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Campaign ecology with children. Utilization of garbage in a campaign of

Quantity of garbage, as we know, is in direct dependence on quality of life. With scientifically - technical progress mountains of garbage along with a problem of its utilization come to our life. An outdoor recreation - not an exception. There were no disposable diapers - there was no problem where them to throw out in a campaign.

of Zamusorennost of popular vacation spots of citizens - parking, campings, places for picnics turned into the real problem. And, though often not our brothers - tourists are guilty in that, and citizens coming to picnics, a debt of each tourist (on our deep belief) to leave behind parking pure, and it is better if is purer, than on arrival on them.

First that we can and have to make, is to think of recycling at a stage of preparation for a campaign. To ask itself the question “and what we will do with glass / the cans, plastic bottles used by wet towel wipes, pampers, flakonchik from soap bubbles where we will rinse the dishes washed with modern means for washing of ware?“ . After that we understand for ourselves a number of the following simple rules.

the Garbage happens organic and inorganic. We get rid of organic garbage (vegetable cleanings, the remains of the cooked food) on the place - they can be prikopat (to cover with the turf, a moss). It is possible either to burn inorganic garbage, or to carry away with itself, the third - is inadmissible, this most important and the indestructible rule which all have to know, including children. Experience of tourists from the western countries which take away each can (previously having flattened out it the axe), finds the increasing distribution and at us. Of it and others “green rules“ each marching collective has to take advantage.

we Collect by

houses a collection of a convenient reusable container. When packing products, means of hygiene and so forth use a reusable easy container which can be carried from a campaign in a campaign, or the easily burned disposable container. For products get the sacks made of cloth easy the screwing-up jars with a wide throat. Something can be packed in cardboard packages from - under milk which then to burn. To have less problems with utilization of cans, we try to take with ourselves a minimum of canned food - instead of factory to use stewed meat of house preparation or sublimated meat, to replace condensed milk dry. For equipment instead of plastic bags which demand utilization (and also are torn, carried away by wind) sew constant covers and compression bags. If you carry to a campaign gifts to children (and in general any svezhekuplenny equipment), get them from store packing still at home.

In general least of all disposable. Do not take in a campaign of disposable cloths and ware. If with water there are no problems, do not abuse wet towel wipes. An exception - disposable diapers. In a multi-day campaign if there is no opportunity to carry them to the next wastebasket, diapers can be burned, but only the good fire (in the smoldering pieces of coal which usually happen before leaving, diapers will not burn down) is for this purpose necessary.

to Tidy up

behind others? It is possible and is necessary. The situation is familiar to all of us - the attracted parking on closer examination is, to put it mildly, littered. To look for another or to tidy up - each group decides itself, we - tidying up. Everything that burns, we collect and we burn. It is absolutely quite good to connect to it children, let them be active the pointed sticks and sovochka for sand strongly not to soil a hand. If for burning of garbage the separate fire becomes - not on what will be the food (that is absolutely clear) is cooked, for the new place it is better to remove the turf then to cover with it an extinct campfire. One group cannot usually take out all old cans from all littered parking if it is only not the purpose of a campaign. The cans if they burned, it is possible to flatten out the axe and to prikopat. If not burned - previously to burn.

of Liquid and household chemicals in a campaign. If it is possible to do in a campaign without household chemicals, do not take it. And if took, then pour out solutions far from reservoirs that they were filtered by the soil. Never pour out any liquids in a reservoir, even an organic origin (leftovers, drinks). Do not take in a campaign means for washing of ware. It is better to wash the dishes in a campaign the hot “technical“ water which is warmed up in Cannes after unfolding of food while the fire still burns. Hot water perfectly washes fat from bowls and devices, and for washing of ditches it is possible to stock up with a rigid bast or a brush. Normal the food in Cannes should not burn and wash Cana does not make big work. If the food persistently burns, sticks to a bottom, reconsider your technology of cooking on fire. It can occur:

if the dish in the course of cooking promeshivatsya badly by

In the latter case can) cook 1 porridge on water, and to pour in milk at the end of preparation (except semolina), 2) at the beginning of cooking to throw a piece of oil into porridge and 3) continuously to promeshivat.


For washing in a multi-day campaign will be suitable a usual natural laundry soap, only solution from the first rinsing to the small river is not poured out. And here in a campaign it is difficult to do without shampoo and toothpaste, but you should not arrange hygienic procedures at the water. It is quite good to have a suspended marching shower of solar heating in the summer (one on group) and to suspend it where - nibud in camp.