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Poseidon`s drugs

the Elixir of eternal beauty and health which several drops can create a miracle is not invented... And for preservation of eternal youth we are ready to make the most risky acts - to starve, exhaust ourselves physical exercises, to accept modern medicines or to lay down under a knife of the plastic surgeon.

Though quite often such “attack“ to the Nature comes to an end with defeat. And all these extreme measures could be replaced with thalassotherapy which at competent application brings only benefit and quite corresponds to Tsels`s precept “it is safe to treat, quickly, pleasantly“.

Literally a few years ago at the mention of the word “thalassotherapy“ Russians only puzzly threw up eyebrows. One believed that it is about the next “female features“ from the field of cosmetology, others, more educated, wisely nodded:“ We know - we know, this wrapping seaweed“.

is the direction of improving treatment and rest at all very famous Now. The thalassotherapy is equally popular both among women, and among men. By the way, on the second round of popularity in 1964 it appeared thanks to the two-time champion of “Tour de France“, the bicycle racer Luizon Bobe who proved its salutary opportunities on personal experience.

the Most popular talassokompleks in which treatment is carried out by sea water, dirt and seaweed are in France, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel and in Crete. Recently and in Russia many SPA - the salons and sanatoria specializing in this direction is opened. An opportunity to use the sea benefits, not making distant trips, it is especially valuable to people who badly transfer flights and change of climate. For example, the heated air of Tunisia and Morocco is not suitable for hypertensive persons in any way. To hide from it under conditioners very drearily, and to spend day without a break to SPA - the centers just it is impossible - all procedures are strictly limited. And their surplus can do much harm to health.

Pioneers of thalassotherapy

They say that everything began with Hippocrates who noticed a surprising thing: hands of fishermen, being in cuts and wounds from fish teeth and fins, for some reason are not infected. The antique doctor perfectly answered own question: it is all about sea water which thanks to the structure treats, heals, accelerates process of an epitelization of wounds. Ancient Greeks and Romans knew about these curative properties. Not incidentally Roman emperors, competing with each other, built on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea terms - the public baths representing grandiose constructions both in architectural and in functional sense. And the great Greek goddess Aphrodite, as we know, was born from sea foam. The curative force of the sea was appreciated from time immemorial also by other people. In a diet of residents of Ancient China seaweed by all means appeared, - eating them, it was possible “to be made even by force to a sea dragon“, and in India and today there is a centuries-old custom: thousands of pilgrims make ablution at sunrise, wishing to be cleared of all troubles and diseases.

traditions Are that

. As for official recognition of thalassotherapy, only in the 18th century the English doctors began to appoint to the patients bathtubs with sea water. From now on also development lechebno - an improving “sea“ method began. And creation of the special term “thalassotherapy“ - “healing by the sea“ (from Greek thalassa - “sea“ and therapeia - “treatment“) - is attributed to several French doctors, including Francois Bonatuer. Today the method of “healing by the sea“ is one of the main directions of modern SPA - technologies where the abbreviation of SPA is formed from a Latin aphorism of “sanatio per aqua“ - “improvement through water“. After bathtubs with sea water which were ordered to the patients by the English doctors found popularity, they became fashionable also in France, especially in French riviera.

One of the first SPA - clinics opened in 1899 in Brittany - clinic of thalassotherapy of doctor Luis Bago where began to apply complex methods of treatment by dirt, the warmed-up sea water, seaweed, minerals and sports activities.

It is curious, as in Russia sea bathtubs and wrappings were known to doctors, and also their patients for sea dirt too. Moreover, in 1913 in Yevpatoria the sanatorium of “Talas“ opened - its name speaks for itself. But the subsequent wars slowed down development of world medicine in general and its separate directions in particular. And only in half a century, in 1964, France found the status of the center of thalassotherapy again. There was it thanks to one history - Luizon Bobe`s healing, the bicycle racer chained to a wheelchair. It is known that by means of thalassotherapy it not only managed to return to normal life, but also to develop new strategy of SPA, having opened the largest talassotsentr.


