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Only you, China, I will remember

Rest on Hainan, August, 2009.

Had a rest together with the daughter, and the choice fell on Horizon Rezort hotel as in it there were hills that was important if it is honest, not only for the daughter, but also for me. A bay, by itself, Yaluvan, as the purest and with the beaches! Food - breakfasts.

Flight there - a straight line, “Transaero“, it seems as 10,5 hours if to judge by tickets, in real - about 10, took off a bit later, arrived slightly earlier. A departure in 19. 00, I was afraid how there will pass night in the plane as I rock to sleep after a dream, but reached without special turbulence, and I slept all hour. The alcohol cannot be drunk, but sell from the cart, however, though we and sat on the 15th row, but on the second line therefore when the cart reached us, beer and wine in assortment was not any more. Fed two times - a dinner in an hour two after take-off and a breakfast in two hours prior to an arrival. It is possible to take in hire of DVD with 10 movies for 1000 rubles, and on the big screen showed clips and “Prince Florizel`s adventures“.

the Feniks Airport met us by a bath: it is warm and damp. As we had a group visa, it is necessary to fill a migratory card in English on everyone separately, including the child entered in the passport. After gave a card, passed on border control where we got stuck for a long time. I, of course, understood in what business, but became just interesting to me how long the frontier guard, seeing before itself me with one child, will look for in lists on the group visa me and two children (the son and the daughter are entered in the passport). Only after I explained that I only with one child, we were let in fast China, without having given any mark in the passport. Here so left Domodedovo and it is not clear where week gadded. Fast received the small suitcase, at an exit from the airport we were met by Russian-speaking guides. Two more persons therefore carried us by minibus bus went to our hotel, to go minutes 40.

In hotel. As at us reserved the standard room in the first case, and we did not begin to be fastidious with floors, we moved into in minutes 20. In the second case nevertheless more abruptly if foreknew, then would take it. When settling - pledge of 200 dollars, on it give a piece of paper, it is possible to pay off from this pledge, it is possible cash, in day of departure return money, but for each day of accommodation remove 11 yuans (about 2 dollars). About it we were not warned when settling, small, but they usually have small dollars no sum so it is better to foreknow not to appear with a heap of yuans before departure. Number standard - two big beds, a table, the computer with Internet connection (brakes), the TV (did not include in general so I will not tell anything about channels), the safe, a joint bathroom, dressing gowns, slippers, a beach handbag, an electric kettle, tea in bags and cups scalded. On a balcony - a stove bench, a table, a chair and drying. Cleaned up every day, tip did not take (I in the first day left as did not take, did not begin to leave more). Still is pass - bar, we did not use rather used as the refrigerator. Yes, Europeans in hotels there were the person 30 at most, from them about 20 Russians, generally from the Far East, the others - Chinese, Koreans, Japanese. During week-end there are a lot of Chinese.

Pools. . Consists of several parts. One more - on repair. And the main of four levels - above a jacuzzi, then two thickets one in another (worked till 10 in the evening, we bathed after a dinner), is farther falls two direct hills and nearby two twisted hills, all leave to one pool. Gorky for children and adults, I under water did not leave, but to ride quite cheerfully. On twisted hills there was an employee, watched that did not slide one after another, about the daughter asked whether she as local generally are not able to float swims, both adults, and children rode in circles and oversleeves. Work with 10 to 13 and with 14. 30 to 17. 30, but not always all at once. At the level of a departure from hills there is a splash pool with a small gorochka, the pool for swimming and a certain similarity of “the lazy river“, a zone for diving with depth of 4 m, partially under a roof, there was a bungee in the same place. Water warm even for such merzlyachek, as I. There is a lot of plank beds around “the lazy river“, but usually everything is borrowed from hills and a splash pool. And there it is quite shady, i.e. to luxuriate on the sun while children flounder about, it is not possible.

Breakfast. the Breakfast in hotel at Shop Coffee restaurant from 7 in the morning to 10. 30, during week-end to 11, we about 8 - 8. 30 was come, to the people there was a little. A beautiful view of fountains, a cage with parrots and at the sea. Two types of fresh juice: fruit and vegetable (a tomato, a cucumber, seldy), 5 - 6 types of juice from packages (very tasty mango and a papaya), water with ice and a lemon. Tea - coffee bring, cream on tables, coffee tasty. The main local cuisine, but there were always a meat or chicken, rice, noodles, several types of ham, cheese, grated cheese, olives, dried tomatoes, capers, fried bacon (very tasty, crackling as I love), fried ham, several types of sausages, pastries, honey, oil, is a lot of fruit, not less than 6 types. Pancakes not every day. Fried eggs and omelet fresh, but not under the order, and just fried and put, I asked not to overturn fried eggs as the daughter loves fried eggs. Asked gestures, English is not understood.

