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My buddy of

A for me my David is the best friend! He is five years old, and all these five years I tried to be each free second near him soon not to miss a uniform opportunity to talk to it, to play, sing, pobesitsya... Who still will answer him the questions “Who Such Inquisitor“ (it is set in 3 years) and “Who such Krzhizhanovsky“ (it is set in 4 years)? Who will carry out cleaning of the seasonal dacha from “live hats“, using all arsenal of modern toy small arms? Who early in the morning will mushroom with it, will climb under fir-trees, collecting strong coral milky caps and russulas? Who will put the small lizard similar to a little crocodile on a warm palm, and will tell about it all that he knows? Who will seat near himself to look with the next Gran - At “Formula One“ and (oh, mother`s horror!) will treat with tasty chips? With whom he will go to watch how fog who will measure in kilometers per hour the speed of its flight on the scooter who will tell about “A black shark“ and an aircraft carrier who will think up the fairy tale about a toad and her adventures who will organize the racing championship with toy machines who will sing “Shine“ of Letov and “Watchman Sergeyev“ of Grebenshchikov lays down on a grass? And who will teach to distinguish good from the evil, friends from friends, enemies from foes? Only the best friend.


Ya it is very proud when David calls me the best friend, and very much rejoices when I say to it that his feelings are mutual. The most terrible (and, perhaps, the only thing) punishment for it - if I promise not to be on friendly terms with it any more. Not to walk together in the evenings in small park near the house, not to tell for the night what will dream it, not to listen to his opinion on everything on light (from height of its growth, of course), not to learn to photograph, float, fly a kite, to play soccer and it is correct to hold toy “Kalashnikov“...

to be on friendly terms with it is huge happiness. And my advice to all fathers: guys, catch every second lives of the child! No matter, son it or daughter. You are necessary to them, and they are necessary to you. To us! In a week, month, year our sons and daughters will be already others, and we nevermore learn that they thought in 2 years about a snail, in 3 years - about clouds, in 4 years - about the boy or the girl from their group. And it is more interesting even, than the Universe system. Because the small Universe as after the Big Bang, promptly grows near us... And any business on Earth cannot be compared on a gratefulness and importance to communication with the child. Especially, if he is your best friend.