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The first birthday of the little son

I Want to share the found parental experience. Perhaps, it will help someone. The matter is that at the end of March to our darling and the only sonny Vladik year was executed. There was a strong wish to make this first Birthday unforgettable and bright. We began to prepare in 2 months prior to our holiday, many books were read and many websites with scripts and ideas for children`s anniversaries are seen, but it is impossible to pick up the ready scenario which would be suitable for you and the child for hundred percent. And we with the spouse began to collect our holiday on particles. I want to warn in advance, children`s birthday to make and plan much more difficult, than the. I offer the short plan for preparation:

to Decide by
  1. on guests.
  2. Proceeding from quantity of invited, to decide on the room where there will take place the holiday (the house or restaurant).
  3. to Prepare the approximate scenario and to take out at the same time on lists, what needs to be bought for the scenario and what needs to be taken with itself (scissors and an envelope for a podstriganiye, baby food, wet towel wipes, etc. as in a hurry it is possible to forget something).
  4. Considering the scenario, to buy jewelry for the hall, to order helium spheres.
  5. to Think of a gift for the child.
  6. to Find
  7. video - the operator.
  8. to Make
  9. or to book bright invitation cards.
  10. to Order cake and to get a svechechka.

I so when everything was prepared and bought from us, on March 23 after we put the little son to bed, rough preparation began li. We inflated many balloons, hanged out festive tags - garlands and looked forward long-awaited on March 24.

in the Morning when the sonny woke up, he was very surprised, did not understand why all pull it ears, but the atmosphere of the house pleased it. At first we congratulated Vladik and presented him a car seat, and then went to thank our doctor who observed me all pregnancy and at the end helped the sonny to be born. We did not give it expensive gifts, just a bouquet of roses, three bright balloons and, of course, warm words of gratitude - it appeared enough to surprise her and to lighten mood for the whole unlucky working day.

of the House the child, having played enough, it was put to bed, and we went to decorate restaurant. For ornament we with the husband made an age engine which consisted of the locomotive and 12 cars. On the locomotive the first photo of the son was pasted, and on cars photos from 1 to 12 months were placed. Also in the hall were the poster with a congratulatory rhyme, a garland “Happy birthday“ and some more amusing garlands in the form of animals. On a table the spheres filled with helium, them were placed we tied to small toys.

the husband is closer than

to three o`clock in the afternoon went to take away cake, and I - to dress up our birthday man.

At restaurant was played all the time by a disk with children`s songs which supplemented the festive atmosphere of a children`s holiday.

At last all guests assembled, are distributed to all caps (we bought in children`s shop, but it is possible to make and), and all are seated in places. We begin!

Leading (I, mother): “In Belozersk a kingdom, in the Ukrainian state, a year ago it was, once upon a time there was happily and harmoniously ordinary family. Soon the desired firstborn was born at them, and named him Vlad. Went month, days flew. And here our wonderful kid turned in all of the favourite real mischievous person.


to me in place it is not sat,
I want to turn all day
And on the room to jump,
to Run, jump, somersault
Both to spin and to laugh,
So what to abuse me for? Speak, I am a fidget,
I awake the father In the mornings. And in the apartment a hullabaloo
I Deliver br in the evenings.
At me one answer:
I am a child!
Really not to understand,
That I cannot be abused?!“

Congratulatory words of parents of the kid, and for adult guests the first drunk glasses.

Leading: “We will not give the second toast just like that, it needs to be won, we will hold a quiz “Birthday man“. Who will answer bigger quantity of questions, that also will speak.

  1. Surname, name, birthday man`s middle name.
  2. Favourite song of the child.
  3. How many native uncles and aunts Vladik has.
  4. What
  5. of color at it a winter cap.
  6. , How many zubik at Vladik.
  7. Name and middle name of mother of the birthday man.
  8. Vladik`s Weight at the birth.
  9. Time of the birth of the kid.
  10. First word of the baby.
  11. father`s Profession.“
we handed to

Following the results of a quiz the medal “The Most Knowing Guest“ and granted the right to the second to congratulate our sonny.

we did

of the Medal, it is desirable to think up so many nominations that all invited were marked out.

