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There is no wish to increase immunity of

about sad, but a season of colds not far off. Right now the best time to increase immunity and to be insured from autumn SARS.


way of strengthening of immunity the most reliable? Immunologists amicably answered that clinical trials on increase of immunity were not conducted. And time of the very best way of strengthening of immunity does not exist, it is possible to choose those from proven means which most of all are pleasant to you.

we Sunbathe

It is natural phototherapy, but only if to apply it in moderate doses. For immunity 3 - 4 times a week, to 12 are useful to acquire a tan not more often. 00 or after 16. 00 and to use the moisturizing sunblock creams with high degree of protection (from SPF 20).

do not forget to substitute

to the foot sun. It is a reflexogenic zone of the top airways: you influence skin of legs, and blood supply mucous a nose, a throat, bronchial tubes amplifies at this time, mechanisms of local protection become more active. It is useful and go barefoot on the warm earth or sand. Warming up feet, we warn autumn rhinitis, otitis and tonsillitis.

Nuance. the Excessive hobby for suntan does not stimulate, and, on the contrary, immunity oppresses. You should not be on the open sun in the period of an exacerbation of dermatitis and also if you accept the photosensitizing preparations (tetratsiklina, sulfanylamides, diuretics, antidepressants) - they can provoke emergence of pigmentary spots.

we Eat with


Cucumbers, tomatoes, vegetable marrows, green peas - in all this a huge amount of vitamins, and, above all, cellulose which regulates work of intestines, and it plays not the last role in immunity formation.

young peas, besides, contain natural prebiotics - food for the useful bacteria living in intestines. And celery leaves thanks to zinc and vitamin C (to 108 mg on 100 g) are useful to strengthening of protective forces of an organism, and also render easy antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing action.

Nuance. For formation of adequate immunity of a cage have to receive enough protein, mainly animal origin.

Therefore, sitting on salads, do not exclude milk, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, meat from the menu.

we Freeze vitamins

Makes sense not only is raspberry, but also to freeze or dry it. So you keep in berries at most of vitamins C, groups B, and also carotene, minerals and tannins. Thanks to folic acid and iron raspberry stimulates blood formation and is useful in prevention of anemia. Phytoncides of raspberry are pernicious for golden staphylococcus, dispute of yeast and a mold. Its aroma weakens and works as antidepressant, and the stress, as we know, is pernicious for immunity.

Nuance. it is much more reasonable for strong to Freeze or dry berries, than to cook from them five-minutes and jams - excess sugar precisely is not necessary to us. Let`s remind that raspberry - a natural antibiotic: it combines in itself both antiviral, and antibacterial, and sudorific, and febrifugal properties.

we Have a shower bath

Not fans of a cold shower can rejoice: for them there is an alternative. We run in the morning in a shower hot! Well we get warm 3 minutes, and we are dripping with sweat with pleasantly cool water. If after cool douche you feel pleasant heat, so all made correctly

Nuance. Experts in general call into question recently advantage of an ice shower. Similar morzhevaniye - an excessive stress for immune system; only absolutely healthy people can well transfer procedure.

to Become tempered harmfully in the period of an exacerbation of any diseases.


It is run

Jog trains warmly - vascular system, increases a threshold of endurance and accelerates a metabolism. But not run, but the so-called mixed movement is even more useful to the beginner: minute - run, minute - walking. Gradually change a proportion in favor of run and in one or one and a half weeks you can already switch over to the mode: 4 days for 30 minutes, then 3 days for 40 minutes. If pinned up in a side, so you run too quickly. Choose such speed that you could talk freely.

Nuance. If you have a big excess weight, begin with sports walking to lower load of joints, sinews and sheaves. Begin with 20 - 30 - minute walks three times a week. 2 - 3 weeks later you can alternate minute of run and minute of walking, and soon to you there will be on a shoulder also usual jogs.

we Take root

If you are more often than 3 times a year have a SARS and/or bronchitis, there is a sense now to address the immunologist to be vaccinated from pneumococci (Streptococcus pneumoniae). One inoculation works against 23 types at once. Pneumococci - responsible for 70% of all pneumonia, 25% of all otitises, to 15% of bacterial meningitis, 3% of endocarditises, pleurisy and arthritises. Experts assure that vaccination reduces risk of a SARS, by 8 times twice - antritis, by 12 times - bronchitis and by 6 times - pneumonia. One inoculation gives protection for 3 - 5 years.

Nuance. On formation of vaccine-challenged immunity leaves from 2 weeks to one month. In the fall when around begin to sneeze and cough, higher to catch a cold and distract probability immunity from an important issue of formation of immunity to pneumococci.