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Spirit of minimalism. Judgment of simplicity

During a post-scarce era bright appearance was a protest against gray reality when there was a strong wish to see life as a carnival, from here - “a velvet and brocade“. And the well-known brands encouraged to aspiration to be allocated and remembered. Here also began a thing to play more important role, than ourselves: behind pseudo-aspiration to identity, behind paints and fancy styles it was difficult to make out the person. But suddenly the fashionable industry was developed by 180 degrees. Though why “suddenly“? She just began to answer inquiries of time.

it Turned out p that it is much easier to show the identity when the clothes do not delay on itself all attention. And, therefore, the speech went about simplicity, about reduction in clothes of tinsel, excessive gloss, flower ornaments - in other words, about minimalism. The street fashion responded to a tendency therefore for the girl where - nibud in New - York or London ideal option - a white undershirt, dark jeans and flats at once, and for the young man only footwear another - gym shoes.

the Minimalism not so much became reaction of fashion for a while how many coincided with living position of the people refusing many habitual things that is - from vital installations. New styles suggested us to get rid of stuff of an era - from it “that people had everything as“.

Intended asceticism instead of an excess, purity and clarity of lines, a balanced, harmonious image - all this signs of minimalism and at the same time - alternative to mad rate of our life, an opportunity to change according to it and necessary demonstration of mobility.

A still simplicity and clearness in clothes - continuous search and an opportunity to express the relation to the events.

What is traced in displays of fashion designers? Accurate silhouettes, lack of visible fasteners and buttons, simple cut, belts. It is possible to observe trapezoid silhouettes and jackets without collar, tight leggings and asymmetric woolen dresses; colors - reserved gray and it is dark - blue, tone - claret, lilac.

“are sustained“ by Model
in the spirit of minimalism too - almost total absence of cosmetics and simplicity of hairdresses. However, such style long time was not demanded: the temperamental Italians preaching brightness, pretentiousness, even fieriness governed, being children of the time. But on a change of eras, during political, economic, spiritual instability the form and the line - the main signs of minimalism predominate.

It is probable, we and here lag behind all progressive mankind a little: started talking about minimalism not so long ago though the English, Scandinavian, Belgian designers bring him several years to podiums. Perspicacious interpretation of the events which are taking place in the world or fatigue from the life holiday which became, appear, infinite in the world of fashion?

Anyway, it is necessary to remember that often during the similar periods looks of mankind address on the East. The aspiration to simplicity is shown not only in the sphere of clothes: interior design strives for simplicity, a furniture minimum, big, light windows, white walls too. It is, perhaps, Japan taking into account our climate and love to the sun. And there the minimalism dominated always, it was not exterminated by the high-rise buildings stuffed with modern equipment, the subway, mad speeds and influence of the West on many spheres of life. whether

it means that minimalism - the most hardy and “wise“ style invented by mankind davny - long ago? But it is, as they say, absolutely other history... Another thing is that the clearness and pragmatism of Japanese can exert a great influence on further formation of minimalistic tendencies.

Nevertheless in the field of Haute couture to minimalism, most likely, not to live. The key to success of any Fashionable house - observance of own “codes“, and derogations from this rule are not allowed even at injection of “new blood“ including such as a spirit of the age. Going in step with an era, creators of Syndicate of Haute couture in Paris possess high art of connection of new and own eternal word therefore in detail expressed art to which many clients faithfully are loyal is born.