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Scent of a Woman

Only experts - perfumers are capable to guess literally a nose of what aromas these or those spirits consist. For example, the basis of “Red Moscow“ adored by many women within several decades is made by an iris, a carnation, a jasmine, an orange blossom, musk and a heliotrope. For aroma creation perfumers use more than six thousand names of raw materials - smells not only flowers, but also leaves, a peel, wood. Among the most often found components - essential oils of a citrus, jasmine flowers, petals of roses, a lavender, an orange blossom, oil of a bergamot and a cedar, tack, a sandalwood and various herbs: mint, anise, azalea.

Scent of a Woman is a trait of character. Aroma of its spirits can tell a lot of things about their hostess. Some do not use spirits at all or cause them in special cases, others feel discomfort without habitual aroma. As a rule, women use two, the smells which are combined with each other, that is aromas of one shade: a lung - in the morning, and more saturated - in the evening.

the Choice of perfume depends on many conventions. For example, to very young women, especially blondes, it is not recommended to use heavy east aromas like “Opium“, and at the age of elegance, probably, it is time for women to refuse light flower smells, such as “Anais - Anais“. Sweetish spirits with aroma of a muscat and a sandalwood will be suitable for swarty brunettes, and brown-haired women and blondes, most likely, will prefer “green“ or flower smells.

It is no secret that the first several months the child recognizes mother by a smell. Probably, therefore you should not abuse spirits during feeding. Young mother is a light aroma of soap with “hint“ on toilet water with a morning smell. Being going to perfume before issue, think that the new mother`s smell can frighten your kid.


Choosing spirits, drip them on the palm as on skin of the seller they can get other odorous shade. If you are not sure of a smell, postpone purchase, perhaps, in several days you will find ideally “the“ aroma. it is better for p to Cause to

spirits not with a finger, and a glass stopper of a bottle, without pounding on skin. Most longer the smell remains behind lobes of ears, on a neck under hair, in elbow and knee bends and on wrists that is where pulse is easily probed. If you want to scent scarfs or linen, it is better to apply accurately spirits on internal seams or previously to put on a regiment with linen strongly scented rag or already empty bottle.

it is better for p to Keep the unpacked spirits in the refrigerator. And, if you opened them, not too prolong pleasure, be ready that in a year the smell can change.

If you love strongly smelling shower gels, soap, deodorants, watch that aromas did not mix up: “the effect of multiple smells“ is not always good. If you cannot live also day without favourite toilet water, buy all flavourless above-mentioned cosmetics or with neutral aroma of freshness. There is one more exit: buy the whole perfumery series of the same firm. As a rule, it is the toilet water possessing identical smells, a deodorant, shower gel or foam for a bathroom.

Main that the smell was pleasant to you: then by itself the mood will be lightened, and shoulders will finish - you will feel irresistible and this feeling will involuntarily be given to people around.