After the second toast.
Leading: “As at us children`s, Vladik even toys decided to congratulate Birthday.
we put the Doll performance “Birthday“ together with the spouse. The screen was made of a bright bed-sheet from a children`s sleeping set which was bound between two chairs. Behind a screen there was a husband to whom I wrote out on a word leaf in advance, on chairs toys and presents from toys are one after another spread out.

Leading: “Vladyushka has a birthday,
congratulations Wait for Vladyushka.
the Sun early rises,
Sees - the zainka goes.
You where go, a braid,
You where go barefoot?“

Hare: “On a visit I am afraid to be late,
I for a holiday hurry,
To the boy I was called
to Dance in the elegant hall! That,
I to it bear carrot!“

of the Hare and carrot are given to the child

Leading: “Who mewed behind a window?“

Cat: “Meow - meow, it is a cat!
to the Boy I bear on legs
Very fashionable boots (socks),
That in 10 new years
it Bypassed the whole world!“

Instead of sapozhek can present to the child socks. After words and a gift, and the cat is given to the child.

Leading: “Look, miracles -
To us the fox came!“

Fox: “I - chanterelle - a fox,
to All wood I am beauty. For Vladyushki and guests
I Brought to br crucians“.

It is possible for

as a gift from the Fox to use small fishes for games in a bathroom, a small fish - a puzzle or cookies in the form of a small fish. The fox and a gift are given to the child.

Leading: “To us the bear came to a holiday“.

Bear: “I brought as a gift the book!
Let thumbs through, let reads,
Let studies pictures“.

the Bear and the book pass to

to the child.

Leading: “Barbos is upset - it brought nothing“.

Dog: “What to do how to me to be?
Where to get a gift?“

Leading: “You, a doggie, do not long,
To us come to a holiday.
Yes do not stand at doors,
Congratulate him rather!“

Dog: “Let the sun shines In birthday
And heaven turns blue!
And let the Family, relatives, friends surround with love

Leading: “We join congratulations from animals and we give the filled toast“.

After guests drank, we began to prepare everything for a podstriganiye (scissors and a bright envelope in which they will put the sheared child`s hair are necessary).

Leading: “Long the fairy tale affects and it is necessary to do also to us serious work.
Those darlings that christen the kid,
Promote development and growth slowly.
the Godfather Maxim and the Godmother Alyona,
do not forget, darling,s as usual long ago,
you the first cut Vlad all the same“.

After a hairstyle we award godparents with the honourable medals “Beloved Godfather“, “Beloved Godmother“.

Then the first subhairstyle and medals are washed by the filled glasses.

Leading: “Probably, once we play the following toast. As Vlad was born in the spring, and we will have a spring subject. It is necessary to guess as much as possible riddles:
Friable snow on the sun thaws,
the Breeze in branches plays,
More loudly bird`s voices
Means, to us came... (spring).

* * *

Streamlets run quicker,
the sun warmer Shines. Vorobey is glad to weather -
month Glanced to us... (March).

* * *

the Bear got out of a den,
Dirt and pools on the road,
In the lark sky a trill -
On a visit to us came... (April).

* * *

the Garden tried on white color,
the Nightingale sings the sonnet,
In greens ours put on edge -
meets Us by heat... (May).

* * *

Housewarming at a starling
He exults endlessly.
That at us there lived a mocker,
we Made... (nesting box).

* * *

Here on a branch someone`s house,
Neither doors in it, nor windows,
But to baby birds to live warmly there.
the House such call... (nest).


It is given the floor to the winner“.

Leading: “And now let`s be engaged in guessing. (For guessing it is necessary to prepare identical boxes in advance, and there to enclose all necessary).

When boxes were spread out by

on a table-top before Vlad, I asked “What life you will choose to yourself, the sonny?“
our son chose a box with a brush. Well, we will look in the future.
All fill glasses and drink for the carried-out guessing.

