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Hunting dogs in city conditions of

Even more often on streets of St. Petersburg and other cities it is possible to see on an equal basis with fighting, sentry and decorative dogs of representatives of hunting breeds - dratkhar, cops, borzois, hounds, spaniels, setters, layek, dachshunds and others. I was interested in conditions of keeping of these dogs in city conditions. And here what was succeeded to find out.

If you decided to buy

a dog whose feature is good-natured, devoted and live character (and are that the majority of hunting dogs, despite a variety of breeds), then you need to remember the following.

Hunting dogs are brought by

in order that much and to move actively. In the city it is hard for them - especially if the owner uses a dog for designated purpose, that is takes out on hunting at least two - three times a year. And all rest of the time? The hunting season short, and in the city of the place for high-quality walks is not a lot of... In it the main complexity of keeping of hunting dogs also consists in the city.

Experts recommend to walk with borzois, hounds, cops not less than three times a day to provide them a movement maximum. Besides, on the days off it is necessary to take out them on the nature. Passive walks not for these dogs, with them it is necessary to play, allow to move as much as possible.


Krom of ensuring physical activity, to the hunting dogs very inclined at city contents to completeness, needs the balanced food. It must be kept in mind that hunting dogs - the natures which are fond and if to release them from a lead in city conditions, are big risk that the dog will escape and it will be lost. Therefore, it is vital to hang up, besides good education, on a collar an adresnik with the owner`s phone, and it is better on a separate lace under a collar. By the way, setters perfectly feel in apartments at a possibility of walks without lead, to that a set of confirmations of my acquaintances.

In the city apartment keeping of a dog has the pluses and minuses - as, however, and domestic. Undoubted plus is that, living in the apartment, the dog constantly watches people. It becomes cleverer, contact, resolute, and the owner constantly monitors growth, development and habits of the pet. As for minuses of such contents - with a dog it is necessary to walk much what I already mentioned. whether

any requirements to Are... to the apartment suitable for keeping of dogs of hunting breeds? Yes, is! Manufacturers recommend to close a floor an oriental carpet - if a floor is covered with linoleum, then the continuous compelled sliding can lead to a curvature of extremities. Besides, the room has to be aired regularly and qualitatively. If in the apartment fresh air, it well influences appetite, quality of wool and even behavior of a dog and her mood.

If the cat itself chooses by

to herself the place, then for a dog it is done by the owner. The place for a hunting dog has to be as it is possible further from heating devices. If she gets used to constant heat, then can be coddled and subsequently it is bad to transfer temperature drops. The risk of catarrhal diseases increases. Besides, life in constant heat breaks development of an underfur, wool is weakened, and as the result, - amplifies a molt. Nevertheless, the residence of a dog has to be in the apartment where there are no drafts because they extremely negatively affect on its health.

the dog in the apartment has to have the corner which is its territory that nobody disturbed it, did not awake in vain, here the dog will have an opportunity to have a rest quietly. The loving and careful owners consider the device for the pet of a convenient and pure berth. Yes, yes, quite so! It is possible to make for it a berth of the wooden frame fitted by dense material - for example, tarpaulin. It is impossible to lay foam rubber and too soft down or peryevy laying at all. The stove bench is recommended to be laid a mattress which the pillowcase is put on.

As for food, the dog surely has to have a certain place for acceptance of food. The bowl with clear water usually costs constantly, and the bowl for food is put only during feeding, and height from a floor should be kept approximately at the level of a breast of a dog. For this purpose use special supports.

cannot allow long stay of hunting dogs in a bathroom At all. Lack of a daylight and cold tiled floor causes a set of problems with health, including arthritis (a chronic inflammation of joints) and miozit (hard treated inflammation of muscles). In kitchen to a dog too not the place. Gas combustion products, a kitchen fumes, a set of smells, the increased humidity in a food preparation time - all this is unhealthy dogs. Intuition weakens, moreover, the dog quickly turns into the beggar, at it bad habits can develop.

As for walks - the collar and a lead are an indispensable condition within the city. At departure on the nature the lead can be removed - but only if you are absolutely sure of obedience of your pet.

Summing up of

the result, I will tell: if to meet simple conditions of keeping, spending on one day off for distant walks in safe places, it is possible to provide without effort quite comfortable life of hunting dogs in the city.