of our time

Sea procedures were included into elite sanatorium treatment at the time of the USSR, however, then for their name the term “thalassotherapy“ was not used. Once, on great protection having got to Yevpatoria, I lived the whole month in a specialized improving lodge on piles, directly under windows of which sea waves lapped. Patients breathed the iodated air, did gymnastics in the pool and were exposed to mud wrappings. All my scepticism concerning such “frivolous“ treatment was gone as soon as it became clear that without the use of tablets it is possible though for a while to get rid of a number of problems with which existence it was necessary to be reconciled for many years! Only one confused - collective sessions of treatment. Since then a lot of things changed. In modern sanatoria the privacy and rest are guaranteed to clients. Besides now it is not necessary to have “a shaggy paw“ to get the permit, it is rather timely (in March - April) to address to travel agency or to call directly the chosen sanatorium.

the SPA market - services is In the Russian megalopolises at an infancy stage, nevertheless in some centers not only separate talassoprotsedura, but also well thought over courses of treatment are offered. Of course, the greatest effect can be reached only on the place, that is directly at sea coast, but at our deficiency of time many are content with improvement on Saturdays - Sundays. The biofashion becomes style of residents of the big city. And along with the use of natural products an increasing number of people gives preference to natural means of improvement and rejuvenation.

In capital SPA - salons of the price of thalassotherapy from 700 to 11 000 rubles fluctuate. Everything depends on “raskruchennost“ of establishment, existence and the range of seaweed and minerals which are used for thalassotherapy. The most expensive - from Brittany, and here the most available at the price and at the same time not conceding on quality - belomorsky. The optimum course makes 4 - 6 procedures of 40 minutes with gradual increase till two o`clock.

should be given to

In Tunisia for a four-day improving course from 300 dollars, in the French Brittany - from 140 - 170 euros a day, including accommodation in hotel. And in Vietnam the session of thalassotherapy will cost cheap - from 16 dollars a day, but there still it is necessary to reach.

For house thalassotherapy (bathtubs, compresses) it is easy to p to buy extract of seaweed, a laminaria or cosmetic preparations in a drugstore. (A dry laminaria - from 50 rub/kg, gel - cream with seaweed - from 200 rubles.)

of the Alga for thalassotherapy

  1. the Laminaria palchatorassechenny (laminaria digitata), a laminaria Japanese (laminaria japonica) and other types of laminarias - brown seaweed. They are brought together only from the ship as they appear only during big inflow. The laminaria contains alginates, vitamins, mannitols, macro - and minerals, iodine, polysaccharides - fukoidan and laminarin. All these substances help at oncological, immune, cardiovascular diseases, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, a climax, impotence, a hungover syndrome, possess the powerful moistening, softening and protective properties therefore are irreplaceable for cosmetology.
  2. the Fucus bubbly (fucus vesiculosus) - a brown alga. Contains vitamins, minerals, alginic acid. Promotes weight loss, removal of heavy metals, helps at dysbacteriosis. One of the main natural suppliers of iodine and vitamin C, a fucus stimulates fibroplasta - the cages responsible for synthesis of collagen in skin therefore it is applied in many cosmetic procedures directed to weight loss.
  3. Hondrus curly, or koragen (chondrus crispus), a palmariya dlanevidny, or Dulce (palmaria palmata), a gigartina star-shaped (gigartina stellata) - red seaweed. Contain unique polysaccharides from which make an agar-agar - gel-forming substance for medicine, science and the food industry. Have the immunostimulating and toning effect. After collecting red seaweed display on the coast and maintain within several weeks on the sun. At the same time the plant is processed several times sea water, dried up and then used as medicine.
  4. Spirulin`s (spirulina platensis)
  5. - a blue-green alga. Contains more than 2 000 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Promotes rejuvenation of an organism and strengthening of immunity. The blue pigment - fikotsianin, the substance capable to stop growth of cancer cells is a part of a spirulina in a large number. In any other products on Earth it is not found. Possesses the powerful toning and strengthening action on skin. Favorably influences work of all organism in general.