Miniclub. the Daughter went three times on half an hour, the first time froliced in the dry pool, then there are shakings and many computers, on its response children of school age generally play computer games. Filled every time the questionnaire, but those with whom I communicated, again - did not know English though the questionnaire in two languages: Chinese and English. Worked with 8. 30 to 20. 00, indoors.

Dinner. In hotel two times had supper, the barbecue on a lawn costed decently, on the adult and the child (the child is cheaper) about 400 yuans (these are about 2500 rubles), Coca and sprite are included, other drinks for money. The buffet, is a lot of meat, fishes, seafood, fruit. The daughter asked to be allowed there to go, as a result I ate one, she watched the Chinese circus.

the Second time took

a dinner in the bar from the sea where on a table there is a pan with the boiling water, you gather partially itself crude products, partially according to the list where a tick you note, it is brought. We did not know, what is the time what should be prepared, as a result the waitress stood near us and did everything, the chef came running then and brought us still a heap of plates with crude products. Also there was a chicken and a small fish on a grill, fruit. Costed 168 yuans on the person, for two 336 yuans (1800 rubles). For it it is not a pity as it is tasty and unusual. Even the daughter ate noodles and meat balls.

Drinks. In the bar on the beach - fresh juice, but they some tasteless, beer only can, tasteless, costs about 150 rubles on our money, as a result we bought that we wanted, in shop, left in the refrigerator in number (juice, water, beer in bottles) and took on the beach.

Animation. the pool Had games, but all on Chinese, on a scene in the pool the Chinese circus every day. Pass - the disco was not.

Beach and sea. to Mora smart - warm, wavy, the first three days, then orange (only that who well swims), waves there always, there is no calm. Our hotel had three zones for bathing, they are fenced off by anchor buoys as the wave pulls along to the high sea very and very strongly. There is a lot of plank beds and umbrellas, but from them to the sea to go decently on a sand so so far the daughter bathed, I stood nearby all the time though she also did not climb on depth, and generally floundered about on the broken waves. Entrance to the sea flat, water transparent. We at once bought a big circle with handles, and rode it as it was possible to float with a yellow flag, of course, but to jump on waves far more interestingly. The sea “worked“ with 9 to 19. 00, in the rest of the time the security guard whistled if suddenly someone came into water. Rescuers, of course, looked, but, in my opinion, it is more behind that did not climb to bathe in not blocked zones. It is necessary to see the sea, I even have no words it to describe! It is the sea - the best of all what I saw on the trips!

Kroun - a plaza. Through the road from hotel the complex Kroun - a plaza where shops (there is enough - expensive, but souvenirs can be bought there), a supermarket and small restaurants is. We had dinner once in a dumpling bar, the menu on English, Chinese and Russian, by the way, almost everywhere, but English - or Russian-speaking waiters are not at each small restaurant. A tavern “The world of noodles“ - took the simplest noodles, to it sauce. Fresh juice exotic seemed some strange in my opinion. In other places I took the daughter fresh orange, it seems it was normal, and exotic bought in shop of fresh juice, there squeezed out directly at us, very tasty, nearby fruit pass - a bazarchik. In several places about the fountain took noodles, shrimps for dinner. The account about 100 - 150 yuans (600 - 900 rubles), of course, to go in Sanya it would be cheaper. And if to walk on the next hotels, I saw interesting offers on fish buffets, but with the child it was problematic, besides we still had to manage to be bought in the pool till 10 o`clock (to me this pool broke all plans!) . Two times were in “The Beijing duck“, took for two a half with pancakes, very tasty! 200 yuans (1200 rubles). We fell in love with several shops of ice cream. At an exit - after a dinner - took on an ice cream ball.

Museum of a sink. Reached, from our hotel to the right to go minutes 5 - 10. An entrance paid on all square except the museum, there still a stele with the Chinese epos, for adults - 33 yuans. The museum is beautiful, there is a little shop where it is possible to buy products from cockleshells, we bought in the same place the card where sights are designated on Russian and Chinese, very much it helped us.

