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Taming of the bicycle

Today I asked the father that it unscrewed to me small castors at the bicycle, and I would begin to go without them, and would learn to keep balance. Sashka from the neighbour`s house goes without these castors for a long time and laughs over me, and says that only kids who are not four years old ride with such wheels. I said to the father for a long time that I will be able to ride a two-wheeled bicycle, but the father dissuaded me and frightened that I will fall, and it will be painful to me.

But today the father agreed to remake to me the bicycle. And here castors are turned off, and we went to the yard to hockey court to try to ride. I got on the bicycle, the father supported me for a saddle. I began to twist quickly pedals, so, that the father had to run for me.

After we passed

a half-circle, it became often and is noisy to breathe, I pressed pedals even stronger. The earth quickly rushed off under me, and the father ceased to puff.

it is unexpected before my wheels there was a huge pool with bricks in the middle, I sharply turned a wheel, and suddenly the earth shook, hit me, and I flew from the bicycle.

the earth appeared

In a moment on the place, and I came to be under bicycle, I was hurt by palms and knees. The father was not near, I looked round around and saw how he runs to me.

could not understand

Ya in any way why I appeared on the earth and why the father appeared so far from me, I well and quickly went because it held me for a saddle.

At last I guessed that one went, and the father lagged behind and when I began to turn to go round a pool, did not manage to keep and fell.

This my opening amazed with

me, knees absolutely ached, and I unexpectedly for myself started howling. Here the father approached, lifted me from the earth, shook off to me trousers, wiped palms and told:“ Nothing terrible, Tinchik, will pass everything now“.

Then he lifted the bicycle and ordered: “Sit down, we will continue to study“. The bicycle pushed by the father went, but I did not begin to twist pedals and grasped with one hand the father and asked that it did not release me. The father tried to leave me all the time, but I right there removed legs from pedals, rested against the earth and stopped.

the Father it bothered

soon, and he told that he will bring castors now and will fasten them back. I thought, thought and agreed to it. The father told me that I therefore could not at once learn to keep balance that I eat soup a little. And I decided that I will eat every day during the lunchtime now on half-bowls of soup and when I learn to go without additional castors, I will surely overtake neighbour`s Sashka and at the same time I will give a signal to him the call fastened on a wheel.