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Glamourous pregnancy of

Honestly I admit, I did not make operating plans for pregnancy. I in the head had a stereotype that pregnancy will spoil my figure: there will be awful extensions, the stomach, a breast will droop... And I, having experience in model business, at that time it was literally mad about own appearance and did not think of the existence without regular visit of a sunbed, the pool, SPA - procedures, yoga and a gym. So I still some time wanted to stay young, harmonous and beautiful, and I thought of motherhood only abstractly, assuming to delay the moment of “formation by mummy“ of years to thirty.

Therefore when the test suddenly showed two red strips, the first thought was “Early!“ . So many planned it is necessary to carry out... I only - only received the second the highest and at last got interesting job with prospect of career development... But on a family council with the husband it was decided to give birth, and even it seems to me that he was so glad to the fact of approach of my pregnancy that hardly hid the pleasure. So I gradually began to prepare for a new role and the future changes in me (and outside too). All the same there was a wish to look on all hundred, irrespective of my “interesting“ situation. So, having armed with magazines for future mothers, and also a lot of advertizing and information catalogs, began to prepare for “transformation“. It turned out that the market of modern cosmetics is ready to execute whims same “uneasy“ as I, future mummies. As a result I bought the whole series of the moisturizing face and body creams, cream from extensions, foot cream (to exclude development of a varicosity), and it is yet not the complete list of contents of my cosmetic locker. And still, as soon as an opportunity was given, sought to please itself with shopping of clothes (as it appeared, the beautiful and stylish clothes for future mothers exist, and its choice is very diverse). Purchase of underwear was the only problem for me, in ours not really - that the big city of beautiful underwear in shops was not offered, and I just was rushed off the feet, having bypassed all possible specialized shops and just shops of underwear. Fortunately, in one of shops prompted to me that it is possible to order smart linen for pregnant women according to the catalog, and it is very inexpensive, and offered the advertizing catalog for acquaintance.

What! Hurrah! Thongs of special breed! Down with “grandmother`s“ drawers! My pleasure was not a limit, and the husband was delighted too. We with it even organized a small photoshoot as a result of which it turned out that my tummy very much is even charming, I and with it look very attractively.

And my pregnancy - violently and cheerfully proceeded. On the 8th month I even managed to descend on a wedding to my best friend, and on me there was a streaming evening dress in a floor, with an open back, playfully fitting mine by then already rather big tummy. But the most important - I approached childbirth with great mood. And in my schedule there was a place both for the pool, and for yoga (it is natural in more sparing mode), besides nobody cancelled manicure and a pedicure!

A how many compliments I began to receive!. Even it is more, than earlier. All said that pregnancy to me to the person, and me it is necessary to be in this state more often.

I there came the long-awaited moment! My remarkable baby was born. And the tummy disappeared, and even it somehow grieved me to leave it. The only thing that again disturbed me, is how I will be perceived now by the husband, he fell in love with me when I was thin - a pretonky trostinochka, and suddenly I to it will cease to please now? And I was already going to start violent push-ups, swing of a press, a marrow diet as one night the husband as if having read my thoughts when I stood in front of the mirror, said:“ Christine, do not take a steam bath! If it is honest, so it is even pleasant to me more“. Wow.. And I - that thought that I was considered in his eyes as an ideal earlier.

Now I am the happiest mummy and the wife loved by the husband and the breast size at me not “minus now the first“, and full the second (and even and a half), and the fifth point I it is proud now I bear on the beach in a bathing suit! By the way, I have no rastyazhechka (I do not know whether in cream case, or just rumors of obligatory emergence of extensions are strongly exaggerated).

So, future mummies if you think that pregnancy will spoil your figure, do not waste nervous cages. In total in your hands! And pregnancy and motherhood - it very much is even beautiful!

P. S. Of course, with the daughter`s birth I stopped being so big fan of all glamourous, and the part now dominating in my life is assigned to the daughter - future “queen of a glamour“!