warm season in dry weather since it is necessary to go from the Cuban station to the highway, and then to move along the highway to the tank, and then still to stamp across the field. And there are no sidewalks there, only a roadside... They say that go to the museum of a minibus and a taxi, I at the station square did not see them.

needs to Put on in a cold season warmly since museum pavilions - hangars from boards - are not heated, and there is no place to get warm. There is no place to eat too, at an entrance there is a small pavilion with a shish kebab, but how there it is edible, I do not know. whether

Should go to this museum? Costs if you are interested in military history if you want to look and to show to children tanks which went for storm of Moscow, and tanks which defended the capital. There is the very first tank in the world. Here found a haven terrible ISY, the prototype of the last domestic tank with the tselnolity case “flying“ T - 80, legendary T - 34, family high-speed kolesno - the BT caterpillar tanks. Here it is possible to see the heavy tank T - 35, represented on the medal “For Courage“. The armored equipment of nazi Germany is widely presented. Perhaps, any more you will not see equipment of the USA and Great Britain, France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Japan and China anywhere. All equipment is placed in 7 pavilions.

to me it is difficult to p to describe feelings which you have, standing near the German tanks. You look back at the pavilion with our tanks and you think of how on fields which begin behind walls of the museum our soldiers resisted to these giants with rifles and carbines. In these parts there passed the last line of defense of Moscow on Mozhaisk the direction. Here soldiers 32 - y, 50 - y shooting and 82 - y motor-shooting divisions which covered Minskoye Highway in November - December, 1941 fought. In one of pavilions there are tanks which were on this very spot at that time...

to my sons (17 and 10 years) the museum was pleasant to

. The senior is fond of military history and, in particular, tanks. But the fact that our visit of the museum was successful was promoted also by other circumstances. Every summer we live near the Cuban in the housing estate. In the neighboring woods we see growing, dragging on as wounds, machine-gun nests and the courses of the message. Children find splinters and sleeves. The earth is in these parts so filled with iron that passed already more than 60 years, and it everything gives it. We know that the field behind the housing estate at the time of war was mine. That a hillock on a hillock - a grave of soldiers who did not give this height. Therefore visit of the museum became a self-evident event...

can be Considered it about the museum here
the Scheme of an arrangement of an exposition here.
the Schedule of electric trains from the Belarusian station here.
in the territory of the museum is forbidden to get on equipment and to come for a protection. A photo - and video filming of equipment is allowed.
the Entrance fee (only for citizens of the Russian Federation) 100 rub (adult), 50 rub (children`s).
Bus excursions for school students. In the presence of the bus the order of excursion accompanied by the guide and the reference by ph. (495) 992 - 2706 or 8 - 926 - 959 - 0756. Phone for certificates of work of the museum: (495) 992 - 27 - 06.

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