Leading: “For anybody not the secret, what help to us are given by grandmothers and grandfathers. We want to mark out them honourable medals. Amuse in the afternoon, during the lunchtime feed him, at night him protect a dream. As it is great that in our life there are grandmothers. Lovely, kind, the best on light! “If we knew the statement what happiness to have grandsons, we would bring them before children!“ about our grandmothers“. we Hand the identical medals “World Grandmother“.
“The grandfather Sasha - he allows the grandson to go by himself in every sense this word, and does it with the great pleasure“. (“The outstanding grandfather“).
“The grandfather Pasha - for what is able to be proud of all would not make his grandson“. (“Moustached nurses“).
“The uncle Zhenya - for a systematic poshchipyvaniye for cheeks and just warm attitude (“The beloved uncle“)“.

we Give a toast to the handed medals, to close people who got these medals and, of course, for the birthday man.

Leading: “Not one birthday cannot do without songs, so give and we will sing now and at the same time we will congratulate our birthday man. All know the song “Happy birthday to you ….!“ Let`s try to sing it in different options“.
For a competition needs three persons, we chose them from a man`s half of our guests. Houses were prepared in advance three children`s cubes on which figures are represented, cubes placed in a bag, and in such a way participants chose the sequence and at the same time the task.

  1. We ran to Vladik per day - the birth and at the same time sang (I will eat very quickly).
  2. Here we came to Vlad. Let`s sing loudly for it (I will eat loudly).
  3. our birthday man treated with candies, you put them for cheeks and sing (will be more ridiculous if you give singing three candies).

after that we held two more competitions:

  1. Competition “swaddling“. In our case this competition went on “hurrah“ since two of our godmothers are pregnant. I still houses prepared two diapers and as we have a boy, house dolls we did not find, but decided to replace them with balloons in the form of hares. Lost and won our competition was not, girls showed the abilities in all beauty, for as got the medals “For Ability to Swaddle“.
  2. Competition “small bottle“. For a competition we prepared two small bottles with nipples, in each small bottle poured some champagne. Participants perfectly coped with a task therefore they were awarded by the medals “For Ability to Drink“.

Leading: “Here also came it is time to bring festive cake. For a start we will define who together with mother and the father will help to blow into the only svechechka to our birthday man. I will tell the first word from the phrase, and guests - the second who will give the correct answers, that and the winner most.
the Game “Finish the Phrase“
the Carpet-... (plane)
Boots-... (fast walkers)
the King-... (Drozdoborod)
the Princess-... (on a pea)
Ivan-... (Tsarevitch)
the Tsarevna-... (Frog)
Santa-... (Claus)
Red-... (Hat)
the Crocodile-... (Gena)
the Flower-... (Seven-flower)
the Woman-... (Yaga)
Spring-... It (is red)
Boots-... (Fast walkers)
the Fad-... (Gorbunok)
And, of course, Day... (births).“
As some phrases can have several versions of answers, any suitable were accepted. For example, at the word “Tsarevna“ versions of answers: “Frog, “Swan“, “Nesmeyana“, etc. This competition was won by our godmother Alyona.

Leading: “There now, we decided on the assistant. And now God of fire Prometheus wants to propose the toast and to light a candle on birthday cake“. For Prometheus we made “crown“ with the inscription “Prometheus“ and to him on a leaf separately wrote out words.

Prometheus: “I, Prometheus, give it a particle
High sacred fire!
Let this light it is kept in soul, That, could share with friends
And warm at a difficult moment!“


After these words lit a birthday candle which all of us together blew out, and everyone was treated with a sweet cake.

finally we awarded

I with medals of all guests who were left without medals.

Leading: “For support, responsiveness, kindness and understanding are awarded:

Soon our kid was tired. Here so on rewardings our first anniversary also ended.

Children are the most important and native that we have, to us, to parents, it is worth making every effort to make their holidays unforgettable.