Gorge of butterflies. Went again, but it turned out that there nevertheless it is a little bit harder and harder, than on the card so reached by a taxi (showed on the map where it is necessary to us). Whether because we were after a lunch, whether just there was not a season, but in the gorge of butterflies we did not see, but the gorge very picturesque - the jungle. There, by the way, are also snakes, the daughter saw, but I told: “Yes well, small lizard!“ Then the guide told us that exactly there they are. Photograph at an exit, then offer the issued photo for 10 yuans, and there is a photo with rabbits, ostriches and wings, the daughter was cracked, then we chose several photos, unpacked them, cost 20 yuans. Again - the shop - was bought by very beautiful bookmarks with wings of butterflies.

Island of Monkeys. This excursion was taken from tour operator though I also do not love it, but here, I think, it is justified - there would be to understand slozhovato. To go about an hour, naturally, with delivery for a bubble scheme to snake factory, but there it was cool. The turn on the funicular of minutes 15, is farther in cabins to go to the island over the sea and the land of minutes 10, we sat down opposite to each other that I could remove, but on arrival photograph there and it is possible to buy the photos in a beautiful envelope with symbolics of the Island of Monkeys for 10 yuans so my daughter was photographed with foreign people. On the island it is impossible to open backpacks as monkeys look for to pull down, on me jumped just on a bright backpack, tried to break it. Two shows not really were pleasant to me, but the daughter was happy. The prison for monkeys, the pool for monkeys - is enough - it is interesting. In the same place bought the Chinese hats on 20 yuans.

World`s end. Went, and do not sell this excursion, in my opinion, still the guide was surprised why we went there, it is only interesting to Chinese, and it seemed to me the most exotic place and left the strongest impressions. Taxi took near hotel, showed on the map where we want, went on the counter, but it would be possible and to agree so, me if it is honest, laziness to bargain was. To go minutes 40, bought tickets, passed to the Stone of lovers at once, it is located in the sea. On a legend, the Chinese Romeo and Juliette escaped, and when overtook for them, they begged to heaven, and the lightning turned them into the stone in the form of heart split on the middle, and carried a pursuit in small stones around. We floated on the boat, stormed decently, and I was afraid, as if the daughter did not drop out as from all security aids only vests were, and it was necessary to hold just the handle. But impressions were worth it. Rounded the Stone of lovers, reached korets of park (it is located on the beach approximately in kilometer length) and returned by land. Our picturesque driver of the boat (with black teeth and a red mouth, it is simple segments of the population a grass chew, something like soft drugs, and it gives such side effect) suggested on pure Chinese to swim to feed still someone, but the daughter refused, having had a look to the high sea.

Very beautiful figures from bushes in the form of dragons, whales and elephants. Back returned on a taxi, only an exit not really convenient on the parking of buses too, it was necessary to us directly on the road to leave. Showed a card of hotel, by it and took us. Yes, we did not see Europeans in park in general so on our background all acted, but we already got used, us and on the beach of an obsnimala on a photo and phones.

Buddhist center. Took excursion, I regretted very much, better would go as on the way back delivery for a bubble scheme in the Center of the Tibetan medicine, and not for 15 minutes, and for about two hours. And excursion it is not really sensible it is constructed, the guide it seems also told something, but he has such accent that it was very difficult to understand something where then delivered why to these places, unclear. Across the territory electric trains go, we also went by them, but I if it is honest, wanted to see only the Goddess Miloserdiya - a statue in the sea 78 m high, well it was still interesting Gold Buddha`s Temple and the place to setting of ribbons, instead of other temples I would make stops in other places. The statue very much impressed, is similar to Virgin Mary in an image of the Statue of Liberty.

Departure. Registration begins in 2 hours, the huge turn already queued up to this moment, suitcases can be packed, eaten for 30 yuans several benches with souvenirs, the prices are a little higher, than in Yaluvana. When gate opened, all flocked forward, and front desks 4, we stood somewhere in the middle, but asked window seats, sat again at the beginning of salon. Liquids aboard as around the world, it is impossible. There are dyyut - fr, a cafe on the street, accept both currency, and yuans.

Home. Yes the same 10 hours in flight arrived for an hour before appointed, and on the ticket left 11,5, did not understand in what a trick. But for meeting important as instead of an arrival in 19. 00 we in 19. 15 was already sent with baggage.

in general China was pleasant to

, would be optimum days 10 (but it is my favourite term trips) as did not manage to go to The Deer Turned the Head park, and at the same time it would be possible to visit also shops, so I on them always grudge time. Weather was average, but I from summer in Hugo - east Asia expected even the worst, and here even the sun was, and everything deteriorated in day of our departure, just nearby the typhoon went, the rain began, wind. Water temperature - about 28, air - 30, on the sun is warmer, about the sea humidity was not felt, and here it is worth departing...