Unlimited opportunities

according to Ruslan Shcherbina, the expert of SPA - the Alganika program based on application of belomorsky seaweed, the men wishing to complete an improvement course it is not less at all, than women. A strong half of mankind prefers the programs rejuvenating, toning and removing toxins, and weak - most often struggles with cellulitis. Though possibilities of thalassotherapy are much wider. Without exaggerating, one may say, that it “means from everything“ - is warm - vascular and gynecologic diseases, diseases of respiratory system, post-traumatic states, obesity, a long stress, violations of work of immunity and many other.

of the Name of improving programs is told for themselves:“ Mother and the kid “, “ the express - weight loss “, “ male energy“, “Antistress“, “Anti-tobacco“, “Don Juan“, “Healthy skin“, “Rejuvenation“, “Beauty“, “Tired legs“... The results promised in brochures are quite achievable. The only thing that in them not so, so it is the phrase “For thalassotherapy is not present contraindications“. They are therefore consultation of the doctor is necessary even if you do not go to tropical countries, and were going to conduct a course of “healing by the sea“ at home. So, thalassotherapy it is better not to apply subjects who in a stage of an aggravation has chronic inflammatory diseases, and also that who suffers warmly - vascular insufficiency, epilepsy and an allergy to seafood.

the Curative force of the sea

So, you resolved to try on yourself thalassotherapy miracles, but what waits for you in SPA - the center or sanatorium? If this serious institution, then first of all the client ask to pass inspection at the therapist, the dermatologist and... nutritionist. The diet is not salad and water, and the balanced tasty food at all. For example, one Frenchman told me of a thalassotherapy course during which to it allowed to regale even on appetizing desserts! Despite presence at the menu of cakes and jelly, after holiday it returned tightened and looked younger. It is all about the correct selection of products and sequence of procedures, as allows to reach the maximum effect.

the Main procedure - heat baths with sea water which represents difficult natural education. At it there is a huge amount of the dissolved and weighed substances and gases (mainly oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, at some areas hydrogen sulfide). Here such physical, chemical and biological properties of sea water are also used as a remedy. Several decades ago it was tried to be applied in medicine as blood substitute, entering water hypodermically, previously having irradiated with an ultraviolet. However the method did not gain distribution, and with the advent of new blood substitutes it was forgotten. But in general it is difficult to overestimate usefulness of sea water.


So, according to Maria Tlari, the director of clinic of Santo - to Domingo in Nicaragua, it it is possible and it is necessary to drink in the medical purposes. The doctor carried out series of observations and researches in which 5 thousand patients took part, and as a result noted that 2 - 3 glasses of sea water a day help the people suffering from the arterial pressure, an allergy, diabetes, cirrhosis, heart and other diseases.

However, it is wide WHO experts so far consider to recommend similar treatment to premature. In - the first because sea water contains on average 35 grams of salts, and functional ability of kidneys makes 20 grams of salts in urine liter, that is, having drunk 1 liter of water, the person has to bring all it and to take away 750 more milliliters from organism stocks. In - the second, sea water contains a large amount of sulfate of magnesium and sodium, having laxative effect that also leads to dehydration. But nobody suggests to drink sea water in liters and its shortage in an organism can be compensated easily. And here with sea water experts do not object to inhalations, rinsings and bathtubs. For procedures it is taken from depth and at distance by not less than 400 meters from the coast.

Other methods are that

- a hydromassage in the special pool, a shower with sea water, a peeling (clarification of skin), dirt, massage with aromatic oils and extracts of seaweed, water gymnastics, the use of vodoroslevy preparations and extracts from sea water and, of course, a wrapping seaweed. All this favorably influences ability of an organism to restoration and remineralization, helps to struggle with a stress, has anesthetic and anti-cellulite effect, improves blood circulation and reduces muscular and articulate pains.

Fucus, spirulina, undariya...

Most of the patients taking a thalassotherapy course vividly are interested in

, than wrap up them and as this substance will be able to load with energy. Here - that curious also traps a surprise - experts can significantly answer: “We treat you the best alga of France - Dulce“ or: “Same the micronized fucus!“ Also understand how you want. In our country unless inhabitants of the North always fed addiction to seaweed, the others did not pay any attention to them. However, to be fair, It should be noted that with arrival of fashion on all east we are reconstructed. And now useful properties of a spirulina and laminaria, or sea cabbage became known to us.

