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Cat with a dog can live in peace and friendship

As there will be relations at a cat with a dog, in many respects depends on the first meeting. There is an opinion that a dog and a cat - irreconcilable enemies. Once he sees each other, the dog instantly accepts a combative rack, and the small fluffy being begins to look around in search of shelter. In total so. And not so. These potential foes quite can not only peacefully coexist, but also show similarity of friendly feelings.

the Atmosphere of the first meeting

to Owners of pets should remember

that both a dog, and a cat - born hunters. However, if the dog is ready to pursue even a huge elephant, then the graceful kitty is in this regard much wiser. She prefers only “trifle“ which to it it is valid on forces. From a dog runs away rather not from fear and once again not to communicate. And so there are enough cares. Nevertheless, if you intend to get a dog, and in the house for a long time the cat feels like the hostess, stop the choice on a puppy aged from three weeks about three months. It is easier for kid to adapt to new conditions and to reconcile with the fact that he is not the only tetradactyl favourite in the house.

their first meeting has to take place

at decent distance from each other and only under your vigilant control. Let will sniff to each other, will accustom with smells, new to themselves and will imprint in consciousness that in the atmosphere of the house nothing disturbing is observed.

the Dog will quickly think that the being who is not able even to yelp does not constitute danger, and the cat will understand soon, this strange animal is how still silly and helpless. And, perhaps, will take it under the guardianship. Will begin to lick as all kids. To watch that did not creep where - nibud. Will disturb owners if seems as if something threatens a puppy.


Friendship friendship, and croutons separately

it is desirable to Feed a dog with a cat in the same room. However, in different corners. Keep in mind, the inquisitive kitty as required by all means will try to stick a nose in a dog bowl (can, is more tasty there). At the beginning do not allow it to do it. Subsequently, as it often happens, animals can eat “from one kettle“. And it is first important than not to cause negative reaction of a puppy. Like, did not manage to cross through a threshold, and already offend. Ah, I am unfortunate. Oh these cats.

Though quite often happens on the contrary. Especially when, bringing up a dog, you decided to get a cat (cat). If at a meeting the dog friendly wags a tail, inviting the new settler to play, so you were lucky, the cat gained at first sight, and problems relationship between two animals will hardly arise. The cat will watch some time cautiously the new friend, and then will develop the rules of the game. Eventually, even the most irreconcilable dog will begin to realize that the patched-up peace is better than quarrel. And it is hard to live in constant tension. In a word, will surely be given. Only that it is also necessary to a cat. Very it will open for itself soon that the dog in the house is a live hot-water bottle. In that case that guilty not to be attached by a row. Or in general to get on a back of the new friend, to blink from pleasure and to fall asleep blissfully.

By the way, try to behave so that not to give to any of the four-footed pets obvious preference. Animals are beings jealous and vulnerable. You remember it, and you will manage to maintain a peace in the home.