All seaweed contain biologically active agents which plants of sushi do not have, and concentration of many vitamins and minerals at seaweed is 2 - 3 times higher, than at overland. Moreover, not all seaweed are studied, and each of them, perhaps, conceals in herself new medicine. So, the group of the Japanese researchers works on obesity medicine on the basis of an alga of an undariya of plumose (Undaria pinnatifida) though until recently was considered that it is the is best of all the fucus bubbly helps with fight against excess weight. However preliminary experiments showed that the undariya stimulates weight reduction 5 - 10% better.

the Miracle spirulina is often used for needs of thalassotherapy though an alga this fresh-water, but not sea. Victorious procession of seaweed - healers on the world began in 1964 with an easy hand of Jean Leonard. This scientist investigated flora of Africa when its attention was drawn by the isolated tribe of natives near the lake Chad. Unlike most of the Africans who are constantly ill and dying years in 30 - 35, “lake“ people lived to a ripe old age in vigorous health! And they were the real vegetarians, but did not seem become unproductive at all. It became clear that natives ate green flat cakes from an ancient blue-green alga of a spirulina (Spirulina platensis) which exists on Earth since those times when neither animal, nor flowering plants were.


the Lowest plants - seaweed are interesting not only an ancient origin, but also ability to accumulate various curative minerals, and ability to live in the most hard-to-reach spots. Very often we simply do not notice them though they everywhere: in salty lakes, in ices, in hot springs. And yes safely we call “seaweed“ those bushes which we see, at all and not seaweed, but the higher plants - elode, duckweeds, jugs, vzmornik and others. Seaweed have no real roots and leaves, and they are attached to a substratum by rhizoids. If to dive into depths of some sea, say, White, you will find surprising multi-colored underwater gardens from brown, red and green seaweed there, and all of them either are edible, or are curative. And these fantastic plantings “rustle with foliage“ both in the summer, and in the winter, under ice when land plants sleep, having dumped leaves.

Microscopic seaweed, for example, diatomovy, Xing - green and golden, are a part of therapeutic muds. At big increase they look so entertainingly that there is a keen desire to get a microscope and to watch fancy creations days without a break. So, diatomovy thanks to the silica armor happen in the form of bananas, rombik, asterisks and even bows, and drawing on a surface of their armors is more intricate than any picture of the abstract artist. Many monocelled seaweed are capable to move - smoothly to slide or rush, like torpedoes. And all these unusual creations are ready to present us the vital force, it is only necessary to know how it is correct to address with them.

these or those species of seaweed call

In all countries differently, from - for what there is a confusion. For example, Japanese to a komb is a laminaria, and Dulce mentioned above - no other than a red alga a palmariya. France grows up it on special plantations, and on the White Sea it grows in a wild look together with a fucus the bubbly, ordinary representative of a zone of the cold seas. By the way, in the intertidal zone (prilivno - a drain zone of the sea) the huge congestions of fucuses which are densely covering the coast and similar to grapes clusters are quite often bared. If you happen to have a rest to Karelia crackling under legs fucuses for certain will draw your attention, but you should not bring together them in a bag and to carry home as means for weight loss and rejuvenation.

When collecting seaweed not less rules, than at preparation of curative flowering plants exist. In Russia employees of the Arkhangelsk skilled vodoroslevy combine are engaged in it. Near the Solovetsky Islands it is possible to see the people swinging shipovaty braids - drags on kosovishcha 6 - 8 meters long and a huge pitchfork of “kabe“ on which, as if spaghetti on a fork, wind seaweed then pull out them on the land. Then they are hanged out on veshala - several rows of a barbed wire, and next day cut off rhizoids and wait time when seaweed dry up. The main thing not to miss the moment that they did not dry up that many times over will reduce their useful properties. Integral a sloyevishcha of a laminaria - the most curative, but it is hard to bring together them, to dry and transport therefore - salons the micronized crushed particles are quite often offered clients in SPA.

possibilities of gardens of Poseidon so far only begin to be estimated by

In Russia, probably, it is a profitability question. But over time we, of course, will show interest in a surprising method of thalassotherapy, and this word to us will not seem such foreign.